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Are You Aware of All that Kabbalah Can Give You?
Now You Can Understand
What the Bible Is Really
Kabbalists, as previously mentioned,
research the Upper World, the world
beyond the perception of an ordinary
person. Hence, the depictions of
Kabbalists attainments relate to the
Upper World, but because we are not
aware of the existence of a spiritual
world besides our own, we ascribe their
words to our world, a phenomenon
called materialization.
When the Torah (Five Books of Moses)
was written, the people of Israel were at
a spiritual degree. But after two
thousand years of detachment from spirituality since the ruin of the Second Temple, the Torah stories seem to refer to
historic episodes or moral conduct.
Yet, this is not the case. Each element in the world is connected to the same element in all the other worlds by a root
and branch connection. Based on that principle, Kabbalists developed a language that relies on the parallelism
between the Upper Worlds and our own world. In it, processes unfolding in the spiritual world are described using
names of branches taken from our world.

Introducing the 4 Languages of Kabbalah
Kabbalists use four different languages to explain how we can reach the degree of the Creator and how we can draw
to ourselves the Correcting Force that will invert our nature from egoism to altruism. These languages are the
language of the Bible, the language of laws, the language of legends, and the language of Kabbalah.
In his essay, The Wisdom of Kabbalah and its Essence, Baal HaSulam wrote that there are four languages in the
wisdom of truth, and the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah is no different than the essence of the Bible. However,
the laws, the legends, and the language of Kabbalah are the most convenient and appropriate to use.
The difference among the languages is in their accuracy. The language of Kabbalah is more precise in depicting the
connection between the root in the Upper World and the branch in the lower world. The more accurately one
connects oneself to ones Upper Root, the greater Correcting Force one receives.

What Is the Best Kabbalah Book for People Living Today?
The language of Kabbalah applies to terms that do not exist in our world, such as worlds and Sefirot, charts and
formulae. This language makes it easier to avoid confusion and materialization, and facilitates a clear and ordered
approach to the study. The language of Kabbalah is essentially different from other languages because of the clear,
unequivocal way it describes the purpose of Creationthe similarity of the creature to the Creator, i.e. inversion of
egoism into altruism.
The chief Kabbalah textbook at present is Baal HaSulams six-volume Talmud Eser Sefirot(The Study of the Ten
Sefirot), based on the writings of the Ari. In just over 2,000 pages, Talmud Eser Sefirot expounds on the structure of
the Upper Worlds, accompanied by charts, glossaries, and tables of questions and answers for revision of the
material. In the introduction to the book, Baal HaSulam elaborates on the reasons for preferring the language of
Kabbalah to the other languages in our generation.
Today, humanity has come to the last phase in the evolution of the will to receive. This is why Baal HaSulam adapted
the method of the Ari to the structure of the souls in our generationto make it accessible for everyone.

Why Kabbalah Is Not a Religion
Many people mistakenly relate the wisdom of Kabbalah to the Jewish religion. In truth, Kabbalah and religion are
fundamentally different. The purpose of religion is to calm people down; it nurtures the hope that if I pray, the
Creators attitude toward me will change.
Kabbalah takes a very different approach: The root of the word prayer (Hebrew: Tefila) means sentencing, or
judging (Hebrew: Palal). In other words, one sentences oneself, examines the difference in quality between oneself
and the Creator, and asks to receive strength to correct ones own attributes.
The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the Creator is unchanging. His attitude toward His creatures is categorical
He is good and does good to both the good and the bad.
Everyone feels the constant pressure of the Upper Force according to his or her distance from It. When one is far
from the Upper Force, the pressure is heavy, and when one comes nearer to the Upper Force, the pressure eases.

How Kabbalah Changes a Persons Life for the Better
Although the Upper Force engages diverse means to draw us near It, Its purpose is always the sameto bring every
human being to perfection. If we want a change for the better, it is we who must change. We have to rise to a higher
level, and in each ascent we will feel ourselves closer to the Creator and our souls will be fulfilled and satisfied. There
is no other way to induce change in our lives.
All through history, humankind has been begging for a change that would come from the Upper Force, but change
has not come. The Upper Force waits for the change to come from us. Until we evolve through the wisdom of
Kabbalah, our paths will remain filled with affliction. Blows that push from behind compel us to find another place that
seems better. But it only takes a while for us to see that the new place is not as good as it first seemed. Thus, we
relocate and the scene repeats itself.
However, if we evolve through Kabbalah, our corrected state will project to the present state and illuminate it. With
this Light, we will know how to move forward. If we know the correct goal to begin with, we will be drawn to it gladly.
This is the difference between ordinary human evolution and evolution according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.
Today, the world is evolving unconsciously, without understanding the reasons for its existence. Humanity does not
know where it is being led and why every person is born, lives, and dies. The wisdom of Kabbalah opens our eyes
and guides us to the perfection and eternity that come with obtaining the Creators degree.

Now You Can Escape Suffering and Accelerate Your Spiritual Progress
When we begin to examine our position in reality using the wisdom of Kabbalah, we find that the Creators attitude
toward us is purposeful. It becomes evident that asking the Creator to change His attitude is pointless. If we move
forward with the help of the Light, our pace will exceed the sufferings and we will progress ever faster. This is the
whole benefit from the study of Kabbalah: accelerating spiritual progress to beat suffering.
Today, at the beginning of the 21
century, humanity is at the brink of a chasm: drug abuse is escalating, and despair
and the fear of total destruction will not leave humankind a choice but to flee the suffering that will goad us from
From all the above, we can clearly see that discovering that the Creators attitude toward us is purposeful is of
paramount importance. This attitude of the Creator enables us to turn to Him as to a fellow traveler and ask Him for
the help, wisdom, and strength to progress toward Him. Such a request is answered by the Creator instantaneously.
He will disclose the Upper Worlds, and teach us how to progress.
Just as we teach our children to use their surrounding reality wisely, so does the Creator teaches Kabbalists. He
reveals to them the spiritual worlds and admits them within these worlds. In this state, Kabbalists feel the Forces that
operate in reality and begin to independently and wisely participate in the process.

Why Kabbalah Is the Only Method that Gives a Person the Ability to Perceive Good
and Evil
The wisdom of Kabbalah shifts one from progressing through the negative force that pushes from behind, to easy and
rapid progress through the Positive Force that pulls from ahead. Kabbalah is unique in that it develops our ability to
recognize evil and acknowledge it. It develops subtle, keen insights of good and bad.
The difficulty in discerning good from evil is that the real evilour egoseems good to us. We are accustomed to
treating our egos as a means to evolve. In fact, our pleasures, our livelihoods, our very essence and our personal
selves are felt in our egos.
Kabbalah helps to discern what causes harm, how it can be mended, and allows us to progress in each phase of the
evolution. The difference between a highly evolved individual and a less evolved one lies in the ability to discern good
from bad.
We can compare this to a gauge. The smaller the unit the gauge measures, the higher the precision of the
instrument. The study of Kabbalah makes us increasingly sensitive to the discernment between spirituality and
corporeality, between bestowal and self-reception.
If a contemporary person has the opportunity to hear about Kabbalah and the possibilities it offers, such a person can
realize his or her purpose of creation: to rise through all the worlds up to Ein Sof while living in this physical world.
Are You Aware of All that Kabbalah Can Give You? is based on the
book, Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life by Dr. Michael Laitman.
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