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Ivette D.

Simi Valley, CA 93065

Innovative, compassionate, and energetic registered and licensed Veterinary Technician with an
MBA, formal training in emergency and critical care, diverse experience and expertise in
Veterinary Medicine and the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries. Skilled at strategic
planning, leveraging technology, managing process, and building motivated productive Teams.
Possess excellent communication, leadership, analytical and problem solving skills with strong
focus on client and employee satisfaction. Fluent in Spanish.

In-depth knowledge of Research and Development in the Biotechnology and
Pharmaceutical Industries
Expert in animal study conduct under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
Superior knowledge of the Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Technology fields
Experienced with laboratory equipment and multiple animal species and techniques
Exceptional attention to detail, analytical and problem solving skills and verbal and written

Professional Experience
Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA 2000 - 2013

Research Operations Manager (2008-2013)
Coordinated, managed and tracked the Comparative Biology and Safety Science department
budgets, developed and implemented the creation of numerous business processes workflows
and provided training to existing personnel.

Achieved budget goals expense reduction and improved department budget tracking.
Realized multi-year budget goals.
Realized $1 Million savings in animal purchases and colony maintenance.
Created, implemented, and managed SharePoint page that streamlined contract
business processes.
Created and made available to Amgen employees, matrix related contract business
process work flows through the use of a SharePoint website.
Trained dozens of CBSS employees and Amgen external contractors on purchasing,
contracts, service agreements, record keeping, company guidelines, and management of
invoices ensuring backups for these operational processes/tasks.

Senior Associate Scientist (2005-2008)
Managed a group of 4 Toxicology in-vivo Associates, the in-house in-vivo Master Schedule, the
creation and tracking of in-house in-vivo study timelines, and the business process flow maps and

Ensured proper training and resource availability for hundreds of non-GLP Toxicology in-
house in-vivo studies.
Ensured compliance with protocol study conduct and timely creation of related
Ensured and improved process efficiency, which shortened time for many processes from
several weeks to several days.

Research Associate III (2003-2005)
Managed the Toxicology department Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Protocols, trained new and existing personnel on multiple animal techniques and planned and
performed survival surgeries for in-vivo Toxicology screening studies in rodents.

Ensured compliance of dozen of IACUC protocols as well as timely review of IACUC
protocols, amendments and renewals.
Ivette D. Nazario
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Created a training manual and trained dozens of new and existing personnel on rodent,
rabbit, and canine techniques.
Conducted dozens of survival surgeries using sub-cutaneous implantation of Alzet
Pumps in rodents.

Research Associate II (2000-2003)
Coordinated and managed Toxicology in-house in-vivo non GLP Pre-Clinical studies in multiple

Conducted hundreds of non-GLP Toxicology in-house in-vivo studies.
Managed hundreds of in-house in-vivo study protocols including related amendments.
Performed thousands of clinical procedures and hundreds of necropsies in rodents,
rabbits, and dogs.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Co., Ridgefield, CT 1994 - 2000

Scientist I, Pharmacokinetic and Drug Metabolism Department (1998-2000)
Scientist I, Tech. III, Tech. II, In-Life Laboratory, Toxicology Department (1994-1998)
Developed, managed and maintained the departments IACUC protocols, performed GLP in-vivo
studies in multiple species performed survival surgery, clinical procedures, administered
anesthesia, and performed euthanasia in multiple species.

Performed hundreds of successful surgeries for the collection of blood, lymph, and bile
from rodents as well as clinical procedures in non-human primates and dogs.
Ensured proper dosage of anesthetics and euthanasia.
Conducted hundreds of GLP Toxicology in-vivo studies in support of Research and
Development in multiple species including non-human primates and mini-pigs.
Administered hundreds of formulations to multiple species by multiple routes.
Implanted ECG as well as femoral blood pressure sensors on half a dozen Beagle dogs.

Education, Professional Development and Training

MBA Management and Organizational Behavior, California Lutheran University - Thousand Oaks
BS General Science, Post University - Waterbury, CT
AAS Veterinary Science Technology, State University of New York at Delhi
Proficient in Microsoft Office software
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Training
Emergency and critical care formal training including animal CPR
Project Management formal training

Licenses, Certifications, Memberships and Special Skills

Registered Veterinary Technician: CA Veterinary Medical Board, Dept. of Consumer Affairs;
License 10604
Licensed Veterinary Technician: The University of the State of NY; License 002608-1
Member of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)-Laboratory Animal
Technologist (LATG) Certified
Associate Member of the California Registered Veterinary Technician Association
Fluent in Spanish