What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming

(NLP)? How Can We Gain Self Awareness
through NLP?
Neuro refers to the mind and how we organise our mental life
Linguistic is a!out language" how we use it and how it affects us
Programming is a!out our se#uences of re$etiti%e !eha%iour and how we act with $ur$ose
It is"
& 'he art and science of of communication
( 'he )e* to learning
+ 'he wa* to understand what ma)es *ou and other $eo$le tic)
, 'he route to get the results *ou want in all areas of life
- 'he wa* to influence others with integrit*
. 'he manual for *our !rain
/ 'he secret of successful $eo$le
0 'he method of creating *our future
1 'he wa* to hel$ $eo$le ma)e sense of their realit*
&2 'he 'ool)it for $ersonal and organi3ational change
How 4o We Gain Self Awareness 'hrough NLP?
NLP has got to do with first !eing aware of the resources *ou ha%e with *ou and what ma)es *ou
tic) 5efore *ou can tr* to negotiate and !uild ra$$ort and influence others" most im$ortantl* how
effecti%e *ou can carr* it out de$ends on how effective you are utilising your internal structure to
understand and !uild ra$$ort with others
'hese internal structures !eing *our6
• 7i%e senses
• 5elief s*stems
• Conscious and Su!conscious mind
• Creati%it*
NLP and Five Senses:
8ur mind and !od* are one s*stem We $rocess all information through our senses What e9actl*
will *ou see? What will *ou hear? What will *ou feel?
:ou e9$erience *our world through *our - senses6
visual (eye)" auditory (ears)" kinaesthetic (feelings and touch)" olfactory (smell) and gustatory
(taste) ;ore than li)el*" *ou use one sense in $reference to the others to collect data a!out *our
world" $articularl* at times of stress 'his sense is called *our Lead or $rimar* re$resentational
s*stem" and it influences how *ou learn and the wa* *ou re$resent *our e9ternal world inside *our
7ind out what makes you function at your best < gathering information a!out how you reflect
your exerience through your senses" and then ma)e changes to the e9$erience !* changing
through *our senses" can hel$ *ou create the !rea)through
NLP !eliefs " Subconscious #ind
5eliefs are formed ha$ha3ardl* throughout life from the meaning we gi%e to our e9$erience 'he*
are formed during our u$!ringing from modelling significant others"
es$eciall* our $arents 'he* can !e formed from a sudden une9$ected conflict" trauma or confusion"
and the *ounger we are" the more li)el* this is to ha$$en Sometimes !eliefs are formed !*
re$etition < the e9$erience has no emotional intensit*" !ut it =ust )ee$s ha$$ening" li)e water
dri$$ing on a stone
Empowering and Limiting Beliefs
Some of our !eliefs gi%e us freedom" choice and o$en $ossi!ilities 8thers ma* !e disem$owering"
closing down choice Acting as if the* were true ma)es *ou and others misera!le
4o *ou !elie%e that it is $ossi!le to change *our !eliefs? Would *ou li)e to change some? After all"
it ma)es sense to ha%e some em$owering ones that ma)e life a $leasure
What you believe you could do determines how you are going to lead your life.
5e aware that a limiting !elief ma* !e lur)ing if *ou find *ourself using words or hearing words such
can>t" should" shouldn>t" could" couldn>t" would" ought" and ought not" as in I couldn>t $ossi!l* do *our
Henry Ford – “he can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t.
$he Subconscious mind
'he )e* to managing *our !eliefs goes dee$er into *our su!conscious mind 5ringing *our
unconscious mind into alignment with *our conscious desires and goals is understanding the
strengths of each $art and how the* wor)
%omaring the %onscious and &nconscious #inds
Conscious ;ind e9cel at ?nconscious ;ind !etter at
Wor)ing linearl* Wor)ing holisticall*
Processing se#uentiall* Intuition
Logic Creati%it*
@er!al Language Aunning *our !od*
;athematics 'a)ing care of *our emotions
Anal*sis Storing memories
Imagine what *ou can achie%e when *ou are in ra$$ort with *our unconscious mind and a!le to go in
the direction that gets *ou to *our goals #uic)l*
When we can re$lace the negati%e" unresourceful thoughts in the su!conscious mind with $ositi%e
thoughts" it =ust throws it out at *ou li)e a ha!it" this is how our mind wor)s We can reB$rogram our
mind into a $ositi%e useful state through $ractice
NLP and %reativity
;ost $eo$le li)e to thin) of creati%it* !eing an innate talent" !ut in NLP" we can li%e an enriching
creati%e life when we can start to ma)e use of our resources full* and e9$eriment it all < changing
e9$eriences" managing thoughts managing life" reB$rogram our mind and most im$ortantl*" !e o$en
to ha%e man* choices of action 'he more choices *ou ha%e" the more chance of success and
$ossi!ilities in life
Cee$ integrating these tools within *our internal resources and changing what you do until you
get what you want 'his sounds sim$le" e%en o!%ious" *et how man* times do we do =ust the
o$$osite? A go%ernment will often continue to $ursue a $olic* e%en though it is clearl* not ha%ing the
desired effect It is also ha$$ening to relationshi$s < ha%e there !een times when *ou and *our
$artner were arguing and *ou could =ust see that *ou were getting into a hole" and re$eating the
same $attern of argument" *et somehow *ou =ust )e$t digging?
B See more at6 htt$6DDselfem$owermentcoDselfBawarenessBthroughBneuroBlinguisticB
?ses mental and cogniti%e $rocesses to address !eha%iour and create new models of $erce$tion Hel$s *ou
eliminate ineffecti%e $atterns and ado$t new strategies for success
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ena!les us to learn and identif* how we create our own e9$eriences
We $ercei%e" filter and e%aluate what>s going on as we interact with others6
• 'he thoughts we thin)" moment to moment F
• 'he language we use with oursel%es and others F
• 'he things we do now in this $resent moment
• 4o we ma)e $owerful choices in the moment or do we react to e%ents and circumstances around us?
At CruBShal H*$nosis we in%ite *ou to consider ‘What do you want to create for you?’ and then =oin us in assisting
*ou to get clear a!out that and create those results
8ur ;ind F 5od* are interconnected We e9$erience through our senses6
• @isual < we see and imagine
• Auditor* < we hear and s$ea)
• Cinaesthetic < we feel
• 8lfactor* < we smell
• Gustator* < we taste
'he %er!al and nonB%er!al language we use to communicate
'he !eha%ioural $atterns that we run" the se#uence of our actionsG How the* hel$ or hinder us" how to change so we
can achie%e our goalsH