Momentum Test (Open Note Test


Label the following collisions as:

(A) Elastic (B) Inelastic (C) Recoil
1. A student flings a giant booger onto the back of their ex as they walk by.
2. A soccer player is hit in the face with a soccer ball
3. An explosion is used to separate two giant rocks
4. 4 students collide while holding yoga balls, which sends one student flying through a door
5. Two balls of pizza dough smash together in mid-air
6. A bullet is fired from a rifle, sending the bullet forward and the rifle backward
7. The bullet hits a log and becomes lodged inside of the log
8. The log rolls off a cliff and smashes the front of a car full of escaped prisoners. The log becomes tangled in
the car's engine, so the prisoners get caught and sent back to prison.

9. A brick is dropped into a cart as it rolls by. The brick's velocity is 0 m/s while the cart is traveling at 6 m/s.
The cart slows down to 4 m/s when the brick is dropped in. Why does this happen?
A) The impact of the brick causes the system to lose energy.
B) The brick adds mass to the system, so velocity decreases so that momentum is conserved
C) The system loses momentum because of the addition of the mass of the brick
D) The system gains momentum because of the addition of the mass of the brick

A group of friends find some shopping carts near the park, so as any good teenagers will due, they decide to
use them for things that they were not intended for. They find that all of the shopping carts roll extremely
well with no friction and decide that playing "shopping cart chicken" is the only logical action.

10. A 60 kg student traveling at 20 m/s races towards another 60 kg student traveling at -15 m/s. Their carts
collide and both students are launched into the air, where they collide and wrap their arms around each other.
It would have been a very romantic moment if it wasn't for all of the broken ribs and faces. What is the
velocity of the two students after the collision?
A) -5 m/s
B) 2.5 m/s
C) 5 m/s
D) 10 m/s

11. An 81 kg student speeds towards a motionless 63 kg student at 9 m/s. What will be the velocity of the 63
kg student after the collision if the 81 kg student is motionless after the collision?
A) 81 m/s
B) 9 m/s
C) 11.57 m/s
D) 63 m/s
12. What is the momentum of a 5 kg waffle flying through the air at 3.5 m/s?
A) 5 m/s
B) 3.5 m/s
C) 15 m/s
D) 17.5 m/s

13. The total momentum of two bulls before they collide is 450 kg*m/s. How much total momentum should
the bulls have after they collide?
A) Greater than 450 kg*m/s
B) Exactly 450 kg*m/s
C) Less than 450 kg*m/s
D) We need to know the mass and velocities of the bulls in order to answer the question

14. What is the momentum of a 2 kg burrito flying through the air at 9 m/s?
A) 18 m/s
B) 9 m/s
C) 4.5 m/s
D) 2 m/s

15. What is the mass of a ham and cheese sandwich that is traveling at 35.6 m/s and has 80 kg*m/s of
A) 35.6 m/s
B) 2848 m/s
C) 2.25 m/s
D) .445 m/s

16. (True/False) Momentum is a vector.

17. (True/False) Two identical objects traveling towards each other at 5 m/s have twice as much momentum
as only one object traveling at 5 m/s.

18. If the mass of a planet is doubled, then the force of gravity of the planet is...
A) divided by 2 B) Divided by 4 C) Multiplied by 2 D) Multiplied by 4

19. If the distance between two asteroids is decreased, then the F
between them is...
A) decreased B) increased C) stays the same D) goes away

20. If the distance between two asteroids is multiplied by 5.7, the F
is divided by.... (enter the number in your