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Conditions of Employment
(Fill in the blanks and amend the areas of the contact as o!
so "ish#$
This contract of employment is made the _______________ day of ________
200___ between (Employee name) ________________________________ of (Employee
address) ____________________________________________________________, hereinafter
known as ‘the Employee’, and (Employer name)
____________________________________ of (Employer address)
_______________________________________________________________, hereinafter known
as ‘the Company’.
The Regulations and Conditions of Employment as set out herein will be deemed
to constitute a Contract of Employment!, in ful"lment of current employment
legislation# $ll Employees will be re%uired to sign at the space pro&ided at the end
of these conditions, agreeing to adhere to the Company’s Conditions of
(i) Date of Commencement: _____ day of _______ 200__.
(ii) lace of !or": The Employee shall be based for the time being at
(iii) #o$ %unction: The Employee shall be employed as _____________ and
he'she shall also be re%uired to carry out associated functions as the
Company may from time to time re%uire#
(i&) ro$ationary eriod: $ probationary period of ________ weeks'months
will apply# $ letter, notifying the Employee of his'her appointment to
permanent sta(, will be issued at the end of a successfully completed
)robationary )eriod#
(&) 'ours of !or": The hours of work shall be ______ a#m# to _______ p#m#, or
a total number of _____ hours per week, as shall be set out by the
Company from time to time but in any e&ent shall at all times be in
compliance with the pro&isions of the *rganisation of +orking Time $ct,
(&i) (alary: The Employee’s annual salary shall be /___________# 0alary will be
re&iewed _______________# )ayment shall be by direct debit into the
Employee’s bank account, the account details to be pro&ided by the
Employee to the Company on the e1ecution of the within contract#
(&ii) )nnual *ea&e: 2n addition to the nine )ublic 3olidays, twenty working
days holiday is allowed during a full calendar year, ,
4anuary to 5,
6ecember in accordance with the pro&isions of the *rganisation of +orking
Time $ct, ,--.#
*n termination of employment, the entitlement will be a proportion of the
appropriate annual holiday based on the number of calendar months
completed during the calendar year of departure, sub7ect to a minimum
period of notice under the 8inimum 9otice and Terms of Employment $cts
(&iii) )$sence Through +llness: The 8anager must be noti"ed as soon as
possible after -#;; am in all cases where a member of the sta( is unable to
attend at the place of work# $ medical certi"cate is re%uired if absence
e1tends beyond three consecuti&e days and should co&er the period until
the sta( member is declared "t for work# 6ental appointments, &isits to
the doctors, etc, should, where possible, be arranged outside working
(i,) Compassionate *ea&e: Compassionate lea&e will be at the discretion of
the management but, in the case of near relati&es, will be such as to allow
full attendance at funeral ser&ices#
(,) *ea&e of )$sence: $ppro&al and duration of unpaid personal lea&e shall
be at the discretion of the Company#
(,i) -rie&ance rocedure: The Company is most an1ious that legitimate
grie&ances raised by an Employee are e1peditiously and fairly resol&ed#
$ny member of sta( who has a grie&ance relating to his'her employment
should discuss it with the Company#
(,ii) Dismissal: The Company hopes that it will not become necessary to
dismiss an Employee, howe&er, it must be understood that there are
certain breaches of Company Rules for which, after the facts ha&e been
ascertained, an Employee may be summarily dismissed or suspended,
without pay, pending further in&estigations# 2n such an e&ent, an Employee
will be a(orded a full right of representation of his'her case to the
Company before a "nal decision is made# Continued failure to adhere to
normal Company re%uirements, including timekeeping, attendance, 7ob
performance, con"dentiality in relation to all the Company’s a(airs and
general conduct will result in an Employee being sub7ect the following
• The Employee will recei&e a &erbal warning#
• The Employee will recei&e a "rst formal written warning ad&ising that
continued failure to impro&e on the speci"c aspect of performance will
lead to disciplinary action#
• The Employee will recei&e a "nal formal written warning#
• The Employee will be suspended for a "1ed period, without pay#
• The Employee will be dismissed in the e&ent of it becoming absolutely
clear that no, or insu=cient, impro&ement on the aspect of
performance is forthcoming#
$t all times the Employer will abide by procedural fairness under current
employment legislation when dealing with dismissals from the Company#
(,iii) .otice eriods: 0ta( who wish to terminate their employment with the
Company are e1pected to gi&e the following notice<
$ll Employees on )robation > , week
Employees appointed to )ermanent 0ta( > , month
0enior'8anagement 0ta( > ? months
or in times of con@ict in accordance with 0ection A of the 8inimum 9otice
and Terms of Employment $ct, ,-.5# 9otwithstanding the foregoing, the
Company, may, at its discretion, wai&e its right to notice#
(,i&) (tandard of Dress: $ll Employees are e1pected to conform to an
acceptable standard of dress to ensure that the image as presented to
customers, colleagues and associates is in keeping with the proper
professional approach of the Company#
+here uniform is re%uired dress, no personal additions will be made to the
uniform, and it shall be cleaned by the Employee for the duration of their
(,&) Con/dentiality: The Employee will not, during or at any time after the
termination of your employment, disclose to any person or persons (e1cept
to senior Employees of the CompanyB nor use for your own bene"t any
con"dential information that you may recei&e or obtain in relation to the
a(airs of the Company or its Clients#
(,&i) )lteration to Terms of Employment: $ny alterations in the Regulations
of Employment a(ecting sta( indi&idually will be noti"ed by a letter or
memorandum, but any general alteration will be communicated in a
Circular to be seen by all members of sta(#
+ agree to $e $ound $y the Regulations and Conditions of Employment as
contained in the %oregoing
(igned for and on $ehalf of
The Company: