Pregnancy comes as a surprise to some women. For
others, it is a result of much planning and waiting. If you
and your spouse are ready for the pattering of little feet
around your house, here’s what you should know before
trying to conceive.
Stop the pill
If you have been using contraceptives in the form of
injections or pills, now is the time to stop using them. et
your periods regulari!e so you can keep track of your
cycles. "esearch also suggests that use of lubricants act
as barriers to sperms and so, use of lubricants should be
#now your body
It helps to know what happens during conception and
how a pregnancy advances. Prior to that, observe and
time your menstrual cycles and $gure out when you
ovulate. %his is very essential as you stand a chance of
conceiving only when the egg is still in your reproductive
system. &ou will $nd several online tools to help you
calculate your ovulation period or your most fertile
'lso remember that you have just a () percent chance of
getting pregnant each month. *o don’t be alarmed if you
did not get pregnant in your $rst attempt. "egular se+ual
intercourse speci$cally during the fertile period is
important. ,owever, if you have been trying for more
than a year -or . months for women over /0 year1, it
might be time you met a fertility specialist.
2isit a gynaecologist
&ou don’t necessarily need to wait to get pregnant, in
order to meet a gynaecologist. It is recommended that
you schedule your $rst appointment as soon as you
decide you want to have a baby. &ou can discuss your
fears, apprehensions, medical history, and nutritional
habits with your doctor. ' gynaecologist might put you on
multivitamins and folic acid supplements couple of
months in advance.
It is also advisable to get a dental check3up done before
you get pregnant. *ome dental complications cannot be
treated e4ectively during pregnancy and are linked to
pre3term birth and underweight babies.
5at healthy and e+ercise
&ou could also book an appointment with a nutritionist
who can inform you the recommended daily nutrition
needs based on your lifestyle and diet preferences. If you
are underweight or overweight, it is advisable to get to a
healthy weight before pregnancy. 'lso note that
underweight6overweight women can have irregular
ovulation, which can delay pregnancy.
7uit smoking and drinking
If you are a heavy drinker and smoker, you will have to
cut down on it and eventually, stop completely. %hese
habits have a very negative impact on reproductive
health including ovulation and pregnancy. %alk to your
physician about how you can 8uit smoking and drinking.
Most women get pregnant without much problem but if
you follow the above tips, you can be assured that you
are on the right track.
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