Move with the Times

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Area of distribution:
Nepal, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Gulf,
UK, USA, Malaysia, Middle East, Europe etc.
Languages Nepali
Size 26.5 x 19 cm
Cover paper Art Paper 110 gsm.
Inside paper LWC 60 gsm.
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Advertisement rates
Cover NPR
Double Cover 180,000
Outside Back Cover 85,000
Inside Front Cover 65,000
Inside Back Cover 65,000
Centre Spread 95,000
Double Spread 80,000
Full page (First Page) 60,000
Full Page (Content Page) 58,000
Full Page 55,000
2/3rd Page 40,000
1/2 Page 30,000
1/3rd Page 20,000
1/4th Page/Horizontal Strip 15,500
1/6th Page 9,000
Advertisement rates
Per cc NRs. INR. $
Ear Panel 1200 1200 30
Front Page 1000 1000 25
Third Page 600 600 18
Inside Page 500 500 15
Back Page 800 800 20
B/WRate 400 400 Inside page only
Classifed Section Rs. 50 per word
Jacket Cover Rs. 500,000
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Nepali Times is a premiumclass English-language
weekly newspaper that has made a name for itself
by its international standard content, superb
design style, production quality and a focus on
Nepal that is both in-depth and extensive.
The newspaper comes out every Friday morning
and is read by over 30,000 people in hardcopy
and more than 270,000 visitors every week to its
popular online edition,
Nepali Times has come to be known for its expert
analysis, in-depth reporting and human interest
stories on rural development, travel, culture, a
roundup of the Nepali language press as well as
a popular backpage satire column.
Popular with younger readers is the special
8-page pullout section called ‘Buzz’ that features
happenings around town, lighter articles, profles,
interviews, restaurant and gadget reviews,
movie updates and a health section. The Buzz
section has created a new buzz among readers
Language English
Size 29 x 45cm
Paper Grapho bright crystal
Frequency of publication:
Weekly (Every Friday)
30,000 copies per issue
Frequency of publication:
Every sunday
Circulation: 85,000 copies per Issue
Advertisement rates for India:
Full page INR. 55,000
Half page INR. 30,000
Half double spread
Non bleed 34x11.5cm
Quarter Page
1/4 Page
2/3 Page
1/2 Page
1/3 Page
Centre spread
Bleed 26.5 x 37.4cm
Full page
bleed 18.5x26.5cm
Non bleed
Column Sizes:
1 Col. - 5 cm
2 Col. - 10.5 cm
3 Col. - 16 cm
4 Col - 21.5 cm
5 Col - 27.5 cm
Full page
5col x 40cm
27.5 X 40 cm
Half page
2.5 col x 40cm
13.5 x 40cm
Quarter Page
5col x 12cm
27.5 x 12cm
Horizontal Strip
5 col x 7cm
27.5 x 7cm
Quarter Page
3 col x 20cm
16 x 20cm
Half Page
5col x 20cm
27.5 X 20 cm
Top 1.5
Bottom 1.5
Inside 1.0
Outside 1.5
Printable Area 27.5x40cm
and advertising partners and complements
the paper’s serious political and economic
All the content of Nepali Times appears on the
paper’s popular and high-profle online edition.
With a ‘digital frst’ policy,
has become a trusted must-read for an up-
market English readership in Nepal, the Nepali
Diaspora and also for a worldwide reader base
of people interested in Nepal.
Nepali Times also partners with the Hong Kong-
based Asian business newspaper, China Daily.
All subscribers of Nepali Times get a free copy
of China Daily’s 32-page syndicated tabloid
newspaper with its unique focus on global
politics, business, trade and culture from an
Asian perspective.
We value your partnership with Nepali Times
look forward to building a democratic and
prosperous future for Nepal.
For the past Fi fteen years, Hi mal
Khabarpatrika has relentlessly supported
the cause of prosperity, rule of law and
democracy in Nepal. It is today Nepal’s
largest circulating weekly newsmagazine
with a loyal readership of over 700,000
online and 85,000 copies print run every
Hi mal Khabarpatri ka’s worl d-cl ass
journalism with fearless investigative
reporting, its coverage of Nepal’s society
in transition, culture and entertainment
have become a model for the media. Its
credibility and agenda-setting role for
policy reform is undisputed.
Initsnewweeklyavatar, Himal Khabarpatrika
has continued its independent and
responsible newsmagazine production,
adding a more lively design and modern
format. The new look and voice of the
magazine refects its new readership
which is composed increasingly of youth
and women. The redesigned magazine
now has new sections on technology,
busi ness, travel , gl amour, sports,
health, economy and an expanded
entertainment section with reviews and
Himal Khabarpatrika is published by
Himalmdia Pvt Ltd which also brings
out the prestigious sister-publication,
Nepali Times. Both periodicals are highly
regarded by readers and advertiers.
They uphold the principle that Nepal’s
future prosperity and growth is only
possible throughinclusive democracy, an
independent press and the rule of law.
Accepted Format:
Special Consideration:
Ear-pannel banner should be GIF with Transparent background.
Advertisement rates
Max Size Placement Display Options Rate
260x54px Top Head Home page 40,000/per month
1000x150px Medium Rectangle Home page 30,000/per month
260x347px Right side Home page 15,000/per month
260x150px Right side Home page 8,000/per month
Category display is for displaying advertisement in all news
of that category and category page. Categories-Political
Affairs, Business & Economy, Editorial & Option, Social
Affairs, international, Interview, Lifestyle & Entertainment,
National Sports & Latest News.
Marketing display is for displaying advertisements in pages
of Market.
Market Pages: Job, Cl assi fi ed Adv. , Forex, Stock,
Bullion, Commodity, Car/Vehicle, Cinema and Sale
( and
One box ad displayed for 6 second.
Ten Ad can be display for one box.
All ad displayed in main page only, but it has more option to
display in catagories page as well as link page in minimum
price also.
www. hi mal medi a. com www. hi mal khabar. com www. nepal i t i mes. com
Area of distribution:
Nepal, India, South Asia, Hong Kong,
Japan, Australia, Gulf, UK, USA, Europe etc.
www. hi mal medi a. com www. hi mal khabar. com www. nepal i t i mes. com
Himalmedia publications and its online presence have
become important sources of information and analysis for
hundreds of thousands of Nepalis in Nepal and overseas.
They are also a window on Nepal and neighboring
countries for expatriates, diplomats and the development
community. Academics, analysts and policy makers in
the region and around the globe rely on Himalmedia for
cutting-edge world class journalism.
Himalmedia publications offer a powerful platform for
advertisers, and are the preferred medium for reaching
out to a broad spectrum of quality clients.
Patandhoka, Lalitpur, GPO Box: 7251, Kathmandu
Tel: 977-1-5005601-07 | Fax: 977-1-5005518
Advertising: | Subscription :
Website : / /
Himalmedia Pvt Ltd specifcation, otherwise quality
or reproduction cannot be guaranteed.
7. For frequent advertisements, if materials instructions are
not reserves the right to repeat the materials last used.
Late delivery of material after the material deadline may
incur for feature of the space booked, and the advertiser
shall be liable to pay for the booked advertisement space
at the booked rate.
8. All types of images must be included within the
appropriate non bleed size. In addition, double page
spread creative that is not reserved for the center spread
position should not have type and other important
images close to the centerfold. The advertiser should use
his own judgement according to the creative.
9. Advertisement materials must conform to Himalmedia
Pvt Ltd’s specifcation, otherwise quality or reproduction
cannot be guaranteed.
10. Changes pertaining to any aspect of the advertisement
must be made in writing to the Marketing Department
of Himalmedia Pvt. Ltd, at least one week prior to the
cover date, otherwise Himalmedia Pvt Ltd. reserves the
right to insert; the most appropriate copy or rejected the
charge outright.
11. Cancellation of insertion will only be accepted if a
request for the same is made in writing to the Marketing
Department of Himalmedia Pvt. Ltd., at least 10 days prior
to the cover date for all Himalmedia publications.
12. If an advertiser unilaterally cancels the balance of an
advertisement contract, without approvement prior notice
he relinquishes the right to any discounts to which he
was entitle, and advertisement spaces booked by him
under the contract will have to be paid for by him to
Himamlmedia Pvt. Ltd. at the full rate.
14. These conditions and all other items of an advertisement
contract shall be governed and construed in accordance
with the legal provisions in Kingdomof Nepal. All disputes
are subject to the exclusive juridiction to the Ho’ble
District Court of Lalitpur only.
Conditions of Acceptance
1. All advertisements are accepted subject to Himalmedia
Pvt. Ltd.’s approval.
2. Himalmedia Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to omit or
suspend any advertisement at any time for good reason,
in which case no claimshall be made by the advertiser
for damages or breach of contract.
3. In consideration of the acceptance of an advertisement,
the advertisers shall indemnify and save Himalmedia
Pvt Ltd. harm against any expenses, liability or loss by
reason of any claimor action arising out of the creation
and publication of the advertisement.
4. All advertisement bookings are accepted on the
condition that Himalmedia Pvt Ltd. shall have no liability
for failure to execute accepted advertising orders
because of Government restrictions, acts of nature, fre,
strikes, riots, war, accidents or other occurrences beyond
the control of Himalmedia Pvt. Ltd. which prevents
Himalmedia Pvt. Ltd. from partially or completely
producing, publishing or distributing its publication in
5. All advertisement bookings accompanied by art work
or design in digital format must reach the Marketing
Department of Himalmedia Pvt. Ltd, on the following
a. Nepali Times: Every Wednesday
b. Himal Khabarpatrika: Every Wednesday Advertisement
insertions cannot be guaranteed in case of materials not
reaching by the closing date. The advertiser should
allowsuffcient shipping time for materials arriving from
out of station.
6. Technical requirement for materials:
a. Tiff images should be in 300 dpi for Nepali Times
and Himal Khabarpatrika. Preferred format:
Indesign, Coreldraw and Freehand (Original fle
with link fle)
b. Every design should be accompained by 100%
colour print out for perfect newsprint.
c. Adver ti sement materi al must conform to
Note: 13% VAT will be charged extra on all bills.