Ferguson, Missouri

First and foremost, we express great sympathy, prayers, and condolences to the friends and
family of Michael Brown.
Brother Michael Brown has passed, but his spirit lives on. His spirit and the spirits of the ancestors
inspire us daily. The Creator is always with us in our fight for justice and HUMAN liberation. We
know that the murderer is named Darren Wilson. Regardless if the King Alfred Plan is real or not, we
do know that the government has EXECUTED plans to try to stop black revolutionary movements
and to increase militarization. COINTELPRO was created to stop the black liberation movement. Rex
84 was plan that dealt with militarization in times of an emergency too. Even the ACLU has
documented the increase of militarization in urban, rural, and suburban communities nationwide.
We want answers and we want justice. We are at war. White racists have brutalized our PEOPLE for
a long time. We have every right to defend our human dignity as Brothers and Sisters. We are
dealing with a constant attack on black people by the system of white supremacy. The system of
white supremacy is our enemy straight up. Michael Brown, according to many witnesses, was
executed in broad daylight. According to witnesses, he was on the ground with his hands up (which
is the international sign of surrender) and he was just murdered by the police officer. Witnesses tell
the exact same story. Hardened criminals are treated less harsh than him (in terms of
apprehension). Even the police chief admitted that there is no relationship between the release of
the video and the event of Michael Brown’s unjust murder. The local Ferguson police force used lax
transparency and incompetence (by throwing tear gas against innocent protesters, militarizing the
police, etc. Many of the same military devices used in Iraq and Afghanistan are used in the States by
even local law enforcement. Imperialism overseas and the oppression against black people at home
are both are evil, egregious, and repugnant).
That is why the State Highway Patrol is taking over many of the processes of the local community.
Also, the character assassination tactics against Michael Brown is not working among real people.
Ferguson for decades has by oppressed by the SYSTEM via a lack of black political representation in
city hall (and even among the police), deindustrialization, police brutality, educational issues,
economic injustices, and racism basically. So, people responded. It is important to note that most
people were not violent in their expression of opposition to tyranny. They protested. Those who
were in rebellion did it in response to oppression. I don’t justify rebellion where innocent property
is destroyed or innocent people are harmed. Yet, we have to see the underlining causes of a riot in
order for all of us to figure out solutions. Riots never exist out of VACUUM. Riots are done by
people who feel voiceless. Riots have readily occurred, because people are responding to the evils
of racism, poverty, discrimination, police brutality, and other injustices in a community. Black
people don’t own every aspect of the communities that we live in in America. That is a fact. The
Kerner Commission documented many of the causes of rebellions too. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
gave expert research on the causes and compositions of riots in March 14, 1968 (in his “The Other
America Speech” given at Grosse Pointe High School outside Detroit. It was one of King's last public
“…I’m merely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while
relieving the guilt. And I feel that we must always work with an effective, powerful weapon
and method that brings about tangible results. But it is not enough for me to stand before
you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that, without at
the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society.
These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other
alternatives than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that
a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? … It has
failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed
to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the
status quo than about justice and HUMANITY … I’ve been searching for a long time for an
alternative to riots on one hand and timid supplication for justice on the other and I think that
alternative is found in militant massive non-violence.”
There are the double standards involving race and crime. We don’t see this type response in mostly
white communities or white people who have done the exact same thing as blacks have done.
Cliven Bundy has violated federal law and no militarized police is after him. We need strategies,
organization, and political strength for us to be truly free. It is true that black people have the right
to protect our own communities, even with arms (in a rational way). Black people have the right to
be protect ourselves (armed, disciplined, intelligent, and strong Brothers and Sisters have every
right to protect black people). Some in mainstream America view white criminals with complex
interpretations on why they do it, while black crime is viewed by some in terms of some viewing
black people as having a genetic tendency for moral degeneracy (which is totally racist). The truth is
that no one should do wrong and most black people want justice and truth to reign in the world.
There are some self-hating black people who would blame black people collectively for the death of
Michael Brown, which is ludicrous. Many of the self-haters try to talk about black on black crime
when black organizations have discussed and fought against black on black crime for years &
decades. Group economics is fine and we need to build up our own infrastructures with our own
resources. There is absolutely nothing wrong with self-determination. We need group economics,
but not token “black capitalism.” We need our communities to respect economic justice, HEALTH
CARE justice, environmental justice, and true freedom. In other words, there is nothing wrong with
businesses growing, but we need workers’ rights to be protected too. We believe in black
consciousness, black equality, and pride in our black African heritage.
Many foreign national officials have criticized America for authorities to violate the rights of
protesters and for the discrimination against black people in America too.
One of the biggest lies shown by some is that Ferguson has no racial issues or problems. We know
that racist law and regulation like restrictive housing covenants limited the areas where black
people could live in the region. The power structure of Ferguson’s school board and police officers
are overwhelming white, even though the population is mostly African Americans. No suprise,
then, that in 2013, Blacks accounted for 86 percent of cars stopped by police, 92 percent of cars
searched and 93 percent of arrests based on those searches. There is a high poverty rate of 22
percent in Ferguson too. Dawn Weaver works at a day care center just two blocks from the
QuikTrip. She expressed the same sentiment that many Ferguson residents voiced:
“...I wasn't surprised at all that this happened. There's a long history of racism by the police here.
What shocked me was the national attention that this has gotten. Because racism and violence
from the police, that's normal, that's what we expect. Now that there's national attention, we need
to bring awareness to this issue. The police have to be held accountable for what they do…”
Another protester wrote in bold lettering on the sign that she carried: "Human rights is worth the

While at the same time, the poor need justice and there must be a radical redistribution of
economic and political power as Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has said. Even Malcolm X
criticized mainstream capitalism in early 1965. All power should be for the PEOPLE. That is why we
believe in mass struggle against oppression in order for us to be free. We can never solve our issues
without discussing about race and discussing about it in a real way. The point is that we should be
more united in fighting oppression. We have to have hope, faith, and action. We should use
proactive, constructive work in creating solutions. Black Unity is a must. Also, unity in the human
race is fine too.

The Protestors
For numerous days, courageous, men, women, and children protested in the streets of Ferguson,
Missouri. They have been protesting nationwide as a means to address the murder of Michael
Brown. Also, the protesters are opposed to injustice, police brutality, and they want justice.
Peaceful protesters deserve all of the respect in the world. They have been courage, strong, and
persistent. The right to assemble and the right to protest are legitimate intrepid rights that deserve
to be protected. Human beings have used signs in the streets. Some people have expressed non
violent sit in as a means for them to address the real issue of the execution of Michael Brown. There
has been many police provocations that has restricted the right of protest among numerous human
One truth that many in the mainstream media is not showing is about the solidarity among the
people of Ferguson. In front of the QuikTrip, there are people offer people snacks and water. Many
workers have given protesters food like burritos and chips too. Many Pizza Hut workers have given
contributions to the protesters too. Some from the Fight for 15 Movement (who desire a living
wage) are out in force in Ferguson, Missouri too.
There are so many examples of police repression in Ferguson. Video posted on the Internet showed
a police officer screaming “Get the f*** out of here” and demanding that a journalist from Argus
Radio turn off his camera light or “you’re getting shot.” The reporter, Mustafa Hussein, said the cop
was pointing a gun at his face when he made the threat. There are police checkpoints all over the
city too. At these checkpoints, the police questioned the identification of those attempting to pass
The police suppression of the RIGHTS of journalists is wrong and disgraceful. Many of the riot police
in Ferguson, Missouri have arrested journalists for simply walking down the streets. The freedom of
the press is guaranteed under the First Amendment. Nowhere does the First Amendment state that
members of the press are subject to arrest if their cameras are “too small.” Unfortunately, that’s
not what happened recentlyt in Ferguson when a cop reportedly ripped a press badge off of a Vice
News reporter while proclaiming, “this doesn’t mean ****.” The journalist tweeted the following
words: “…Cop just ripped a press badge off the Vice streamer and threw it to the ground. Just
because he could…” (from Drew Coombs (@random_tangent) on August 19, 2014). For the past
week, the police have harassed the pres rather overtly.

The Al-Jazeera reporters here are running for their lives.
St. Louis Co. SWAT team intentionally gassed an Al-Jazeera America news crew, which forced them
to flee. They began to dismantle their camera equipment illegally before realizing that other media
was capturing everything on tape. “Al Jazeera America is stunned by this egregious assault on
freedom of the press that was clearly intended to have a chilling effect on our ability to cover this
important story,” Kate O’Brian, president of Al-Jazeera America, wrote in a statement. “Thankfully
all three crew members are physically fine.” This situation and all other likeminded incidents must
be investigated too. Any form of misconduct done by anyone including officers should be handled.
It is very clear that the police shouldn’t be dressed like the military to deal with peaceful protesters.
Terrorism against the American people is nothing new. The events in Ferguson and nationwide
prove that such terrorism exists today in 2014. America was founded via theft, conquest, genocide,
and enslavement. We have the right to oppose any injustice that comes our way. We express a
great deal of sympathy to any innocent victim of the extrajudicial murders of HUMAN beings.
Spike Lee is RIGHT to say that there is a war on Black America. It is also a war on freedom loving
peoples of the world by the actions of the one percent too. Historically, the Maafa alone dealt with
some Europeans harming, brutalizing, raping, and killing black African peoples (which started over
four hundred years ago). John Henrik Clarke, and other scholars have proven this conclusively.
History proves that we are in a struggle for our true liberation as black people. Our ancestors were
brutalized by evil people. America was built originally by war and America has caused death against
black people and caused genocide against Native Americans. That is a historical fact. Black Wall
Street being destroyed by white racist mobs, the FBI using COINTELPRO to violate the human civil
liberties of black people including others, the existence of discriminatory policies, the evil Tuskegee
Experiment, etc. document the war on Black America by the one percent (and its agents). There is a
great documentary called “COINTELPRO: The FBI’s War on Black America” which documents a lot of
the words of Spike Lee. Now, we should be more moral. We should both fight against police
brutality and black on black crime too. We can both IMPROVE our communities (our families should
develop, we should be upright, we should always love our black heritage, and we should be
educated on the truth) and stand up against the systemic problems in our communities too. We
must do both. We need radical structural changes in society. Spike Lee is right that we don’t live in a
post racial society when the President was sworn in as President. Everything is not okay. We have to
address poverty and people deserve economic justice. Police typically stand up for their own. The
blue wall of silence is no myth. There is no justification for some of the police to harm peaceful
protesters including journalists with tear gas. There is no justification for one officer in Ferguson to
threaten a protester there as well recently. The events of Ferguson are a tipping point of things that
has transpired there for years including decades. We have every right to oppose the system of
white supremacy and to believe in justice for black people. Humanity deserves freedom. Crooked
cops have harmed people across backgrounds (regardless of color) and that is true too. The ruling
class certainly has a desire to have people to experience agitation based on race, class, gender, etc.
when there is nothing wrong with the establishment of true unity in defending our human rights.
Therefore, we need to talk about these issues and use strategies and plans as a means for us to
develop solutions. I RESPECT the courage of the old school BPP. They came about in 1966 and they
inspire us to this very day.
We are in solidarity with the family of Michael Brown, the family of Eric Garner, and Sister Marlene
Pinnock (who suffered a brutal, excessive, and unjust beating by a California highway patrol officer)
including her family too. I feel for Marlene, because this Sister was punched in the face at least ten
times with her clothes ripped off in broad daylight by a sick, crooked officer (while hundreds of
potential witnesses drove by). I send my respect to the cameraman who recorded the incident,
because the brutish officer could have lied about what he did. We have to talk about these issues
and stand up for justice. We know that many police have harassed black people, killed black people,
and violated the civil liberties of not only black people (but people in general). The War on Drugs
has failed to adequately the needs of the masses of people and it has contributed to mass
incarceration and the violation of basic human freedoms too. All of this has been documented by
people from across the political spectrum. We don’t need lectures from anyone who deny the
injustices inflicted on society by crooked officers.
That is commonsense.

The National Guard
The National Guard was issued in Ferguson, Missouri by Governor Jay Nixon. He announced the
proclamation on Monday. The Governor said that the National Guard will serve a limited role in
facilitating the police in Ferguson. The Governor once established a curfew for a few days as well.
There is no curfew presently. The National Guard troops have walked down the streets. Many of
the National Guard troops in Ferguson had previously been in Afghanistan and Iraq. The National
Guard has had a long history being used in America in the midst of controversies and crises. Back in
1855, the National Guard was used to suppress a riot by German residents of Chicago who objected
to a law banning taverns from opening on Sundays and increasing fees for liquor licenses. Militia
units were used to quell the New York City Draft riots of 1863 when racists protested Union
members from being drafted to fight against the Confederacy. Many of these racists killed innocent
black men, women, and children. Also, Brothers and Sisters defended themselves against white
racist mobs too in NYC. The National Guard was used in labor movement events, and racial
disturbances throughout the 19th and 20th centuries (like in Little Rock back in 1957 to integrate
Little Rock Central High School, in the University of Mississippi in 1962, in Watts in 1965, in Detroit
in 1967, all over the country after the evil assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, in Kent
State in 1970, in Los Angeles in 1992, etc.). The debate is how is the National Guard is being used, is
the National Guard being used in Ferguson is necessary, and how to address the over militarization
of society. This debate must be had in American society, because such policies involve us basically.
That is why it is not farfetched for some to say that Ferguson, Missouri is experiencing a de facto
martial law.

Residents have been stripped heavily of the constitutionally guaranteed right to assemble and
protests. Reporters have been arrested or banished in violation of freedom of the press. Police
checkpoints have been set up at major intersections. Even on Monday night, there was a crackdown
on overwhelming peaceful protesters who demanded justice in the killing of Brown. 78 people were
arrested ostensibly for failing to obey a police order, for which there is no legal or constitutional
basis, to disperse. Since the year 2000, we have seen the election controversy of the 2000
Presidential election, the Patriot Act (which sanctioned unbridled expansion of government spying
of Americans including others in the world), the formation of the Homeland SECURITY Department,
and further militarization of the police. In 2013, we saw the Boston area experience a military police
lockdown and civil liberties were curtailed for a while during the aftermath of the 2013 Boston
Marathon bombing.
Obviously, the police should not use militarized gear to harass innocent, peaceful protesters at all.
So, we have to know about these issues and there is nothing wrong with being a true civil
libertarian either.
*On August 21, 2014, the Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ended the National Guard deployment in the
city of Fergurson.
The Autopsies
The local authorities in Ferguson have done their autopsy, but they haven’t released the results.
The federal government is conducting its own autopsy, and the private autopsy (as authorized by
the family of Michael Brown) has been recently released. The Michael Brown family's private
autopsy confirms my views all along. The autopsy, which was described by Dr. Michael M. Baden
(who is a forensics expert), mentioned that he was shot at least 6 times. The two shots to his head
killed him. The shots to his arms represent the validation of Dorian Johnson and other eyewitnesses
who said that Michael Brown put his hands up and he was still shot. There has been no gunpowder
found on his physical body. The federal government is forming their own autopsy too. There is no
conclusive evidence that he was shot at close range. He was shot multiple times, which was very
excessive in that situation. Obviously, other witnesses do tell the story that an unarmed man was
not only murdered (with his hands held up), but his body was left in the street for hours without
even an ambulance coming to retrieve the body (which was disgraceful). He should not of been
murdered at all. There is a lot of incompetence among local police authorities. That is why the DOJ is
dealing with this crisis.

At the end of the day, we can’t lose sight of the Dream. The Dream is the hope for the future even
though we don’t experience it presently. It is about people being treated as people not as second
class citizens. It is about the full establishment for equality for all (not for some, but for the entire
human race). It has been talked about by people the world over. The events in Ferguson, Missouri
represent a national crisis. We have not only racism and discrimination in the world. We have
massive poverty and income inequality. Billions of dollars are spent overseas to advance militarism,
but the poor lack resources to escape poverty for real. We have seen a massively increase of the
militarization of society (for the past three decades at least) and a restriction of democratic rights
nationwide. That has got to change. The financial aristocracy is investing in us being totally divided
and hating one of another. The truth is that when we are united and struggle for freedom
(presenting a real plan), then solutions can come about. There must be a radical redistribution of
economic and political power. Many multinational corporations hoard trillions of dollars and have
massive tax breaks. That is not just. That money would be better served to provide jobs,
education, housing, health care, and justice to people. Humanity deserves economic justice. The
people of Ferguson are treated as an occupied people instead of human beings. There is nothing
wrong with discussions and dialogues among the people of Ferguson, so they can formulate their
own solutions. Individually, we should be upright (as in treating people fairly), strong, and
courageous. Collectively, we should do our part too.
The structural and systemic problems must be addressed for there must be radical structural
changes in America, so that we can make society much better. We have to listen to the people of
Ferguson. Their words have value and their legitimate aspirations ought to be respected. This is a
class struggle. Many people are oppressed not just because of race, but because of class too.
Therefore, the police state tactics by some of the police must end. Darren Wilson must be arrested.
There should be an urban reconstruction plan that addresses the needs of the people of Ferguson. I
have no issue with a national Economic bill of Rights too in America. The working class and the poor
should be respected & treated justly. In the final analysis, people deserve answers, solutions, and
justice. The family of Michael Brown deserves that completely.
By Timothy

#Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
RIP Brother Michael Brown

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