The Ogre Kingdoms army provides a numer o! in"eres"ing #ha$$enges !or even
"he mos" ve"eran %arhammer genera$& An army !i$$ed 'i"h ()%ound* mons"er)
ase)moun"ed mode$s re+uires a 'ho$e ne' 'ay o! "hin,ing- %hi$e !iguring ou"
'ha" 'or,s es" !or you 'i"h a ne' army is a$'ays !un* i" never hur"s "o have a
!e' poin"ers as you ge" s"ar"ed&
Since many enemy units will have a +4 or +5 combat resolution rating before the fight
even begins, Ogres need all the help they can to level the field so their brute strength
can do the rest. The size of your regiment has a tremendous impact pun intended!, so
you should evaluate carefully when selecting the number of models in a unit. "aving
a ran# for your $ull or %rongut regiments give a +& Strength bonus to the impact hits
caused by the $ull 'harge. "owever, this process can be an e(pensive underta#ing
since a ran# of $ulls will cost &4) points before you even add any e*uipment+ ,gainst
many opponents, a $ull 'harge has the chance to #ill enough models to not only
reduce the number of ,ttac#s with which they can reply, but also bring the combat
resolution bac# to an even footing. -ow the Ogres. /+ ,ttac#s each can ensure the
combat is theirs+
One other thing to consider regarding unit size is how many models have to be lost
before 0anic tests become an issue. Since Ogre $ulls and %ronguts have a minimum
1nit Size of /, you should give careful thought to smaller units as well. %f you ta#e a
regiment of three or four models, you.ll face a a 0anic test if one model is lost from
shooting or magic. "owever, if you base your units around
five models, you will have to suffer two casualties 2
3ounds! before any 0anic tests arise.
, $utcher should be a mandatory choice in your Ogre
army. 4ut 5agic provides a very uni*ue spell list that
primarily serves to enhance other units in your army. 6ou
can bestow everything from Strength or Toughness bonuses to 7egeneration on your
regiments. $est of all, unli#e other 3izards, a $utcher can have 7emains8in80lay8li#e
spell effects up and still cast other spells+ The downside of 4ut 5agic is the relatively
short ranges of most of the spells. 9on.t forget that although 4ut 5agic spells are easy
to cast, they can be easy to dispel as well+
6ou can have only one beneficial spell effect active on an Ogre regiment at any one
time. Thus, be sure to use your castings wisely. The +& Strength from a $ullgorger
spell is perfect to boost the Strength of your $ull 'harge. %f you use that spell on a
charging unit of %ronguts, you now have a S5 $ull 'harge and S: hits from your great
weapons 8 not something that your opponents will want to see+
3hen selecting your army, be sure to have a basic plan for each of your units. %t
ma#es no sense sending a lone 5aneater out to attac# a regiment of 'haos 3arriors
when he would be much better suited to support another regiment with a flan# or rear
charge. "ere are a few #ey units and their useful roles on the battlefield;
Gorger& The 4orger.s ability to enter the battlefield from any
table edge ma#es it perfect for war machine hunting and
3izard sniping. <ust remember that it re*uires a roll to bring
him on, so there is that chance that he won.t appear when you
need him+

Leade$#hers& These cannon8toting madmen are perfect
when used in con=unction with another unit. There is nothing
li#e cutting a unit.s numbers in half before unleashing a
charge in the ne(t round with a nearby unit. The >eadbelchers
themselves can also be used to finish off their targets during
the following round since their empty cannons now ma#e for
good clubs+

An Ogre Butcher at his
meat pot.
1u$$s& 3hen it comes to e*uipping your $ulls, ironfists are
the way to go. 3ith only & point separating an ironfist from
an additional hand weapon, spend the e(tra point every time.
This way, you can use them as shields if needed in combat or
give the e(tra ,ttac# li#e an additional weapon. 9on.t forget
the 4utlord for your unit, either+ , four8model $ull unit with
command can unleash &: ,ttac#s in a round with their
ironfists and hand weapons. Ouch+

Manea"ers& Though they cost a whopping ?) points each,
5aneaters are *uite a force in close combat. 3ith S5 and 4
,ttac#s, they can really dish it out+ 1se them to support
another unit when possible. @ven if you lose the combat, their
S"uorn ability means they are li#ely to stic# around and
#eep fighting+

Gno$ars& These little ones are your friends+ 4noblars
provide the perfect way to add ran# and unit size to the Ogre
army. 3hile they can.t stand up to a straight8up fight on their
own even 4oblins can slap these guys around!, they #now
they can get their =abs in when everyone is distracted by the
Ogres+ 1se your 4noblars in con=unction with other units to
give you some much8needed combat resolution bonuses.
9on.t forget their Sharp Stuff. @ven at SA, you are bound to
find a soft spot somewhere+
Ogres ma#e up one of the fastest armies in 3arhammer. Ogre regiments march and
charge &AB and can cover a lot of ground *uic#ly. $e sure to use the Ogres. speed to
your advantage and not your opponent.s by =udging your moves carefully. There is
nothing more disheartening than underestimating your charge or ending your march
too close to the enemy. Then, instead of unleashing a devastating $ull 'harge, you are
on the receiving end of an enemy sword, spear, or lance+
Ogre characters are big, mean, and nasty, but they still need a little help from their
friends. 9on.t be fooled into thin#ing that =ust because they tower over your enemies,
they can hang on their own in a fight. $e sure to put your Tyrant or $ruisers in with
other units. -ot only does a unit offer them protection from missile fire and magic, it
supports their ,ttac#s with a flurry of blows. , Tyrant with four %ronguts or four $ulls
can really deliver some serious damage. "owever, this unit becomes very e(pensive,
so be sure to protect it as best you can and pic# your targets wisely. 6ou could be
giving up a *uarter of your army.s points if you lose that unit+
A selection of Ogre Characters advance alongside a group of Maneaters.
3ell, there you have it. % hope these tips will help you in creating and playing with
your new Ogre Cingdoms. army. $e sure to e(periment and play lots of games. The
best tactics are the ones that wor# for you+

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