Brochure Mobile


This mobile application (together with all Services,
“Brochure App”) is provided by Pariksha Labs. The
Brochure App allows users to access and use content and
services related to our client and their products/services,
which may include audiovisual content, images, text, data
and other similar content and services.


App Overview

The Brochure App may contain areas through which you are able to post information and materials,
including without limitation text, images, photographs, graphics, music, videos, audiovisual works,
data, information, files, links and other materials.

Competitive pressures and socio-economic diversity have created an environment to provide a
personalized, reachable and ubiquitous access to product information to enhance customer reach,
service quality and operational efficiency. The clients are now exploring new channels to market
their products/services and also create a technology platform to reduce the load on sales team. Till
now our client’s sales team members relied on paper-based catalogs to provide information to
consumers/retailers during their visit.

Business Requirements

Now days every client wants to implement an In-Store Catalog System for their sales force and consumers
across all their stores. Some of the key objectives were:-

 Ensure wider reach to customer base and target through new channels of sales and marketing.

 Enable sales force with real-time update of product information.

 Reduce overhead costs by eliminating printing and shipping expenses.

 Analyze and assess customer preferences and behavior on products showcased.

Challenges and Our Approach

ParikshaLabs evaluated the challenges and recommends our clients to implement
iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows based sales catalog solution to allow both consumers and sales team to
access product information at anytime from anywhere.

Since the application is going to be also used by consumers, it is important to secure the application by user-
type (role), ensuring that only corresponding content for the respective user-type is published. This
application is also expected to be client’s first attempt in creating a new marketing channel to reach
consumers. Therefore, it is critical to customize the user-interface to match the overall theme.The client may
need three different types of media content to be included in the app pictures, product catalog in PDF format,
and videos without any degradation in the speed and response time of the app.

Considering the above challenges, ParikshaLabs proposes to build an exclusively branded and fully tailored
end-to-end mobile sales catalog system. ParikshaLabs assesses a wide range of industry specific pre-built
components to accelerate the pace of development and delivers ad-hoc versions
as early as three weeks from the start of development life cycle. As part of the solution, ParikshaLabs will build
a backend CMS system through which the content will be uploaded and will be published to the devices. This
platform will help the client to centrally manage and control all
product catalog information.

Solution Overview

ParikshaLabs designed, developed and deployed an iPad/iPhone/Android/Window based Product Catalog
Solution that enabled the sales team and consumers to access all product related information from one place.

Backend CMS system
WI-FI/3G creates a platform to centrally

manage all product catalog

and content information with

CRM Statistical analysis






 The solution consists of a content management server that contains product information in
rich media format, which can be managed centrally by the IT/Marketing groups of the

 The solution will enable the client team to publish rich media content like videos, PDF files,
and images to the sales team and consumer. The solution has many sub-categories that
defines thetheme and business of the client, thus maintaining a correlation for the sales
team and consumers. Users are notified when a new content is uploaded in the backend
through a push-notification message.

 The app is provided an option to view catalog information that was already downloaded in
case sales representatives were not in any Wi-Fi/3G zone.

 Social media tools such as Facebook and Emailing are also integrated to allow users to share
product information with their friends, colleagues and customers.

 The solution supports interactive features like rotating heart that symbolizes the logo of the
heart with a notification number to indicate the number of items (content) yet to be
viewed/ downloaded. The app also created new ways to market new products showcasing
the same whenever the user logs into the app by advertising as‘product of the week’ or
‘product for a cause’ or ‘holiday season special’.

 The development of the backend CMS adds a significant advantage to the client team as it
not only creates a system for sending content to the front-end system, but it also creates a
platform to centrally manage and control all the product catalog data. The CRM analytics
provided very vital information like number of times a product has been viewed, behavior
and likeness of product with respect to location.

This solution is beneficial to client's various teams - sales, marketing, product design and their

The following results will be achieved for the client:

 Customized UI which is enriching, user friendly, focused on usability. This will drive
consumer to use the application more frequently, leading to higher store visits and
subsequent purchases.
 Will improve training effectiveness of employees located across and with multiple
processes to adhere to.
 Will enhance sales force efficiency. Rich media content will help sales force to convey the
right product message to consumers.
 Better analysis of consumer behavior. Integrated analytic tools with backend CMS will help
to analyze consumer preferences and behavior towards products.
 Reduce cost with no wastage of paper and no recurring license fees required.