Transformation of Betty Ch 15

From the beginning of my series, I learned that countless husbands have either shared their wives or
dreaming about it. And while they may not be as much as a married couple who would like to have
other men fuck, a significant percentage of women dream about being shared, trained as a
submissive and allowed to act like sluts. I have no idea how representative it is my correspondence
with husbands and wives, but he progressed so far in depicting the sexual transformation of my wife,
it may be useful for some spouses who have not yet succeeded with their wives exposed, training,
and fucked if I track down a few things with more introspective view, especially early steps took me
when trying to realize their sexual fantasies.
It all started a few decades ago, when there was no internet. One could read the letters in various
sex magazines allegedly written by husbands who share their wives or wives claiming whores. A one
heard of swing clubs and key parties, where couples exchange partners for one night. But it was
impossible to say whether the letters were genuine and had no direct contact with someone familiar
with hinged clubs. So I had little idea how common the imagination with one's wife in the ass with
other men.
The reader may ask why I had this fantasy. Was there anything in particular about our marriage, my
wife or me to explain what I wanted my wife sexually? To be honest, I have no explanation. It was
just something I created in my head soon after our marriage and left me with an ongoing
commitment to be realized. I guess I could say that just as some people prefer chocolate ice cream
on strawberry crème, I prefer a woman who was a whore, that whoever was prim and proper.
Even today, decades after he first shared it, I have no explanation why it is not jealousy, but rather
extreme excitement that I felt at the idea that he has seen or knows that another man's penis was
ravaging my pussy or ass sweet woman . However, I should make one thing clear here: my fantasy
excitement only to the extent that I could introduce her to react like a complete unashamed,
uninhibited slut. I wanted to lose all control, and realistic or not, to experience orgasm intensity and
duration that exceeded everything I could have experienced in the past, including me. I did not then
dream about my wife forced tears of shame running down her cheeks, and take pleasure taps
different men. It was kind of sado-masochistic experience that I dreamed about Rather, fantasy
appeal only to the extent that it received so much sexual satisfaction from being fucked as I
imagined it could get.
However, regardless of its genesis, fantasy remained quite vague and lacking in detail. It consisted
only imagine the expressions of joy on my wife's face as she knelt down and took someone's penis in
one hole or another. The one who fucked her was anonymous and physical description. I had no
clear idea where he is fucked - our house, motel, or anything else. A completely absent were any
specifics about the events that led to her seduction or what happened after. At least initially, then,
fantasy was completely divorced from reality.
The lack of connection to reality, all the important questions remain unanswered, such as how it
affected our marriage, if it ever did agree to let anyone fuck her. How can become jealous watching
her cum like a different person penis slid in and out of her? How I really feel, when I saw her scream
to be fucked more and more deeply, or if one did bitch begging to get his cock in her ass and
swallow his sperm? I fear that they would prefer a different taps on mine? If you replied, as I
imagined that her shame she can not resist becoming a fuck toy to influence some unexpected and
undesirable way? What would you think of me, if I succeed basically whoring it up with someone?
Finally, the reality be as erotic as fantasy or erotic fantasy was just because it was vaguely
There were also practical obstacles to the sharing. Unlike spouses who share their wives with
friends or co-workers, I could not imagine anyone using it who I knew. Their introduction into
fantasy, and thus face the one who fucked her, the less attractive fantasy. And I just wanted to think
about the consequences of revealing your imagination to anyone I knew, for fear that it would simply
be regarded as perverse. Practical problems do not end. After she fucked a total stranger raised
concerns about her safety because i had a question illness was not one to be ignored. And if I could
identify any likely "candidates" as I approach it as I would like him to my wife a whore, and I would
never have the courage to initiate this conversation?
I had no answers to these and many similar questions. I did think it brought to organized adult swing
club and went so far as to check the telephone directory to see if such a thing exists, where we lived
(it did). But at least in the early years of our marriage, as we agree to go into such things had about
the same chance of success as the proverbial snowball in hell. I was not, in fact, that I wanted to
marry her himself, cold turkey without first become familiar with at least a few people I could meet
there. So fantasy seemed destined to remain just that. Still, I was not able to drive him out of my
mind, and so can not resist tempting fate in simple binding methods. Whenever possible, I tried to
move it in the direction of sexy dress that would otherwise dressed. When he took her to dinner, for
example, I encouraged her to wear those high heels in her wardrobe (which, by 3 inches or so, just
barely high enough). When shopping with her skirt or dress, drew my attention to short items on the
rack. If it passes through the display window of a clothing store, I saw something that was
particularly suggestive and sexy, I nudged her into the store to see what they have that might appeal
to her. It was not prudish about it. She knew how to dress prim and proper, but had no objection to
sex, even erotic, appealing to the eye. Nothing extreme, of course, but as long as skirts or dresses,
covered what had to be covered, and not to look like a whore, she considered herself under the right
These circumstances were generally quite limited: Dinner at a restaurant or occasional evening at
upscale club, which in dance. Right at the beginning, then I did what I could to take her to places
that in combination with a dinner dance, because it was easier to get her sexy dress then. And when
planning a vacation, I made sure we were in a hotel that, at least, have lounges where they would
feel dress more boldly than usual. Unfortunately, hotels, night clubs were a rarity, but when we were
lucky enough to stay in one, I made another effort at having her wear something she does not wear
anywhere else. It is true that if in the first year of our marriage was heavy fighting to dress her
nearly as erotic as I prefer. If the neckline of her dress took "too low", she refuses to wear it; when I
asked her to unbutton button once to her blouse, she tells me (smiling) I'm a pervert; and when I
pointed out how sexy it would look on a pair of 4 "or 5" heels, had to laugh and told me that he could
not walk in them.
However, let me discourage anyone from thinking that my wife was a prude. Although a virgin when
we met, she was hardly inhibited in the bedroom. Vanilla sex is okay, but did not object to
experimentation, which will soon be a part of took my cock in her ass and sucking me, when the
atmosphere filled her cunt. She taught me to love the doggy fuck while wearing leather corset, so I
could pull the laces as I fucked her, tightening a corset, until he left her gasping for breath in the
middle of a sequence of orgasms. On the occasion she submit that I clamped her tits, while our
preliminary survey of D / s began licking her ass and teasing her with a riding crop. She had no
objection, in addition to visiting sex shops with me if there is something out there that could further
spice up our sex life. So, in short the bag in our wardrobe offered a large inventory of toys ... the
vibrations of several types, both ball and ring gag her leather corset, various lotions, riding crop, a
pair of nipple clamps, small and medium-sized butt plug and string of anal beads.
This is my wife had a craving for D / s, at least in mild form, it soon became apparent when I bought
a leather hood with opening for mouth and nose. She loved being fucked solidly attached to the back
of the head, the muffled hearing, her sight completely removed. And then there was an inflatable
anal plug! I would like to push it up the ass, my penis has been buried in her cunt, then starts
pumping her. Initially she squirm a bit, then begins to beg, "nothing more," as I continued to brake.
But once I learned to ignore her pleas and pumped it up to its maximum size, she always leads to
crashing gut wrenching orgasm that will affect the drainage of my penis and sometimes an ounce of
seed. In fact, if there were more sexually adventurous than I had reason to expect when we first got
married it was with regard to the pleasure he got from anal sex. Not only glad that I insert my penis
into her ass, she was game to try any and all toys intended for this passage. Except perhaps its
extensible plug, her orgasms were never stronger than when I let her ride my cock as I slowly
shoved a large golf ball anal ball after another (5 in total, as I recall) in her tempting tight little
asshole .
No doubt there was not a man on this planet who would have thought that my sweet innocent petite
looking woman enjoyed sex in many different ways, it did. And it was here, in the context of their
taste for anal sex, that I first saw the opening on the feasibility of fantasies to share it. When I asked
her point blank one day why he enjoys cock in her ass and eagerly submitted each and any toys
designed for anal play answered without hesitation, "because it makes me feel so horny."
"Feeling Slutty cum harder does not it?" I asked.
"Yes, yes," she admitted shamelessly.
"So you would like to explore other ways to make you feel like a whore?"
"Within limits of course ... but yes, I would," she said.
I knew that I was "pushing the envelope" and then when I asked her, "Would you be a true bitch
sometimes?" but I could not resist heard her answer.
"What do you mean?" she said shyly.
"Would you like to be fucked by other men, possibly several at once?" I asked bluntly.
"Oh no ... I could never do that," she said. And then she added: "I could be a bitch to you."
That was not the answer I wanted, but it was what I expected. However, now I had the first word
signs that my wife is pleased to introduce itself as a slut, even if he has to fill that role for me. I took
her reaction, and then, as a call to "broaden their horizons." I started by making her wear her Butt
Plug almost every time we fucked, and quickly moved to leave it in her ass when we are finished.
And it was hardly a huge step to leave her tied tightly in her corset with plug firmly anchored in the
ass, and requires that it remains "dressed" as the next hour or so. The impetus for her to meet was
simple: he knew that when I watched him walk around the house bound tightly salaciously her
breasts pushed up and out, while the plug is firmly in her, she always experience different hard and
passionate fuck. And my wife has never been one to refuse a good hard fuck out of my penis.
It is true that even though it took me to build the courage to move things up a notch by asking her to
wear the plug when we went out to dinner or to one of the clubs we liked. Her first reaction to this
idea could be best described as lukewarm. It was not what you predicted when experimenting in the
bedroom. However, with minimal objection that acquiesced.
I remember well the first time she wore the plug out of the house. She puts him to simply answer yes
when asked if it was hid inside any effect it had on her when we had dinner, and I did not dare ask
how it felt afraid I think it was uncomfortable and wanted to it. My penis was rock hard all night, but
I had no idea how this is done for her, until we returned home. He immediately went into the
bedroom and discovered wearing a corset with a plug still in it. Far be it for me is that I could not
resist filling her pussy and then taking a full load of cum when bending over her shoulder on the sofa
in the living room. It is clear that the secret slut .. or at least secretly horny ... turned it. But more
interesting, so it warms our passion, that neither of us bothered to close the curtains on the windows
in the living room. It was unlikely that anyone would see us. They will have to walk up to the lawn of
our apartment building and look directly into the window to see nothing. But it was not impossible
either. I was certainly aware of this possibility and tried to cover up what we did by reducing light. I
also found that the replay will be fine soon.
To replay came the very next weekend, when once again agreed to wear a plug for dinner. This time,
when I chose one of the restaurants that had little room for dancing and successfully induced her
wearing one of her sexy dress ... short little number that clung to every delicious curve. It should
now be apparent that my wife enjoyed being secretly horny and loves to appear as something other
than a prim and proper housewives. This time, when I decided it openly admit that it brought
pleasure plug. So while he held her firmly on the dance floor, I asked her if she is looking forward to
plug in my ass. Without hesitation she replied "yes" and answered "yes" again when asked if it was
to keep her wet.
On this point, however, our role play was a closet, and I did not dare to cross in any explicit way. But
clearly replay of the previous weekend was fine, and before we left our apartment, I opened the
curtains on the windows in the living room. And indeed, as soon as we returned from dinner, I led
her to the sofa, pushed it forward over his shoulder, unzipped his pants and slid my cock into her
pussy while pressing my groin on her butt to push the plug deeper into her. This time I positioned
her to look out the living room window, make sure that he knew that the curtains were closed.
"It excites you the secrets of a bitch, is not it?" I asked.
"Yes, yes," said the soft moans and groans from the approaching orgasm.
"And what if someone look in the window and watch her being fucked?"
I took special note of the fact that instead of asking me to close the curtains, "Oh God," was her only
"It would be up to you to see someone watching me fuck you?"
Her inhibitions still forbidden clear answer: "I ... I'd be so embarrassed."
Pressing my penis harder into her, demanded I answer, "it would be up to you, bitch?"
Although this was the first time I called her a whore in the cold light of day, I would definitely
hesitated to use the word. But inhibitions disappear in the heat of passion ... and not only for me but
for her as well as found the answer. "Yesssssss"
No one has ever looked into the window if I know, but that's irrelevant. My wife revealed a hidden
naughty side by side. I could not be sure it would run out of room, embarrassed if he saw someone at
the window, but I also could not exclude the possibility that played like a total slut. And when it was
all a far cry agree that someone fuck, evidence building that wants to be something other than
vanilla sex prim and proper woman.
I must add, though, that one disadvantage retelling of events, now through the medium of the
written story is that things seems to have occurred at a faster pace than actually happened. And that
will focus exclusively on the sexual part of our relationship, a false impression, that sex and my
imagination represents a larger share of our relationship than they do. In fact, events develop slowly
over several months and then years. In addition, our time was spent sex or me constantly explored
the limits of their desires. More often than not sex take a backseat to everything, and our
relationship and emotional bond was perfectly normal for a young married couple. It would also be a
mistake to me to convey the impression that my wife was a whore in the bedroom when it came to
sex. She also likes to be cuddled, kissed her tenderly, and love the soft ways so that you feel
confident about my devotion.
But it would also be disingenuous of me to say that ideas about sex and playing out fantasies in my
mind, he disappeared for a long time. Well, it did not take me long to decide that the next step in our
evolving sexual lifestyle should focus on their evident excitement from being displayed. So jumping
around pages telephone directory, which could enumerate adult swing clubs, I was looking for a
place for shops that sell specifically slutty clothes. Again, when I was cautious in its approach. He
took her shopping in the vicinity of one such trade and act as if it was just an idea, I suggested that
we go and explore what sells.
At first, we laughed and giggled at some of the more outrageous items and I was careful to design
something that was too extreme. But I finally found the ultra short dress with flair hem and neckline
almost to her waist and told her I thought it would look great in it.
"Do you really want me to wear something like that?" was her first reaction.
At the time I did not fully understand the full meaning of her question and simply said, "let's look at
how you look at it." What I later learned was that I had to take responsibility for being seen wearing
a possibly people think that is a slut or whore. This theme continued throughout most of the early
stages of her sexual transformation and I understood that a fair share of women would like to be a
bitch, but only if they were not required to take any responsibility for that one. They want no part of
the planning and prefer to think that the realization of their fantasies in error or unplanned way. If
seduce someone, it should be because they were put in a position of being able to resist its innate
sexual needs; if you let someone other than her husband's penis slide into them, it was because the
erotic intensity of the moment temporarily rendered them completely unable to resist natural
impulses; if they should be shared, they would prefer to be involved in planning; in the case of
another man's penis led to a succession of unimaginable orgasms, it was only because nature
designed to easily cum; and if they became whores, it was only because it was only what their
husbands wanted them.
So my question a woman wearing a dress was just a way to say "if something happens, and if people
think I'm a bitch, it's your fault." This is, of course, was the responsibility I was totally willing to
In any case, choosing the dress that put her in full glory also take several supplements, chief among
them is a pair of fuck-me heels. Up to this point my wife had never had heels that exceed 3 inches.
But in this same store I drew attention to a pair of 6 inches platforms. Despite the comment that "I
do not think I can walk in them," said an official of a few of its size. I succeeded, moreover, that her
try them on, while still modeling the dress I chose, and I have to admit, offered her view, was
certainly erotic, if not pornographic. On the 25th, she had to marry a stripper character. Backless
dress is provocatively displayed her firm boobs without a bra 34B and only covered her nipples so
that constantly threatened to expose. Weight no more than 105 at the time, boots stretched her legs
invitingly close to the face of her ass, which was covered, but an inch or two of spare rim, which was
more suitable for a waitress than women who were not a whore.