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Q1. How many IRPA grants can a researcher hold ?
The researcher can only hold one (1) grant at one time.
Q2.Where can we get the application form ?
The application form is aaila!le ia the we!site. The address is
Q1. Where can we get the application forms ?
Application forms are aaila!le at the general office of eery "chool concerned.
Q2. When sho#ld we send the application forms ?
The application forms for conferences$ seminars and wor%shops o#tside &alaysia
sho#ld reach the 'ep#ty (ice )hancellor of the R*' +ffice two (,) months !efore the
conference-seminar-wor%shop. The forms hae to !e sent to the &inistry of .oreign
Affairs three (/) wee%s earlier for approal.
Q3. When sho#ld we send claim forms ?
)laim forms sho#ld !e sent to R*' fo#rteen (10) days after the ret#rn from
conferences. )laims will not !e accepted for processing after the specified period.
Q4. Why can1t we get the f#ll amo#nt of f#nding ?
The f#nding to attend conferences-seminars-wor%shops is limited. This is only a
Q5. )an we #se the 2ndowment .#nd to go to conferences ?
The approal has to !e from the (ice )hancellor.
Q1. Who can !e appointed #nder 3451/ ?
A candidate can !e appointed thro#gh a researcher holding a grant #nder 3415/. .or
grad#ates$ a daily rate will !e paid. .or non5grad#ates$ the rate will !e on a daily or
monthly !asis.
Q2. What type of form sho#ld !e #sed ?
.or R+-RA-"t#dent Assistantships$ the latest 3415/ form has to !e #sed. .oreign
st#dents are not allowed to !e appointed for these posts as they are holding st#dent
passes. (All !"#" $%&'# ()* +" (%ll"(", ) !" D")*-# O$$.(" %& !" G"*"&)l
O$$.(" %$ !" S(!%%l (%*("&*",/0
Q3. What are the 6#alifications of the pro7ect staff and how m#ch is the salary and
the allowance?
Please refer to the ta!le attached.
Q4. What is the percentage of contri!#tion to the 2mployees Proident .#nd (2P.)
and "+)"+ ?
Please refer to the ta!le attached. T!%#" *% &"1.#"&", % (%*&.+2" % EPF
!)3" % +" &"1.#"&", !&%21! !" R&D O$$.("0 R"1.#&).%* .# "$$"(.3"
!&%21!%2 %*"4# 5%&6.*1 l.$"0
Q5. What is the ma8im#m period of appointment #nder 3415/ ?
The ma8im#m period for monthly appointments #nder 3415/ is three (/) months
only. If e8tended for another three (/) months$ the pro7ect staff has to !e called for
an interiew. Those who hae !een interiewed !efore do not hae to fill in a second
3415/ form !#t the researcher has to write a letter to the R*' office for the
reappointment. Those who do not go thro#gh an interiew !#t hae to !e e8tended
for another period$ hae to !e conerted to a daily rate.
Q7. What is the ma8im#m period for the appointment of a "t#dent Assistant or any
other post proiding a daily rate ?
The ma8im#m period is three months. If an e8tension of another three months is
needed$ the form sho#ld !e filled in again.
Q8. When can the pro7ect staff get their salary ?
It depends on the s#!mission of the forms to the R*' +ffice. If the complete forms
are receied and sent to the 9#rsary !efore the :th of the month$ the pro7ect staff
will receie the salary at the end of that month. If the forms are s#!mitted to the
9#rsary after the :th$ the staff will get the salary in the middle of the ne8t month.
Q1. What type of form is #sed for application ?
.or a 4rad#ate Assistantship$ the form to !e #sed is the 4rad#ate Assistant
(Research) "cheme form(""P(P)) which is !l#e in colo#r.
Q2. What are the re6#irements for the appointment of a 4rad#ate Assistant ?
Those doing &."c. or Ph.'. hae to enclose a registration letter from the Post
4rad#ate Instit#te (IP") +ffice together with a copy of the 9"c degree. ;ocal or
foreign st#dents can !e appointed #nder this "cheme.
i)The title of the thesis sho#ld !e similar to the title of the researcher1s-s#perisor1s
ii) The candidate has to !e a f#ll5time research st#dent.
Q3. What is the f#nding rate for a 4rad#ate Assistant ?
.or &."c. 5 R&1$/<<.<<
Ph.'. 5 R&1$=<<.<<
I$ !" $2*,.*1 .# l"## !)* !" )(2)l &)", !" &"#")&(!"& !)# % 5&." .* %
!" D"92: V.(" C!)*("ll%& (R&D/ $%& )99&%3)l0
.or the f#nding of more than three (/) months$ the grad#ate has to attend an
Q1. What type of form is #sed ?
Please refer to R)&+1s we!site #nder HR& for f#rther information.
Q2. What are the re6#irements for the appointment of a Post 'octoral .ellow ?
Please refer to R)&+1s we!site #nder HR& for f#rther information.
Q3. Who are eligi!le to apply for this position ?
&alaysians or non5&alaysians. .or non5&alaysians$ the (isa and the Professional (isit
Pass hae to !e applied from the Immigration of &alaysia.
Q4. What is the f#nding rate for a Post 'octoral .ellow?
It depends on the approal of the &inistry of "cience$ Technology and Innoation
(&+"TI)$ 6#alifications and e8perience of the .ellow. Please refer to R)&+1s we!site
for f#rther information.
Q5. When can a .ellow !e appointed ?
After the ac6#isition of a (isa and a Professional (isit Pass from the Immigration
'epartment of &alaysia.
Q7. What types of allowances are gien !y &+"TI and >"& ?
i) &+"TI will proide one year allowances and at the end of the year$ the .ellow has
to send the final report of the pro7ect to &+"TI.
ii) At >"& the reseacher1s grant will proide for?
a) Ret#rn airfares.
!) A Professional (isit Pass for the .ellow only.
c) An adanced payment of the salary to the .ellow.
iii) A .ellow has to pay for?
a) "tamping of an Agreement.
!) (isa fees.
Q8. )an the appointment !e e8tended ?
An e8tension needs the approal from &+"TI after the s#!mission of
i) The Progress Report of the pro7ect.
ii) A s#pporting letter from the "#perisor of the pro7ect and the 'ean of the "chool.
iii) Approal of the e8tension of the Professional (isit Pass from the Immigration of
&alaysia is also needed.
Q<. How long is the notice for the termination of serices ?
Three (/) months1 notice.