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Mound City Bar Association Calls for St. Louis County Prosecutor to Voluntarily
Recuse Himself
FERGUSON, MO- In light of growing community distrust of local law enforcement and the St.
Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, Bob McCulloch, the Mound City Bar Association is calling
on McCulloch to immediately recuse himself from the investigation into the shooting death of
Michael Brown and make way for the Justice Department to take over the investigation. The
Mound City Bar Association, the oldest African American association of attorneys West of the
Mississippi, will hold a press conference on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, at 11:30am, 111 S. 10

Street, St. Louis, Missouri, on the steps of the Federal Court of the Eastern District in St. Louis,
to outline the steps McCulloch must take to restore integrity to the investigation.

The community is gravely concerned about the lack of transparency and lack of candor that St.
Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has openly displayed about the way in which this case
should be handled, said Kendra Howard, President of the Mound City Bar. Mr. McCulloch has
shown that he is emotionally invested in protecting law enforcement, and therefore should
immediately step aside and allow the Justice Department to investigate the death of Michael
Brown. The only way we can ensure trust is for the Justice Department to take over the

If Mr. McCulloch maintains control of the investigation, the Mound City Bar Association calls
for McCulloch to wait until the conclusion of the federal investigation before initiating any action
from his office. Whatever investigation has been conducted is not transparent as no details of
the shooting have been released. The only information released has been irrelevant and
aggravated a tense situation, thereby violating the public trust that the community has a right to
rely on, Howard stated. If charges are made they should be issued by information and then
confirmed by the Grand Jury. This process would ensure that Mr. McCulloch is ultimately held
accountable for charges filed in this case.

Mound City Bar Assocation is sending letters to Attorney General Eric Holder, Missouri Attorney
General Chris Koster, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, and Ferguson Police Chief
Tom Jackson. The letters express Mound City Bar Associations concern that any evidence in its
custody be preserved and call for Holder to open and pursue federal criminal charges against
Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

The Mound City Bar Association is the oldest African American association of attorneys West of
the Mississippi. Veteran St. Louis attorneys Rufus Tate, Jr. and Jerryl Christmas, both former
local prosecutors, will outline Mound City Bar Associations position at the press conference
Tuesday morning. For media inquiries or more information, please contact Chalana A. Oliver,
Esq. at 314-283-3867.