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Learning Log for
The Kite Runner
The Three Questions
Name: _________________________ Date: ______________ Bell: _______
Directions: Explain the way that the novel The Kite Runner answers the three essential
questions in The Three Questions as different points throughout the story.
Chapter(s) of The
Kite Runner
When is the best time
to do things?
Who is the most
important one?
What is the right
thing to do?
Literary Terms sed in The Kite Runner
Name: _________________________ Date: _______________ Bell: ______
Directions: Define the literary terms in the space provided and then read the quotes and
explain how they are an example of either figurative language or foreshadowing.
Figurative Language:
1. ahim !han told me "a#a had personally funded the entire pro$ect% paying for the
engineers% electricians% plum#ers% and la#orers% not to mention the city officials whose
&mutaches needed oiling.'(
). *t also said things * didn't +now% li+e that people called ,a-aras mice.eating% flat.
nosed% load.carrying don+eys.(
1. /od help us if 0fghanistan ever fell into their hands.(
). * popped another one 1grape2 in% unaware that it would #e the last #it of solid food that
* would eat for a long time.(
3. 4he next time * saw him smile una#ashedly li+e that was twenty.six years later% in a
faded 5olaroid photograph.(
4.chart for 6unni and 6hiite 7uslims
8ame: 999999999999999999999999 Date: 999999999999999 "ell: 9999999
Directions: :se the article to help you fill in the t.chart #elow. List the characteristics of
the two *slamic factions under their titles and then reflect on how they are different and
similar in the reflection section.
!"nni #"slims !hiite #"slims $eflection
The $oles We %lay
Name: _________________________ Date: _______________ Bell: ______
Directions: *n the space provided descri#e a time when you played each of the roles
listed #elow.
1. ;ictim.
). 5erpetrator.
3. "ystander.
<. ,ero.
&o"rnal 'ntry ()
0fter reading the Parable of the Good Samaritan% explain how this para#le relates to the
role activity that you completed earlier. ,ow does the para#le relate to 4he !ite unner
=what characters are playing what roles>?.
&o"rnal 'ntry (*
@rite a#out anything in popular culture that you thin+ relates to the themes% characters%
etc. in 4he !ite unner. =music% artwor+% movie clip% t.v. show clip?
&o"rnal 'ntry (+
,ow do you thin+ the lyrics of ,ero( relate to 4he !ite unner> "e specific.
!tations for The Kite Runner
6tation esponse