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First !os"itals#
I $ Iloilo
P % P&!
L $ St Lu'es
M $ Mar( Jo)nson
S $St Paul
Ns* is a "rofession+
Profession $ defined ,( PNA ada"ted from
Ameri-ans NA
% a -allin* .)i-) its mem,ers "rofess to )a/e a-0uired a uni0ue ,od( of 'no.led*e 1
s'ills for "ur"ose of *uidin* 1 -arin* ot)ers+
allin* $ ser/i-e oriented
Mem,ers $ RN
Uni0ue $ s"e-ial ,od( of 'no.led*e
Ot)ers $ "t $ re-i"ient of -are
)ara-teristi-s of ns* "rof#
A --ounta,ilit( $ lia,le for )is/)er a-tions
om"eten-( $ )a/in* s-ientifi- 'no.led*e
E t)i-s $
S er/i-e oriented
Prof ns* res"# RA 2345 O-t 637896
3+ Promoti/e7 Pre/enti/e7 urati/e7 Re)a,ilitati/e in all )ealt) -are settin*s+
6+ Pre/enti/e $ immuni:ation+ Pro/ide )ealt) edu-ation
5+Utili:ation of ns* "ro-ess
;+ Lin' of "ts 1 families to diff -ommunit( resour-es % -ommunit( )ealt) nurses $
li,ren* ,a'una
<+ olla,oration of "ts -are to ot)er )ealt) -are team % for -ontinuit( of -are+
=+ Res" for trainin*/ su"er/ision of ns* students
4+ A--urate re"ortin*/ re-ordin*+
>+ O,ser/ation of S1S? $ "ro/ide "ro"er inter/ention
De"endent f?
2+ E?e-ution of /alid Dr8s order
&eneral rule# RN -an8t *i/e meds .it)out Drs order ot)er.ise RN .ill ,e lia,le for
E?-e"tion7 under -ode of et)i-s7 RN -an *i/e dru*s durin* emer*en-(7 -alamit(7 national
e"idemi-s7 no MD around+
Life of "atient is in dan*er+ Prote-ted under &ood Samaritan A-t+
&ood Samaritan A-t $ uni/ersal la. t)at "rote-ts an( "erson .)o .ill *i/e an aid to
anot)er "erson .)ose life is in dan*er+
RA >5;; $ @ No de"osit "oli-(A durin* emer*en-( -ases+
% emer*en-( -are 3st ,efore as'in* for de"osit+
Mom -alls re# 6 (o *irl in*ested ,a,( as"irin at )ome+ B)at8s ,est a-tion for RN to
ad/i-e mom on ")one+
3+ Ad/i-e mom to ,rin* 'id to )os"
6+ Ad/i-e to -all do-
5+ Ad/i-e to ta'e emeti- meds
;+ Ad/i-e to -all ) nrse
!ealt) tea-)in* $ -)ild "roofin* t)e )omeC As"irin s)ould not ,e rea-)ed ,( 'id+
Prin-i"al $ dire-t aut)or of -rime+ Dis"ensa,le
A--om"li-e $ dis"ensa,le7 -rime .ill still )a""en .it)out a--om"li-e+
A--essor( $ entered s-ene after t)e -rime
3+ ONTRATS/ ONSENTS $ a,sen-e of -oer-ion
E $ /oluntar( $ Free a-t+ Inde"endent a-t+ Rational
O $ o""ortunit( to as' 0uestions7 su**estions 1 ma'e re-ommendations
T $ treatment7 sur*er(7 "ro-edure $ s"e-ifi-all( e?"lained to t)e "atient ,( MD
U $ understood ,( "atient
M $ matured ")(si-all( $ a*e 3> (o 1 a,o/e
Mentall( $ .it) sound mind7 same 1 not an im,e-ile+
Su,stitute or "ro?( -onsent $ if "t is mentall( or ")(si-all( in-a"a,le of *i/in* -onsent
3+ Parent
6+ &uardian
5+ Adliter $ Fnot a relati/eCG DSBD7 MD
6+ ILLE&AL DETENTION $ limit freedom of "atient to mo/e or tra/el from one "la-e
to anot)er+
!os" $ "romissor( note or *uarantee
!IE $ don8t detain "atient
!i*) ris' !IE transmission $ felatio
Huarantine re*ulation $ SARS7 Menin*o-o--emia7 ant)ra?
% "u,li- safet( is "riorit(+
5+ LAST BILL 1 TESTAMENT % a "erson in "ermitted ,( t)e la. to -ontrol/ dis"ose of
)is estate+
Effe-t is onl( u"on )is deat)+
De-edent $ "erson .)o died and left no .ill+ T)e la. .ill )andle estate+
Testator / Testatou? $ died and left a .ill
Testate su--ession $ )eirs .ill in)erit under a last .ill and testament+
Ille*itimate $ entitled to I of .)at le*it -)ildren .ill in)erit
Ja,it $ .ill *et not)in*
Intestate Su--ession $ .it)out last .ill
6 t("es of last .ill 1 testament
3+G Pro"erties 6+G Life/ Dod(
aG Ordinar( .ill % Ad/an-e dire-ti/es
% RN s)ould -)e-' LO of "t % "t is still ali/e *i/in* instru-tions
%determine lo-ation of si*nature aG Li/in* .ill $ DNR7
% end of last .ord $ last "a*e or*an donation7 order for -remation
% si*n all "a*es
% RN is "art of 5 .itnesses
,G !olo*ra")i- .ill
% )and.ritten ,( testator
% dated and si*ned ,( testator
% no need for .itness
3+ MD7 DEM7 DMD $ -an "res-ri,e meds
6+ S)ould )a/e #
a+G Name MD7 PTR7 PRK7 lo-ation of -lini-/ )os"ital
,+G Name of "atient7 a*e7 se?
-+G Information a,out dru* $ fre0uen-( duration
d+G &eneri- 1 ,rand name in "res-ri"tion
RA ==4< $ &eneri-s A-t
% S)ould )a/e DOT! *eneri- 1 ,rand name on "res-ri"tion
Im"ossi,le Pres-ri"tion $ *eneri- 1 ,rand name does not -orres"ond .it) ea-) ot)er+
5+ Jno. 39 ri*)ts in *i/in* meds
B)at is t)e ri*)t .a( to as' identit( of "atient
a+ -all "atent ,( )is name
,+ -)e-' -)art
-+ /erif( name at nurses station
d+ -)e-' name at identifi-ation .rist ,and
;+ Tele")one orders %
&eneral rule % no tele")one order
@B)ate/er is not .ritten is not an orderA
E?-e"tion $ Emer*en-(C
After MD sa(s order $ re"eat instru-tion on ")one
!a/e resident MD si*nC Administer meds+
B)en MD arri/es $ )a/e )im -ounter si*n )is order
<+ Do-umentation $ re-ordin*/ -)artin*
$ -ommuni-ation
A $assuran-e of 0ualit(
R $ resear-) "ur"oses
L $ le*al do-ument
S $ statisti-s sour-e
SUDPOENA % an order from -ourt
Du-es Te-um F"a"ersG $ do-uments o,j7 materials7 "a"ers7 -)art
Ad Testifi-adum F"ersonG $ .itness
Do8s 1 Don8ts of -)artin*
Do8s Don8ts
F $ full7 fa-tual 1 a--urate L $ lan*ua*e $ una--e"ta,le
L $ le*i,le I $ im"ro"er -orre-tions
I $ immediatel( after "ro-edure S% s"a-es7 s'i"s
P $ "ersonal notes7 not dele*ated A $ a/oid usin* too mu-) a,,re/iations
@addendumA $ late entr(
Ne*li*en-e $ failure to do somet)in* .)i-) a reasona,le 1 "rudent "erson s)ould )a/e
6 t("es#
3+ ommission
6+ Omission $ total ne*le-t of -are $ didn8t do an(t)in*
Elements to "ro/e ne*li*en-e
3+ Dut(
6+ Failure to do )is dut(
5+ Injur(7 )arm7 deat)L result
Mal"ra-ti-e $ doin* a-ts or -ondu-ts t)at (ou are not aut)ori:ed/ li-ensed/ -om"etent/
s'illed to "erform7 resultin* to injuries/ non injurious -onse0uen-es
% RN e?-eedin* t)e s-o"e of nursin* "ra-ti-e 1 does an MD8s jo,+
E"isiora")( $ after "ro"er trainin*7 RN -an "erform t)is "ro-edure+
In a,sen-e of fetal 1 maternal a,erration7 RN -an "erform internal e?amination
RES IPSA LOHUITOR $ t)e t)in* s"ea's for itself
% o,/ious fault
FORE MAJEURE % &od nature $ storm7 eart)0ua'e7 flood7 % not lia,le
Fortuitous e/ent $ -reated ,( man $ traffi- not lia,le due ,e(ond )is -ontrol+
3+G Manner of its -ommission $ dolo Fde-eitG $ .it) -riminal -ontent
% -ul"a $ FfaultG $ .it)out -riminal intention7 ne*li*en-e
6+GSta*es of e?e-ution $
onsumated $ all elements to -ommit -rime .ere all "resent+
Frustrated $ offender "erforms e/er(t)in* to -onsummate ,ut it did not )a""en for
reasons ,e(ond )is -ontrol
Attem"ted $ o/ert a-ts $ mere intensions to -ommit -rime+
5+G De*ree of "arti-i"ation
Prin-i"al $ indis"ensa,le+ Bit)out t)e "rin-i"al L no -rime% aut)or of -rime
A--om"li-e $ .it) or .it)out a--om"li-e L -rime .ill )a""en
% dis"ensa,le7 loo' out+
% enters s-ene ,efore or durin* -rime
A--essor( $ enters s-ene after -rime is -ommitted
% -on-eals/ destro(s e/iden-e+
RA 4>44 $ anti se?ual !arassment a-t
3+ An( "erson .)o e?er-ises aut)orit( FProf 1 student7 Dr 1 RNG
6+ As'in* se?ual fa/ors in e?-)an*e of anot)er fa/or
a+G Ordinar( ra"e $ for-i,le "enetration of se? or*an to a se? or*an
,+G Se?ual assault $ an(t)in* for-i,l( inserted to an( orifi-e+
Ille*al a,ortion $ termination of "rodu-t of -on-e"tion ,efore t)e a*e of /ia,ilit(+
Infanti-ide $ -rime -ommitted of "erson 'illed is a*e M 46) or M5da(s old
Parri-ide $ 'illin* of a "erson .it) relations)i"7 e?+ Dro in%la.7 sis7 % relati/e
!omi-ide $ 'illed a "erson to .)om (ou )a/e no relations)i"% "rodu-t of ne*li*en-e+
Murder $ 'illin* of a "erson .it) intension+
Simulation of ,irt) $ an( "erson .)o s)all su,stitute 3 -)ild or identit( of a -)ild for t)e
"ur"ose of losin* )is -i/il status+
PD=<3 $ Dirt) re*istration a-t
% re0uires an( "erson FRN7OD7 mid.ife7 "ilotG .)o s)all assist in *i/in* ,irt) to re"ort
.it)in 59 da(s .it)out "enalt( an( li/e ,irt) at Lo-al i/il Re*istrars Offi-e+
RA 6>9> $ F(3232G $ DON 3 -)airman7 6 mem,ers L all RNs
3269 $ 3st ,oard e?am
RA 2345 FO-t63796G
DON 0ualifi-ations
M $ masters in NS&
A% a--redited ns* or* FPNAG
S $ se/en F3 -)airman7 = mem,ersG
I $ immediatel( resi*n u"on a""ointment
N $ not -on/i-ted of an( -rime
P $ "e-uniar( interest7 a,sen-e of
T $ ten (rs e?"erien-e Flast < (ears )r in RPG
$ -iti:en 1 resident of RP
DEAN 0ualifi-ation% RN N MAN N < (rs e?"erien-e in ns*
Nurse Li-ensure E?am
3+ ert of &ood Moral )ar FO"tionalG
6+ Proof $ )older of Fil -iti:ens)i" $ Dirt) -ert+
5+ Proof $ DSN de*ree $ Trans-ri"t .it) s-anned "i-ture $ done ,( re*+
S $ su"er/isor )ead nurse/ .ard/ s)ift/ da(
M $ mana*er
$ -)ief nurse mana*e .)ole )os"
D $ dire-tor
Su"er/isor D $ DSN )older $ RN
Mana*er A $ a--redited ns* or* PNA
N $ Nine units ns* m*t
T $ t.o (ears "ra-ti-e
)ief nurse RNN MAN
Dire-tor < (ears su"er/isor( e?"erien-e
PD 665 % PR $ re*ulator( ,od( to all "rofession in P)il
RA 39>9 $ i/il S/- A-t
% Automati- -i/il ser/i-e eli*i,le on-e (ou "ass PR ns* e?am
RA =;6< F23=<G $ Dan*erous Dru*s A-t
Pro)i,ited $ totall( a,solutel(7 -an8t ,e used ,( )uman ,ein*+
E?+ Met)a")etamine !-l FS)a,uG -o-aine7 -anna,is
Re*ulated $ -an use t)is dru*
% .it) a""ro"riate "res-ri"tion
% MD .it) a""ro"riated li-ense FDFAD7 PDEA li-en-eG
% Ealium7 dormi-um
Penalt( for li-ensed )ealt) -are "ro/ider
3+ Fines
6+ Im"risonment
5+ Automati- re/o-ation of li-ense
RA 4=99 $ Mot)er Da,( Friendl( !os" A-t
% earl( ,ondin* of mom to -)ild t)rou*) ,reast feedin* 1 roomin* in te-)ni0ue
% Sen+ Fla/ier
De-em,er 3 $ Borld AIDS da(
RA >2>3 $ PR moderni:ation / om"uteri:ation A-t
% after < da(s $ result of ,oard e?am .ill -ome out
% June 33 $ result
% ...+"r-+*o/+")
% results of ,oard e?am $ Nurse
% or t?t 655 *lo,e/ 35= smart
t?t PR Fs"a-eG Ratin* Fs"a-eG TADUENA7ADI&AIL
Re*istration+ Si*n in ,ot) of re*istr( of DON
S"e-ial $ -an *et li-ense ,( re-i"ro-it(
RN in a forei*n -ountr( 1 t)at -ountr( .)ere (ou are re*isterin* )as em"lo(ment for Fil
RN in t)eir -ountr(
Im"risonment / jail 3%= (rs / P<9 $ 399' fines
L $ li-ense 7 .it)out
O $ o.n Fusin* as (our o.n li-ense of anot)erG
I $ in/alidated li-ense N re/o'ed 7 sus"ended
S $ si*n name 1 atta-) title DSN7 RN Fnot trueG
F $ falsifi-ation of do-uments Fdi"loma7 e?"erien-esG
A $ assist anot)er "erson in ille*al "ra-ti-e of ns*
U $ under.a*in*
R $ re/ie./ trainin* -enters for RN not a--redited ,( *o/ernment
A% an( "erson /iolatin* t)is a-t