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What is Solar Workshop Drive ?

• It is created to establish the fundamental concepts required to harness
the energy of sun in many different ways.
• The major focus is on the small level applications which the students can
learn, make and use during the sessions and afterwards.
• Our course structure is uniquely designed to fulfill needs of particular
audience: students and college graduates.
free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
Why is it needed ?

• To bridge the gap that exists between theoretical knowledge and
practical implementation of solar energy applications.
• Encouraging the young minds to adopt solar energy as the next
technological break through.
• Motivating them to learn and develop new and innovative applications
of solar energy that can replace the conventional sources in future.

free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
Course structure

• Basics of solar energy & its applications. This includes types of solar cells,
different ways to harness solar energy, advantages and disadvantages
of solar energy, developments in the recent times and introduction to
some simple and easy to use applications.
• A practical session where each & every student will make a solar
powered mobile phone charging device as a part of the course. This
practical session will make sure that the theory is well absorbed and
students are able to experiment with solar energy further.
• Live demonstration of solar home lighting system during the session.

free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
• Various renewable energy sources and types of systems
• Types of solar cells and their efficiencies
• Sizing of solar panels for different applications
• Perform power and energy calculations
• Basics of low power DC - DC converters
• Concepts of battery charging using solar energy
• Design & analysis of solar mobile phone charging device
• Development of solar mobile phone charging device

free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
Other Details

• CERTIFICATION: Every student will receive
a certificate of appreciation on
completion of our workshop. This will
certify that you have learned the basics of
solar energy and are qualified to
experiment on low power applications.
• TRAINING TYPE: In person
• TRAINING DURATION: 6 hours – 8 hours

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Finance, Solar Workshop Drive

free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
Prof. Kumar Krishen
Chief Scientist
free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
Some words from Prof. Kumar Krishen
The objective of our efforts is to develop unique & highly efficient
innovative designs for numerous applications and engage a
manufacturing company for mass production for entire India. We have
chosen a two pronged approach to identify these designs for
production. We develop prototypes and deploy these to needy families
free to get feedback regarding the satisfaction of their need. With this
genuine feedback we are modifying the prototype design to get to the
final production design.
We are unconditionally dedicated to the cause of making wide spread
use of solar power in India economically viable. That is our challenge
and that is our Karma!
free Spirits Green Labs (P) Ltd.
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