SAP Note 1298448


we process messages with quality of service Exactly Once (QoS EO) and the system issues an error for a
pipeline service. The relevant queue entry has the status "RETRY". Since the error status is classified as
"temporary", the message is automatically scheduled again in the queue and is started again after a
configured time interval. The system cannot process any message in this queue during this wait time.
After a defined number of attempts, the queue entry receives a final error status, and the system cannot
process any messages of this queue as a result. The system administrator must intervene manually to
correct this error scenario.

As per the SAP note 1298448, we should do as following to overcome this issue.

All we need to do is to set the parameter EO_RETRY_AUTOMATIC to 0 or 1.
0 - Manually need to restart, 1- Automatic restart.
If you set the parameter value as 0, in this case also you don't need to worry about the pile of error

We can set the parameter EO_RETRY_AUTOMATIC on the Integration Server or in the proxy application
system. It is evaluated for messages with QoS EO if an error occurs for a pipeline service. In the case of a
temporary error, the pipeline can stop the processing or ensure that the message is restarted
automatically using qRFC tools. You can then schedule the messages again using the report

EO_RETRY_AUTOMATIC - not configured in PI Landscape.
RSXMB_RESTART_MESSAGES is configured for every 5 min in PI landscape.

SAP Note 1393039:

You process asynchronous XI messages and a dump occurs (transaction ST22) in the qRFC queues. This
results in a backlog for message processing. The leading message has the "Scheduled" message status
and is not processed.

As per the SAP note 1393039, we should do as following to overcome this issue.

By using this we can set the limit the no of messages after which automatic retry has to be activated.
Load balancing of queues can be achieved from PI 7.3 onwards with the configuration of the below
with the configuration of above parameters messages in the longer queues will be assigned to the
shorter queues ,thus results in load balancing of the queues and can improve the performance.

EO_RETRY_AUT_COUNT - not configured in PI Landscape.
These Notes are recommended for all PI systems and are default activated on PI 7.3 systems. By
specifying a RECEIVER ID as sub parameter this behavior can be configured for individual interfaces only.