... through Bertha Dudde
The doctrine of the soul's sleep....
The fact that you are illing to support !y Word" hich is sent to
you fro# a$o%e" gi%es !e reason to infor# you of an error you
ha%e ad%ocated up to no. &t concerns the doctrine of the sleep
of the soul" hich gi%es you a co#pletely rong idea a$out the
soul and its state hen it enters the spiritual 'ingdo#.
This doctrine is su$stantiated $y the assertion that there is no
#ention of an i##ortal soul anyhere in the (criptures.... hich"
hoe%er" can $e refuted ith the Words )Whosoe%er $elie%es in !e
ill ha%e eternal life....'
*nd sleep is a $rother of death.... thus so#eone asleep ill not $e
ali%e $ut dead" in the dar'ness of night he ill fall into the state of
death" conse+uently a life in eternity is out of the +uestion.
Those of you ho depart fro# earth ith this idea ill $e in dire
straits" for you really lac' all 'noledge and ill ta'e a long ti#e to
gain a gli##er of understanding. &n fact" you ill depart fro# this
earth in co#plete $lindness and ill recei%e only little light in the
$eyond" if you li%ed a life of lo%e on earth.
But until you let go of this misguided teaching you will not
know that you have died either" since you are still in the state
of self,aareness" hich is your consciousness of continued life.
-ou #erely $elie%e that you ere transported into different
surroundings $ut ill ne%er $e a$le to find rest.... the 'ind of rest
you associate ith the state of sleep. *nd so you ill still live $ut
not in a state of $eatitude" rather" you ill li%e in the confusion of
thought which corresponds to the teachings you advocated
on earth.
.%erything that e#erges fro# !e re#ains i##ortal for all eternity"
$ut it can enter the 'ingdo# of the $eyond in a state of death. *nd
all of you who spread this misguided teaching choose this
state of death.
-ou do not stri%e for the life that should $e your destiny hen you
enter the spiritual 'ingdo#. Because only this is the $eginning of
your life" pro%iding you li%e a life of lo%e and are a$le to let go of
this #isguided teaching.
&f you $elie%e in a )resurrection on the day of /udg#ent'" hen all
ho rest in their gra%es ill $e aa'ened" then it ill also $e your
fate not to co#e to life until you realise the foolishness of this
*nd your e0istence in the $eyond ill $e the same" you ill linger
in an eternal state of inacti%ity" in a state of sleep" or you ill find
yoursel%es in a orld you $elie%e to $e earth" hich you left a long
ti#e ago.
1articularly you hu#ans ho ad%ocate this #isguided teaching"
ha%e no idea hat anti,spirit you ha%e accepted" and you ill ha%e
to #uster an enor#ous a#ount of lo%e in order to suddenly
recognise the reality of things. 2onsider yoursel%es fortunate if you
lea%e so#eone $ehind on earth ho ill pray on your $ehalf" ho
ill help you gain the right insight.
3oe%er" your degree of lo%e is alays the decisi%e factor as to
hether or not you recognise the truth in a flash hen you pass
aay fro# earth.
But since you do not $elie%e in the )i##ortality of soul' you do not
$elie%e in co##unications fro# the spiritual 'ingdo# either" hich
ould pro%ide you ith 'noledge. *nd that is your disad%antage"
$ecause it ould infor# you of the constant ascent of souls ho
enter the spiritual 'ingdo#" and you ould re4ect this #isguided
teaching as satanic and only intended to pre%ent you fro#
ascending in the $eyond" hich ould soon result in the true life
you are all #eant to reach one day....
1u$lished $y friends of ne re%elations of God 5 &nfor#ation"
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