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Grade Economics Course Syllabus
Millennium High School

Contact Info:

Welcome to my class! Following is a description of what to expect in this course during the year.
Please read this carefully and return the signed form to me for credit.

We, as young inspired economists, will take an in depth look at the world economy. Education is a very
important stepping stone to build the skills you will need to be successful both today and tomorrow. In
this course, you will learn teamwork, note taking and study skills, essay writing, debate skills, oral
presentation skills, and higher level thinking strategies that will help you prepare for your future.

Topics of Study:

I. Intro to Economics
II. Microeconomics: Markets, Prices, and Business Competition
III. Macroeconomics: Managing the Nations Economy

I will give 100% in the classroom, and expect the same in return from you. I set high expectations, but
I will work with you to meet these expectations. Please feel free to contact me at either email address
provided above.

Testing: At the end of each unit, you will be given a test. There will be two formal exams given over the
course of this semester, a quarter final and a semester final. Each exam can include short answer,
mapping, charting, identification, multiple choice and essay questions.

Homework: Expect to have homework for this class. (Homework may include formal assignments,
current events, updating journal entries/notes, study time, and projects.)

Journals: The Journals are a BIG DEAL! All note-taking for this class should be done in your journal. If you
take the journal seriously, you will be prepared for the tests.
DO NOT BE ABSENT!!! COME TO CLASS!!! Absences will affect your grade. I know that in some cases,
this will be out of your control. If you are on the verge of dying, please stay home and get better. If there
is an emergency, I will understand, but please do everything in your power to avoid missing class. If you
have an excused absence, then you will have the number of days you missed to make up the work. It is
YOUR responsibility to seek missing work.
Late Work and Missing Assignments

Always do your best work! If you are struggling with anything, please talk to me. Your grade is
your responsibility, but I will do my best to help you achieve the best grade possible.
The Key to a Successful Term:
Be respectful! Show respect to everyone and everything in the classroom. Leave a negative
attitude at the door. In particular, please respect others opinions (which does not mean that
you have to agree with them). I DO NOT tolerate disrespecting others for their opinions and
Be prepared to succeed! Always give your best effort on all class assignments and activities,
they are opportunities to learn, achieve, and grow. Arrive prepared to discuss any assigned
readings. Homework, reading and projects should be done before coming into class. Be sure
you bring all of your daily materials.
Be an example! All students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Those who do
not can expect fair, consistent, and natural disciplinary consequences for their inappropriate
actions or attitudes. Typical consequences include but are not limited to warnings, loss of Nest
points, detentions, referrals to administration, parent phone calls, parent conferences, , and
even expulsion from the class. No GUM, food or drink, except water, may be consumed in the
classroom. Electronic devices taken during class will be given to the office.
Be a person of integrity! Remember that your personal honor is a very precious and
important part of who you are as an individual. While students are encouraged to help each
other and work together, cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating occurs whenever a student
attempts to take credit for someone elses effort.

Nest Points
I use the card system to take attendance and track nest points. Students are responsible for the
safety and well-being of their cards, which must be returned in good condition. If a student loses
their card, they will lose 30 nest points, which will result in Saturday School. Students who fail to
take nest points from themselves will lose triple the original amount of points.

General Classroom Rules:

1. No Electronic Devices
2. Show up on time
3. Speak when invited by Mr. Singh
4. Get the work doneon time!
5. Do not interrupt others
6. Dont cheatever.
7. Study
8. Bring necessary materials to class.
9. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
10. Stay awake no matter how boring you think I am!

Please sign and return:

I have read and understood everything in this syllabus.
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