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I, DALEREMIAH T. PRINIDAD, Filipino, of legal age, married and a
resident of Bahay Toro, Congressional Road, Quezon City. After having been duly
sworn to in accordance with the law, hereby depose and say:

1. That I am an overseas contract worker employed at Charlotte Fitness
Health Gym as fitness trainor and athletic coach with business address
at 100 Charlotte Hotel, London, W1T, 1RJ, England;

2. That I am employed with the abovementioned company since January
2009 up to December 2011;

3. That I know Willy M. Boyalo ( Willy) personally since July of 2010;

4. That Willy and I are both working in the same company
aforementioned as athletic coaches and fitness trainors;

5. That during our stay in England, Willy and I became close friends
since we are both Filipinos;

6. That Willy and I are constant companions after our work in the gym
and spend good times at the best night bars and strip clubs in the city
of London among which are Boujis Night Owl located at Thurloe St.,
London, England; Queens of Hoxton Bar at 15 Curtain road, London
and Vertigo 42 at Old Broad St., London, England, among others;

7. That Willy spent most of his money in the abovementioned clubs and
bars for drinks and services of hookers;

8. That during the period of our nightclubbing, I took some pictures of
Willy with beautiful lady hookers which was saved in the memory
card of my phone;

9. That I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby affixed my signature this 12
day of
June 2014 in Quezon City, Philippines.



SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this 12th day of June 2014, in
the Quezon City, Philippines, affiant exhibiting to me his Passport No. EEE12345
issued at DFA Manila on June 15, 2013 with expiry date of June 15, 2018.

Notary Public

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