By Jinwen Zhang (Ivan)
Executive Summary
with the technology is developing so fast, more and more consumers are used to booking air tickets and
travel services online which is more easier and faster. No matter where you are, you can just click few
bottoms can booking air tickets and travelling services. This report made the survey and analysis the
data from the respondents who share travel-related content online which has been created and posted
important information. Understanding how the younger generation, especially students making the
travel decision online and what kind of services they are focusing when they booking travelling
services online, which online travel agency usually compare with and what are most concerned
The online survey effort led to ! responses, which is high than "# responses e$pectation point. The
majority of the respondents are female %&.'() which is higher than make %"*.1(), with a large
percentage %+1.1() is studying at college or post graduate institutions. , majority of the respondents
%+*.-!() organi.e their travel arrangement by themselves. Nearly half of the respondents travel agent/s
website. The respondents generally see themselves as highly skilled at using the 0nternet and most of
responses are student%+#() in this online survey, e$ecutive1managerial%-.*!), 2elf-employed %-.*!(),
professional %&.'(), salesperson1buyer%&.'(), and same as secretary1clerk%&.'(), there is no
response come from teacher1professor%#(), travel industry%#(), homemaker%#() and retired%#().
The results of the study indicate that most of the surveyed users using 3$pedia.com as comparisons
%#.-'() from the list of top 1# online travel website. The top 1# online travel website include
4ooking.com %&-.!!(), 5ahoo.com1travel%1&.+&(), Tripadvisor.com%1&.+&(), 6otel.com%&&.&&(),
Travelocity.com%-.'#(), 7ayak.com%11.+*(), 6otwire.com%11.+*(), 8riceline.com%&.-!(),
9rbit..com%11.+*(), :heap9,ir.com%1.-*() and :heapTickets%1+.*(). '!.'( of responses are in
top 1# online travel website. They do not like to use the website that they never heard before.
,ccordingly, they mostly start comparing the price from online travel website in advance to have a plan
of trip before they become highly involved.
,lmost ninety percent of online travel user have booked hotel online %'+.(). 3ven personali.ed tour
service %*".!-() and Travel insurance %*.1!() services are more often booked than ,irline
ti$%"&.-() though online travel website. , majority uses also would like to get other services though
online travel website, which include :ar rental %&."*(), 8ackage tour%".!"(), Travel ,ssistance
1,irport handing%"&.-() ;espondents fre<uently also use =isa ,rrangements online which pretty high
up to *#.-'(. :ruise %&!.() and >9;3? service %1!.'!() is not always provided on the travel
website, and also there is more detail provided from travel agent face to face.
Study Goals and Objectives
Key objectives
The total of ! respondents who had previously agreed to participate in a research panel was surveyed
in @ay !#1" toA
• 3$amine the role and impact of travel in the trip planning and process.
• 0dentify factors which influence customer/s decision make.
• 0nvestigate the difference of occupation on trip reason.
• 0dentify motivations and barriers to booking travelling services online.
Key research questions
• Bho share travel-related content online which has been created and posted important
• Bho usually organi.e your travel arrangementsC
• Bhat kind of services they are focusing when they booking travelling services onlineC
• Bhich online travel agency usually compare with and what are most concerned
• Do you typically purchase your plane tickets directly from an airline, through an online
travel websiteC
• 6ave you ever visited1used the services from a travel agent/s online siteC
Euestions related to general travel e$perience1planning style, perceptions, use and
impact of online travel websites, motivations and barriers to use online travel website,
and occupation information were included. Euestions were asked with respect to
respondents/ behaviour and were worded to include only those travel reviews posted
online by other travellers %as opposed to e$pert opinions).
The survey was administered during a ! week period between @ay &1
and @ay 11
The respondents were from social media panel. The panel includes >acebook, Twitter,
and Bechat users mostly from the :anada but also including users from other countries
as United 2tates, the U7 and :hina. To avoid sampling error, The students who is going
to be the focus group which is the largest group did this survey, so that the occupation is
re<uired on the first <uestion, and any other works professional, e$ecutive1managerial,
salesperson1buyer, secretary1clerk, teacher1professor, travel industry, homemaker and
retired are e$cluded from the panel. , total of !""! potential respondents view the
2urvey re<uest on the social media, only ! %!.1&() participated in this survey.
, web-based survey at 2urveymonkey.com that included - <uestions was
administered. Bhich were conducted with " group mates to test the survey
<uestionnaire and designC 3ncourage friends, classmates to repost link of survey in the
social media, making sure it has at least "# respondents participate in this survey.
1. Bhich category below includes your 9ccupationC
!. >or classification purposes are youC
&. Bho usually organi.e your travel arrangementsC
". Do you typically purchase your plane tickets directly from an airline, through an online travel
. 6ave you ever visited1used the services from a travel agent/s online siteC
*. Bhich 9nline Travel 2ites :omparisons you used beforeC
+. Do you typically fly for business, vacation, or some other reasonC
'. what kind of service you have used before though 9nline Travel 2iteC
-. Bhat are your biggest concerns about purchasing products1services from a travel agent onlineC
SurveyMonkey UR
Sam!le descri!tion
There were more female respondents %&.'() who completed the survey than male respondents.
The largest group of respondents was 2tudent %+1.1().
, majority of respondents reported they usually organi.e their travel arrangement by themselves.
, majority of respondents have skilled using internet and visit the travel agentHs website %-'.#+(), only
one person skip this <uestion.
@ost of people have compare the online travel website before for they travelling services %-'.#+(),
only one person skip this <uestion.
+*.-!( of respondent typically fly for vacation1holiday1leisure.
, majority of respondents have used hotel booking service though online travel website %'+.#().
8rice %&.+!(), services %&#.-(), and money transfer security %&&.&&() are biggest concerns about
purchasing products1service from a travel agent online.
Sam!ling Method
,ccording the high percentage of student as occupation do this survey may impact the result of this
survey, so the focus group should be students who using the online travel website. 2o that this project
sampling method is convenience sa!"in# $n%e& non'!&o(a(i"is)ic sa!"in# e)ho%s, because we
do not have enough time to focus typical group, it will spend more time and money to get the result of
survey. ,nd also our sampling frame is people who use the online travel website, from the total
population, there are most of people have skilled using internet and visit the travel agentHs website,

which is great that there is no sampling frame error in this project. ,ccording the first of <uestion, it
shows +1.1( of student are in this sample, that can help me to target the group of student and figured
out the planned sample should be students, which will helps to avoid the random sample error, and also
some of student did not response well from this project survey, after delete those non-responded survey,
then the student is the actual sample, which is around &+ samples.
"ey survey #ndings
1* +a"e s)$%en)s !&e,e& ($- ai& )ic.e) %i&ec)"- ,&o ai&"ine/ howeve& ,ea"e s)$%en) wo$"%
"i.e )o ($- ai& )ic.e) ,&o on"ine )&ave" we(si)e*
The chart blow shows high percentage of male students would like to buy the air tickets directly
from airline%''.-'(), which is to almost -#(. 6owever, female student seems prefer to buy the air
tickets though an online travel website%+(), and same percentage of male and female would like to
buy the air tickets though an agent%#().

2* The !e&cen)a#e o, ,ea"e s)$%en)s who o&#ani0es )hei& )&ave" a&&an#een)s (- )hese"ves
is hi#he& )han a"e/ an% a"e s)$%en)s o&#ani0es )hei& )&ave" a&&an#een)s )ho$#h )hei&
,ai"- which is "owe& )han ,ea"e s)$%en)s*
>rom the chart below, the survey shows male student %"".""() organi.e their travel arrangement by
themselves is lower than female%.*(). ,nd also male students%*#() organi.es their travel
arrangements though their family members which is higher than female students%"#(). 6owever, none
of them organi.es their travel arrangements though their secretary.

1* +os) o, s)$%en)s even wo$"% "i.e )o ($- ai& !"ane )ic.e) ,&o )&ave" a#en)/ ($) os) o,
)he visi)e% on"ine )&ave" we(si)e (e,o&e*
>rom the research of survey, the data shows that most of students bought air tickets though an agent
and also they also visit the online agent website%**.*+(). Bhich means they are potential consumer
who would like to buy air tickets though online agent, may be there are some reasons which stop them
to buy air tickets though online agent, the ne$t key finding will provide more details of this
e$planations. The highest number of students they bought air tickets though online travel agency.
4* The (i##es) conce&ns a(o$) !$&chasin# !&o%$c)s2se&vices ,&o )&ave" a#en) on"ine is P&ice/
+one- sec$&i)- an% Se&vice*
,ccording the open-end <uestions, the result of from "' respondents, which " skipped this <uestion.
The price, money security and service are most concerned. The chart shows blow.
3once&ns N$(e& !e&cen)a#e
8rice 1 !'.'(
@oney security 1" !*.-!(
2ervices 1& !.##(
@isunderstanding * 11."(
2kipped " +.*-(
Total ! 1##.##(
Research limitations
 Gack of personal contact may cause the low response rate, they survey of topic is very important to
encourage population join this survey.
 @isunderstanding of the open-ending <uestions, some of the <uestion will be misunderstanding
because of the language barrier.
 Gack of survey technics, online survey is less focus and no interaction with respondents, which will
cause loss the important information.
On S$&ve- E&&o&
 2ystematic sampling error- During this survey, the sample si.e is too small, the result of survey
may not completely true.
 ;andom sampling error- The most of the respondents are investigator/s friends, they may have the
same behaviour and same culture background which will impact the result of the survey.
 Non-response error I 0t is the online survey from the people who use the laptop, and also it is so
hard to get the data from people who is non-computer user.
$ns%er Questions&
Ass$e )ha) -o$& sa!"e was a &an%o sa!"e/ an% ca"c$"a)e -o$& s$&ve- con,i%ence in)e&va"
(ase% on 456 con,i%ence "eve"
0n this survey, which need to find that the population of the people who will use the online agency
website, but the population of this survey is huge, everyone will use the online agency website, because
the number of people of hard to measure %no entry). The percentage of my sample 0 put is #(, which
is error is pretty high. The sample si.e 0 got is ! samples. >inally get the result is 11*76 o,
con,i%ence in)e&va"*
Ass$e )ha) -o$ wi"" %o ano)he& s$&ve- wi)h (i##e&/ &an%o sa!"e8 ca"c$"a)e )he nee%e% sa!"e
si0e wi)h 16 con,i%ence in)e&va" (ase% on 446 con,i%ence "eve"*
>or calculating the determine sample si.e, the confidence interval is &(, and also the population is hard
to measure %no entry), and also the confidence level should be -(, after the calculation, 0 found that
the sample si.e better get at least 1079, to make sure that error is getting lower.
,ccording the online travel website survey research, it shows that many funny facts that motivated by
the price, money security and service. 9f course the price is most element that motivate people to book
travelling services online. ,nd also high <uality services and good reputation of online traveller
website will attract more people to using their services. 0n this market, there is big opportunity that
more female students to organi.e the travel arrangements, especially for online travel websites, which
should focus on female marketing area. This survey provided lots of detailed information and also very
helpful marketer to make strategy decision on online travel websites. 3ven there are some error e$isting
in this survey, but it is a good practise to show the information which important on decision making.