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8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Web Live Projects Must Learn! http://www.html 2/16 .com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.guru99.

8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Blog Quiz SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Overview Pricing functionality within SAP CRM is provided Pricing and Configurator (IPC) application IPC is a JAVA based application The IPC is responsible for pricing throughout th application Pricing data can be maintained within CRM syst downloaded from ERP Possible scenarios: Scenario without ERP integration: Pricing maintained within CRM Scenario with ERP integration: Pricing maintained in ERP http://www.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.html 3/16 .guru99.

8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Settings related to pricing can be maintained within customizing in SAP CRM: http://www.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.guru99.html 4/16 .

com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.guru99.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing SPRO settings related to the Pricing in SAP CRM Elements of CRM Pricing Following are the elements of CRM Pricing: Elements of CRM Pricing Pricing Procedure Pricing in SAP CRM is based on Pricing Procedure Pricing procedures in CRM have a source (CRM or ERP) Pricing Procedure defines: the valid condition types calculation sequence of condition types in the transaction subtotals that are created and displayed on the pricing screen http://www.html 5/16 .

guru99.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing what all manual processing of pricing is possible requirements to be fulfilled in order that a specific condition type is taken into account The Pricing procedures are defined in Customizing: SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Define Set Create Pricing Procedure You need to manually setup the determination of the pricing procedure Elements of Transaction that can influence Pricing Pricing procedure determination is influenced by following elements: Sales organization Distribution channel Document pricing procedure (assigned to transaction type) Customer pricing procedure (assigned to business partner as billing data in sales area d Division (optional) Pricing Procedures The Pricing Procedure can be determined in below customizing path: SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Pricing in Transaction -> Determine Pricing Procedure http://www.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.html 6/16 .

guru99. It comprises of one or more accesses These accesses are each defined by a condition table http://www.html 7/16 . some of the ERP condition types cannot be used within the SAP CRM system Within the applications. condition types are referred as Pricing Element Access Sequence Access Sequence in Condition Type defines a search strategy that CRM system uses to sea in a specific condition type.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Condition Type The Condition Type defines the characteristics and attributes of a condition You can define a condition type for every type of price. it is possible to load SAP ERP condition types into the SAP CRM syste condition types cannot be loaded into the ERP system Also.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing. surcharge. or discount that occurs transactions Condition type determines: category of condition how it is used calculation type scale base It is possible to set a condition type as an automatic surcharge or an automatic discount Condition Types in Pricing Procedures Condition types are defined in Customizing: SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Define Set Create Condition Types Condition types in CRM have a source system: local = CRM other system (such as R/3) Via CRM Middleware.

com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.guru99. Pricing Procedure is u the pricing for the relevant objects in the Transaction For example below is a scenario: http://www. condition table defines the combination of fields that an individual condition record The condition table consists of a combination of search and result fields Path to define Condition tables in customizing: SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Define Set Create Condition Tables Following are name ranges defined for the condition tables: Example Once defined and assigned to a transaction type in the customizing.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing The sequence of the accesses controls the priority of the individual condition records The accesses tell the system where to start searching after a valid condition record Access sequences are defined in Customizing: SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Define Set Create Access Sequences The combination of fields (keys) that identify an individual condition record is defined by a Thus.html 8/16 .

For example. i.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing. it will start with the first Condition Type. it calculates the net price of the product in the current transaction Customers can see the final price Pricing in CRM Web UI Price elements can be maintained within the CRM Web UI It is added to various roles within the CRM Web UI. different components of price are found Thus using all this data. all the Condition Types in concerned Pricing Procedure are processe In this example. the Access Sequence ZPR0 is followed for the Price This Access Sequence calls two condition Records One of these condition types is found as not available for this particular data in the transa It is calculating the Price based on another Condition Record In the similar fashion.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Pricing Procedure execution in SAP CRM Here. for which Pricing Procedure found is 0CRM1 System will now run all the Condition Types within this particular Pricing Procedure Thus.e.html 9/16 .guru99. transaction has a product. users having Sales Profes find the Prices within the Sales Operations: http://www. 0K07 is executed for Customer Discount and 0KA0 is executed for Sales P Based upon all the Condition Type executions. PR00. which in this scenario is calculatin PR00 condition type is having reference to the Access Sequence ZPR0 Thus..

etc. http://www.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Prices search within Sales Operations work centre page Following is the search page for the Price element User can also create new price element using the New button Search page for Prices Following screen within CRM Web UI helps create a new Price Element with the required a like Sales Organization.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.guru99.html 10/16 .

it can process due list items as part of collective billing Output processing consists of: http://www. CRM system is connected to the ERP system for billing related process But SAP CRM also provides functionalities related to Billing process in the form of CRM Bil Billing processing within CRM consists of following steps: Input processing Billing Output processing As part of the Input processing. CRM billing takes over the billing-relevant items from diffe transactions.guru99. CRM Billing can group the related billing due list items from dif transactions into a joint billing document The billing due list can process the due list items It can process the due list items as part of an individual billing Also. These items are stored as billing due list items During the Billing process.html 11/16 .8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Create page for Prices CRM Billing CRM billing can be used for the invoicing related to the transaction within SAP CRM In general scenario.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.

8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Invoice output Transfer to SAP Financials Retrieval in SAP BI The Billing output is performed using the SAP SmartForms CRM Billing Document in CRM Web UI CRM Billing documents are to various Business roles (for ex. SALESPRO) within SAP CRM W Billing Document can be found in the Sales Operations Work Center Billing Documents in the Sales Operations Following is the search page for the Billing Document within the CRM Web UI Billing Document search within CRM Web UI Different data related to the Billing Document can be seen within different assignment blo Document OverView page: http://www.guru99.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.html 12/16 ..

html 13/16 .8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Billing Document assignment blocks within CRM Web Ui As shown in the below screenshot. details of the individual assignment blocks Billing Document Details: Presents general data related to the Billing Document like the Pa relevant dates Prices: This assignment block shows different price values along with the quantity relevant Document Items:These are the Items considered within this Billing Document for the Pricing http://www.guru99.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.

com/sap-crm-pricing-billing. http://www.net/SAP-for-IT-Professional Awarded No.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Assignment Block data for Billing Document – I Other assignment blocks (screenshot below): Transactions: CRM transactions relevant to this Billing Document Follow-up Transactions: Transactions created as follow-up to this Billing Document Notes: Different type of text relevant to the Billing Document Assignment Block data for Billing Document – II SAP for IT Professional atos. 18K Consultants Trained.html 14/16 .guru99. Apply Now.1 SAP Education Partner.

com Stack 5 Ways to Stay Young and Fit Alcohol and Energy Drinks A Dangerous Combo. ✉ Subscribe d Add Disqus to your site http://www.com/sap-crm-pricing-billing.8/19/2014 SAP CRM Pricing & Billing Like 0 Tweet 0 0 Share < Prev AROUND THE WEB TheFix. DESC and ASC Free Mobile Testing Tutorials 1 comment 2 comments 0 Comments Guru99 Sort by Best Start the discussion… Be the first to comment.guru99.html 15/16 . Study Says ALSO ON GURU99 Creating Automation Frameworks with QTP 1 comment Creating Keyword & Hybrid Frameworks 2 comments How sorting is done in SQL using ORDER BY.

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