The Lexical Approach: a definitive reference list

Lewis, M. (1993). The Lexical Approach: the State of ELT and a Way Forward. Hove: LTP
Lewis, M. (1997). Implementing the Lexical Approach. Hove: LTP
Lewis, M. (2000). Teaching Collocation. Hove: LTP
Willis, D. (1990). The Lexical Syllabus. London: Collins ELT. Available for free download at
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Resource books
Kryszewska, H & Davis, P. (2012). The Company Words Keep. Peaslake: Delta Publishing
Lindstromberg, S. & Boers, F. (2008). Teaching Chunks of Language. London: Helbling Languages.
McCarthy, M. & O’Dell, F. (2005). English Collocations in Use. Cambridge: CUP
Thornbury, S. (2005). Natural Grammar. Oxford: OUP

Online publications & e-books
Lackman, K. (2011). Lexical Approach Activities: A Revolutionary Way of Teaching. Toronto: Ken
Lackman & Associates (
Woolard, G. (2013). Messaging: Beyond a Lexical Approach in ELT. The Round (
Humanising Language Teaching, December 2013 – special 20th anniversary of the Lexical Approach
edition (in conjunction with ETAI)

Recording of Michael Hoey’s plenary talk Old approaches, news perspectives at IATEFL 2014
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Leo Selivan

 Hugh Dellar
 Andrew Walkley
 Luiz Otávio Barros / Think ELT

Teaching English website
 A series of articles and activities using the Lexical approach
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 Collocation pelmanism for all levels
 Shaun Dowling’s article on lexical notebooks and how to organise them
 My article on teaching grammar through lexical patterns
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 Lesson plan – Money collocations
 Delexicalised verbs
 My article on how to get maximum linguistic benefit out of texts
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Leo Selivan