Vasya Koota in Horoscope Matching

Ashtakoot Milan or gun Milan is a tradition in India. In ashtkoot Milan Moon of both
prospective bride and bridegroom is considered. None of the other 8 planets are
considered for matching. There are 8 types of Gunas and some points are given to these
Gunas which are as follows
!. "aran ! pt.
#. "aishya # pts.
$. Tara $ pts.
%. &oni % pts.
'. Griha ' pts.
(. Gan ( pts.
). *hakoot ) pts.
8. Nadi 8 pts.
The "asya +oot is the second category of Ashtkoot system. The word vasya, when
translated, means the ability to dominate or influence another person. -et us understand
the person psychology who has devised vasya which implies the control of husband on
wife or vice versa. This is stupid thought to my understanding. .usband and wife have
different roles to play in marital life and both are complimentary to each other. *oth of
them are not competitors. .ence the very thought of "asya +oot is not correct. /e should
see the nature of both prospective bride and bridegroom and if they understand that they
will lead happy married life. 0or this all 1 planets should be considered on the horoscope
and in ma2ority of these nine planets combination of caring attitude should be reflected.
-et us now understand the 3uestionable thought process under which "asya +oot has
flourished all through the past. . The vasya koot is to assess the ability of the husband to
dominate the wife.
Moon sign of the bride and the bridegroom must fall in the same group to get the
ma4imum of # points.
!. 5hatushpada 63uadruped7 8 Aries, Taurus, the second half of 9agittarius, the first half
of 5apricorn.
#. Manava:Nara 6biped7 8 Gemini, "irgo, -ibra, the first half of 9agittarius, A3uarius.
$. ;alachar 6A3uatic7 8 5ancer <isces, the second .alf of 5apricorn.
%. "anachara 6wild7 8 -eo 6not included amongst the 3uadrupeds above7
'. +eeta 6insect7 8 9corpio, some take cancer also.
Gun from matching of Vashya
*ride : Groom8
>uadruped .uman A3uatic /ild Insect
>uadruped # ! ! !.' !
.uman ! # !.' ? !
A3uatic ! !.' # ! !
/ild ? ? ? # ?
Insect ! ! ! ? #
The above table e4plains that if husband is >uadruped or Aries: Taurus then wife should
not be wild or -eo but if wife is >uadruped then husband can be /ild. It is hard to
believe matching is done by Moon sign and other 8 planets are not considered at all. Now
it is upto readers to 2udge the science into the "ashya.
5onclusion @ /henever .oroscope matching is to be done it has to be kept in mind that
both husband and wife should have a happy and married life. It is not who will control
over the other. .usband and wife should be give e3ual importance. *oth have their part to
play in the married life. .usband earns and controls the finances and wife take care of the
society, relative, friends and domestic 2obs in which she is naturally more suited than the
husband. /here the 3uestion of control over each other comesA In the matchmaking
report from our site we match the longevity, health, nature, character and physical
compatibility of the prospective bride and bridegroom so that they en2oy happy married
life. In this we analyBe all the 1 planets, Nakshatras and their sub lords in the horoscope
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