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... through Bertha Dudde

Various schools of thought....
There is only one truth....
In eery school of thought you !ill find so"ething that
corres#onds to truth$ yet you !ill encounter far "ore "isguided
#oints of ie! and therefore you "ust e%a"ine eerything and
esta&lish its origin.... not eerything can &e endorsed as truth.
The ast nu"&er of e%isting different schools of thought all
deiate fro" each other. 'nd this alone should "a(e you thin($
for there is only one truth and this originates fro" )e directly.
*ure truth$ ho!eer$ !ill only eer &e gained through the
!or(ing of the s#irit in the hu"an &eing$ for this reason it is
i"#eratie to esta&lish first !here )y s#irit !as a&le to ta(e
effect and thus also has ta(en effect. Then the contents "ust
concur !ith )y direct "essage fro" a&oe.... But !ho can clai"
to hae the !or(ing of )y s#irit in hi"+ Who has the guarantee
that #ure truth is receied &y hi" and coneyed to hi"+
This ,uestion is clearly ans!ered to you-
'nyone !ho$ !ithout haing any #reious (no!ledge$ attains
(no!ledge fro" !ithin hi"self a&out )y eternal #lan of
.alation$ a&out the "eaning and #ur#ose of his e%istence$
a&out )y reign and actiity throughout the !hole of infinity$
anyone !ho can su&stantiate eerything and (no!s all
correlations.... is enlightened &y )y s#irit$ and his (no!ledge
corres#onds to the full truth against !hich the contents of eery
s#iritual "oe"ent "ust &e e%a"ined$ and eery teaching !hich
contradicts this (no!ledge can &e re/ected....
This certainly #roides you !ith the o##ortunity to su&/ect
the (no!ledge you hae attained until no! to scrutiny$ &ut !ho
"a(es use of this indication in order to ta(e #ossession of the
#ure truth hi"self+0 1ach school of thought refuses to let go of
its o!n #oint of ie!$ and thus a ast nu"&er of erroneous
teachings !ere a&le to sli# in through )y adersary2s influence$
although eery s#iritual "oe"ent contains a grain of truth as
!ell. 3o!eer$ they all agree not to acce#t anything !hich really
is the truth0....
For #recisely this #rocess of the 2!or(ing of the s#irit in the
hu"an &eing2 is alien to all schools of thought$ and so only rarely
do #eo#le &eliee that I "a(e )yself (no!n to anyone !ho fulfils
the conditions I attached to it.
This condition re,uires the hu"an &eing to lie a life of loe$
&ecause loe unites hi" !ith )e and$ as a result$ I )yself can
s#ea( to hi".... This condition could &e "et &y any hu"an &eing
and he$ too$ !ould (no! the truth and thin( correctly. 'nd all
those !ho co"#ly !ith )y easy co""and"ent !ill also &e
coninced that the truth is coneyed to the" !hen they receie
such gained (no!ledge through 2the !or(ing of the s#irit2. 4et
their nu"&er is s"all #recisely &ecause #eo#le lac( loe....
5onse,uently$ &eing "e"&ers of any (ind of s#iritual
"oe"ent !ill not &enefit you if you diligently adocate its
teachings.... you are neertheless s#iritually dead for you do not
recognise the truth$ !hich alone can adance you on the #ath
to!ards ascent....
'nd as long as you are una!are of the actual #ur#ose of your
earthly life$ the (no!ledge you #ossess is !rong and can neer
lead you to higher s#heres. This can only eer &e achieed &y
loe$ !hich all of you can #ractise &ut are unwilling to do so
&ecause your selfish loe is still too strong and thus the truth still
re"ains inaccessi&le to you$ i.e.$ you don2t recognise it as
such.... 'nd you !ill lie in error$ /ust as you !ill enter the
s#iritual (ingdo" !ith this error$ !here it is far "ore difficult to
release yourseles fro" it$ for you !ill not acce#t the truth oer
there either$ een if it is offered to you.
It therefore al!ays de#ends on your degree of loe as to
!hether your thoughts co"e close to the truth$ and this is !hy
you need only eer &e gien the teaching of loe so that your
thoughts !ill &e right$ so that )y s#irit !ill &e a&le to e%#ress
itself in you$ so that you !ill recognise and acce#t the #ure truth
!hich !ill assuredly guide you u#!ards to!ards your
For dar(ness !ill al!ays fight against light$ yet the !orld
&elongs to the #rince of dar(ness and only the #erson !ho
detaches hi"self fro" hi" can enter )y (ingdo". 'nd I !ill truly
hel# eeryone to recognise )e and the truth....
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