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The combined efforts of four police officers and two paramedics were needed to lift the
driver from the wreckage.
A joined B combined C mixed D added

2. Kate and her partner are setting up their own printing business.
A putting B making C setting D bringing

3. In comparison with other recent video games, this one isn't very exciting.
A comparison B contrast C point D difference

4. The doctor mistook the symptoms for blood poisoning.

A confused B understood C mistook D misinterpreted

5. My mother comes out in a rash if she eats seafood.

A rash B spot B bruise C lump

6. Iceland is getting wider at a rate of about 0.5 cm per year.

A scale B rate C sum D degree

7. The couple at the next table cast quick glances in our direction.
A views B looks C sights D glances

8. We produce a range of different computers, but this is our most popular model.
A type B copy C model D structure

9. Burglar alarm companies claim they work in close co-operation with the police.
A co-operation B friendship C partnership D combination

10.James earned himself a reputation for being unfair.

A earned B set C gained D profited

11.It was in college that he developed a taste for rugby football.

A increased B developed C expanded D got

12.The tour includes stops in Salzburg and Vienna.

A voyage B trip C tour D travel

13.He kept on telling himself how short the distance was.

A kept B went C continued D insisted

14.The basic model costs £30,000, which includes insurance and car tax.
A essential B basic C simple D absolute

15.The company went through a bad time last year, but lately things have been improving.
A latter B lately C late D later

16.They were lost in the mountains for ten days, enduring hunger, thirst, and intense cold.
A agonizing B tolerating C suffering D enduring

17.My teeth are really sensitive to hot and cold.

A. sensitive B delicate C feeble D acceptable

18.Mrs Hobbs told me about the meeting but she omitted to tell me where it was.
A avoided B omitted C deleted D ignored

19.Bombs were dropped on the enemy position.

A position B area C space D situation

20.He finally managed to find an apartment near his office.

A succeededB managed C achieved D fulfilled

21.TV coverage of the match had to be extended when it went into extra time.
A shrunk B extended C spread D stretched

22.She is considered to be one of the finest pianists of her generation.

A regarded B noticed C viewed D considered

23.After three months' delay, work finally began on the new building.
A failure B delay C lateness D absence

24.All staff are expected to do some overtime, if the need arises.

A arises B raises C rises D lifts

25.I'm learning how to play the piano, and I try to practise every day.
A exercise B practice C coach D train

26.Be careful. That knife's very sharp.

A blunt B weak C sharp D dim

27.We do not allow people to smoke anywhere in the building.

A allow B let C permit D leave

28.On behalf of everyone here, may I wish you a very happy retirement.
A on account of B in spite of C because of D on behalf of

29.I'm afraid this banknote is a forgery; it's just a worthless piece of paper.
A priceless B worthless C valid D valueless

30.Trying to bring up a small daughter on your own is no easy task.

A job B work C task D occupation

31.Interhome has over 20,000 houses to let across Europe.

A lend B hire C lease D let
32.The bus crashed into an embankment before bursting into flames.
A cracked B hit C collided C crashed

33.How much is the train fare from Toronto to Montreal?

A fare B fee C wage D salary

34.We were stuck in heavy traffic for more than an hour.

A heavy B full C strong D thick

35.Evening classes are one way of meeting new people.

A sort B way C solution D answer

36.She has an interesting range of hobbies from stamp collecting to astronomy.

A range B variation C group D type

37.The booklet offers practical advice to new parents.

A suggests B offers C presents D proposes

38.The city of Belfast has a magnificent setting, ringed by high hills, lakes and river valley.
A background B scene C setting D context

39.Some tribes still inhabit the more remote mountains and jungles of the country.
A live B inhabit C stay D remain

40.It would seem that someone left the building unlocked.

A assume B look C seem D resemble

41.It was fascinating to see the elephants in their natural environment.

A actual B ordinary C natural D original

Violence increased to the extent that residents were afraid to leave their homes.
A width B breadth C length D extent

43.We stock a wide range of kitchen equipment.

A hold B stock C pile D collect

The report said the fire was started by faulty electrical wiring.
A wrong B false C faulty D mistaken

45.Guivier's discoveries placed him at the cutting edge of medical research.

A placed B situated C located D laid

46.My money was beginning to give out and there were no jobs to be found.
A turn B come C give D work

47.It was my interest in gardens that led me to study biology.

A turned B took C led D moved
48.The effects of the oil spill were devastating for wildlife.
A effects B affects C causes D results

49.The oil tank had developed a small crack.

A. produced B expanded C developed D advanced

50.Use a liquid fertilizer, following the directions on the label.

A. badge B label C mark D notice

51.The ticket includes entry and a four-course meal.

A course B dish C plate D series

52.In the last five years there has been a significant decrease in the number of deaths from
heart disease.
A decrease B limit C loss D shortage

Don't mumble - I can't hear what you're saying.

A whisper B moan C pronounce D mumble

54.The interview was broadcast Sunday on "Face the Nation."

A sent B broadcast C displayed D programmed

55.Employees are expected and required to attend team meetings.

A participate B attend C assist D present

56.He gave the clerk a false name and address in case the police were looking for him.
A false B fake C counterfeit D artificial

57.Homeless kids are now a familiar sight on London's streets.

A view B scenery C sight D vision

58.The swordfish will follow a school of fish for a considerable distance before it decides to
A school B swarm C herd D flock

59.I think there's a fault in one of the loudspeakers.

A error B mistake C blame D fault

Add two finely chopped onions and a clove of garlic.

A whipped B chopped C grated D beaten

You should never lose your temper with the students - it'll only make things worse.
A mood B mind C temper D character

62.The crew of the space shuttle will hold a press conference Friday.
A team B cast C crew D company

63.I suggest you phone before you go round there.
A advise B suggest C ask D persuade

64.What a nuisance! I've forgotten my ticket.

A nuisance B trouble C worry D disturbance

65.Some countries will sentence you to seven or more years in prison for drug offences.
A accuse B arrest C sentence D charge

66.We must avoid a scandal at all costs.

A expenses B taxes C duties D costs

67.McKay moved to Newcastle after being released from prison.

A retired B released C expelled D resigned

68.Fasten the edges of the cloth together with pins.

A tie B fasten C bind D wrap

69.There was no way I could go on that trip anymore and I phoned the hotel to cancel my
A call off B postpone C put off D cancel

70.Gerry will be playing to hundreds of loyal fans at the Apollo theatre in Oxford tonight.
A loyal B truthful C absolute D attached

71.I got this shirt when I was in Indonesia. It was a real bargain.
A bargain B price C sale D profit

72.Workers fear that the company's reorganization will result in layoffs.

A cause B bring C result D lead

73.Most people no longer approve of smoking in public places.

A agree B allow C admit D approve

74.The collar of his shirt felt stiff and uncomfortable.

A firm B stiff C smooth D strong

75.He held out his bowl for another helping.

A share B load C helping D pile

Could you water my plants while I'm gone?

A wet B moisten C dampen D water

77.Go and ask the patrolman - he'll direct you to the freeway.
A steer B indicate C tour D direct

78.He was wearing a grey suit with narrow blue stripes.
A strips B streaks C bands D stripes

79.“How was the party?" "OK, but some idiot spilled wine all over my new dress."
A spilled B flowed C dipped D poured

80.Lycra shorts will stretch to fit you perfectly.

A tighten B extend C spread D stretch

81.I did not worry too much about domestic duties, because we had a housekeeper.
A caretaker B housekeeper C porter D landlord

82.Starting a family so soon would definitely spoil her career prospects for her.
A spoil B damage C smash D break

83.We booked our return tickets to Rome well in advance and got some great fares.
A double B twin C return D duplex

84.Actors, wearing masks, came down among the audience.

A viewers B congregation C spectators D audience

85.The Socialists have been in power since the 1965 revolution.

A. rule B force C power D authority

86.Do you have to take an exam in French?

A give B take C make D get

87.At the peak of his career, Rogers was earning more than seven million dollars a year.
A earning B winning C taking D gaining

88.Symptoms of the disease include tiredness and loss of memory.

A comprise B include C conclude D combine

89.Farm workers are complaining about long hours and low wages.
A slight B low C poor D mean

90.This law will help small businesses to compete on equal terms with large multinational
A conditions B rules C terms D states

91.These rocks contain the fossilised remains of extinct animals.

A pieces B leftovers C rest D remains

92.It's the best sports shoe of its kind.

A figure B kind C element D pattern

93.She still has to make some preparations for the wedding.
A do B give C make D have

94.Brian is a very sensitive kind of person and he takes criticism very much to heart.
A into account B in hand C for granted D to heart

They had entered the country by unlawful means.

A measures B means C ways D meters

96.Sara had overcome the disadvantages of her background to become a successful lawyer.
A overturned B overcome C overdone D overtaken

97.Stricter controls of farming methods are needed if we want to prevent the disaster from
repeating itself.
A repeating B revising C recurring D rehearsing

98.On any given day in the Houston area, half the hospital beds are empty.
A simple B special C given D unique

99.You will be paid according to the amount of work you do.

A depending B aiming C because D according

100. The
party is seeking to improve its image with female voters.
A appearance B story C imagination D image

101. It
would be usual practice to ensure that the payment is made in the month when the work
is carried out.
A ordinary B regular C usual D familiar

102. Most
of the trees were destroyed by the fire, but a few survived.
A many B little C much D few

103. The
program is under threat of closure due to lack of funding.
A under B in C on D with

104. The
remaining black bears are at risk from development in the area.
A left B alive C remaining D rest

105. Now she’s frightened to go out at night, which is hardly surprising after what happened to
A amazing B surprising C shocking D interesting

106. A
Christmas tree stood near the fireplace.
A stayed B stood C existed D situated

107. Any
increase in fuel costs could have a bad effect on business.
A nuisance B affect C trouble D effect
108. The
factory was almost completely destroyed by fire.
A broken B destroyed C damaged D wasted

109. Aboy was injured yesterday when part of a wall fell down near to where he was playing.
A fell down B pulled down C got down D put down

110. When the houses were put up in 1946, they really weren’t meant to last more than ten
A hold B continue C last D keep

111. Drugs
have become the plague of the modern world.
A current B latest C fresh D modern

112. Thomas is expected to be able to play again next weekend.

A able B capable C possible D probable

113. Weall expected she'd get the job - it was a real shock when she didn't.
A waited B awaited C expected D anticipated

114. The
award ceremony will be held at the National Film Theatre tonight.
A ceremony B rehearsal C service D performance

115. We
walked up the stairs to the main entrance of the building.
A important B main C head D big

116. Lastly,
could I ask all of you to keep this information secret.
A At last B Last of C Last D Lastly

117. As
far as traffic is concerned there are no delays at the moment.
A regarded B concerned C informed D consulted

118. Teachers
were reminded that the school attendance register was actually a legal
A list B catalogue C register D directory

119. If
you suffer from back pain, consult your doctor before attempting this exercise.
A pain B hurt C damage D harm

120. Bob's
keeping his car in our garage for the time being.
A space B time C place D room

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