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Government of Jammu and Kashmir
Home Department, Civil Secretariat
Subject: Guidelines for video filming and photography of post-mortem
examination in case of death inpolice action.
Ref: - . D.O letter No. 11743/20141FC dated 19
March 2014 from J ustice K.G
Balakrishnan Chairperson (Former Chief J ustice of India).
Circular No. 6J . ----Home of 2014
Dated: -~i-04-2014 _
With a view to ensure better quality of post mortem and video
filming so as to help in better analysis of cases of custodial deaths and encounter
deaths, the National Human Rights Commission, after consideration, has issued
guidelines for being followed by the concerned intrue spirit. The guidelines issued
are enclosed as Annexure "A" to this Circular.
. . : . .
It is impressed upon the concerned officers/officials to strictly
adhere to these guidelines. A copy of these guidelines has also been uploaded on
the official website of the Home Department
Principal Secretary to Government
Home Department.
Copy to the:-
1. Director General of Police, J &K, J ammu
2. Director General of Prisons
3. Divisional Commissioner Kashmir/J ammu.
4. Secretary to the Government Health, Medical and Education
5. Inspector General of Police, CID, J &K, J ammu.
6. Inspector General of Police, J ammu/Kashmir
7. Director FSL, J &K, J ammu.
8. Secretary J &K Human Rights Commission.
9. All District Magistrates ..
10. All District Superintendent of Police.
~C Website \) ....
(Ashok K~ KAS
uty Secretary ~'1nent
Home Department
f J /J l r P l i J 4/3
oC( ~ f ?8f
/ ([.dl__ Xf l . g{J ~ ~ NationalHuman Righl~Commission
~ ""... Ml Il 1{/\' Adhikar Bhl l WCl II, CPO
. Chairperson. .~~~~nl,ex, lNA"N~\\' Delhi..-.1100231/l(/ia
('former Chief Justice of lruia)~0\~ec~a(qr~1U'J 91~OIl-246632UL 24663!{,?
v~ ... . "'~ r. 9/-/1-::465/329
~ Rec. No .. Y;11 .' c!l CIi r nhr c(gl l i c. i l l
D.O. No.1/743/2014/FC{ ~ ._~_:~< )~::".(:; ; ~~:; -.J.~. 1~- .... _....... .: .... -
\\ ~ ~.: ft..""'" ... , ... % } I
. '~ . 0 (\D~:I~::::::~!j 19 M A R 2 01 4 ..
M y Dear Chief M inisteroY'..)'l ~~ ~_P"
The Commission has been receiving reports of custodial deaths and.deaths
in .police action. Whenever such report is received, the Commission holds an
enquiry to find out if there was any violation. of human rights. Post mortem report
is a vital piece' of evidence in such enquiry. .
A communication dated 1 0.8.1 995 was addressed to Chief ~llinisters of :1!!
States ernp~':8sizin-g tnat all post 1 TI0:iemexaminations done in cases of custodial
deaths or in encounter .deaths- should be video-filmed and cassette should be
, sent to the Commission 31 0ng with post mortem report .
.. :c.
To ensure better quality of post mortem and video filming, the Commission
~nvited suggestions from experts. On the basis of suggestions lE-;ceii!~d frcql
.j them, the-Go~mi'~s:on has fo-rmulated f~esh guideiines for video filrninqand post
b mbrtenYeXam:t-natror. in cases of custodial deaths and encounter as to
I help in better analysis of cases. The guidelines are enclosed herewith 8S
1A nnexure-A
~ .:7- '-it- is. requested that ~he con.cerned authoritie~ = th~State !~n!or~re:ritories
,:)-t; may be given necessary instructions to follow the gUidelines for video filming and
~ ~. pnotography of postmortem examination in cases of- deathin police action -irl their
V) ttrue spirit.
With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Shri Omar A
Chief M ini er.
Govt. J ammu & Kashmir,
SR A GA R ~O 001
,IA . ,
v I } ~
Residence: 5, Tughlak Road, New Delhi::. 1}~lolt1ln~'9;' ~~ .. ~~~

3. Video-filming and photography of post-mortem examination should
be done in the following manner:
i) A t the time of video-filming of the post-rnortem.exarnination
the-voice of the doctor conducting the post-mortem should
- be-recorded. The doctor should narrate .hls prima-facie
- - -- -'~ observations while conducting the post-mortem examination.
ii) A total of 20-25 coloured photographs covering the whole
body should be taken. Some photographs of the body should
be taken without removing the clothes. The photographs
should include the following:' __ ,_
a) Profile photo-face (front, right lateral- and - left Iateral.
views), back of head. __
b) Front of body (up to torso-chest and abdomen) - and back -
c) Upper extremity - front and back
d) Lower extremity - front and back
er Focusirrg-on each injury/ lesion-zoomed in after properly
numbering the injuries*
f): Internal examination findings (2 photos of soles and
. palms each, after making incision to show absence~_
evidence of any old/ deep seated injury).
* 'In firearm injuries while describinq.jthe distance from heel
as well as midline must be taken in respect of each injury .
which will help laterin reconstruction of events.
- - -
''-' A ._. _
-.-'ifiY .:': Photographs should be taken after incorporating '-'post- -
- mortem number, date of examination and a scale for
dimensions inthe frame of photographs itself.
IV}- - -While taking photographs the camera-should be held at right_
:... angle to the object being photographed.
-V) Video-filming and photography of the pc>st-mortem.. --
- .--' -..- - - -_. examination should be done by a person trained in forensic
- - - - - . -. ~ . phot ography and vi deography. A good qual i t y di gi t al camera
with 1 0X optical zoom and minimum 1 0 meqa pixelsshould
be used. .. .
..r .~ "\:... x,
Sub: Guidelines for video-filming and_ photograpHy of oost-mortefn
examination in case of death in police action "'1--}$0-
In case of deaths in police action while conducting post-mpf;,t~J I:l
examination _of the deceased photographs of !~~decease.d -sbo~ufd;ft:1 ~
taken and the post-mortem examination of the deceasedshould h~lc~m~t'
filmed. The video film and photographs should be s~nt-to the _9()
The aim of video-filming and photography of post-mortem examina-tl~)R-
should be:- - -- ':-=1:;~:#;
- - . "--:t-~~', ~-.
to record the detailed findings of the pbst::mortemexamikl:a.tli;tn~_
especially pertaining to marks. of injury arid violence ~v~hic1 cit~y:
suggest custodial torture. -,:_"c~~:~;':\:I~-':
~~ ~.:1:~.~r:~1~~'~
to supple.ment the findingS-of p6S!-snQl1~~-.~xa.!,!1 ~:ciil'~
(recorded In the post-mortem report) by~vlaeograp'hlc:ev ,
so as to rule out any undue influence or.suppressionoff I"
information. - -- ':-'-
iU -"'.~ ~:- ~<.. ~:~>.J ff~~!t.
to facilitate an independent review ":..Q i the P9st~,f.l],9lJ ~!D
examination report at a later stage if re~uired,. :
,...,. _. - ~.
-2. The following precautions should be takeri5efor.econddctih'
- '::-f .:E "'1 ";lPi
mortem examination: -. -',.;- ; ; :t-; ~,
- t:-: ~~:r;~l~~~~
i)- . Both hands of the deceased need to be wrapped inwhite:'ptl-p~r
bags before transportation. The dead b09y 'ft~rwaId.s':~-
be covered in special Body Bags having zjp.poi1 sres~lo~r,:p_,'",r
~ . - -..., _.. '''-'''''ll.;.:;..,;r'
transportation. -' - - - -. '~:"~'fh
ii) Clothing on the body of the deceased should not be removecr~y
. -; -:-' ",:~I,~('jtoOlJS:;
the police orany other person. It shouldbe collected, exa:rTJ ;(ttfr,~
as well as preserved and sealed by the doctor conduGtipgJ Ile;
_autopsy, and should be sent for fU/:th~r ex~minatlom~:(ifi"<~'e
concerned forensic science laboratory.: 'A - dE3tailed{:- .7,.
regarding examination of the clothing should beincorpo.r~:te:(il}m
the post-mortem examination report by- the doctor. tondu~ti~g
the autopsy. .. .-.~'" ', "c,l~:J 1:fl,'
_ _ _ . -. ~ _.. <' ~ c:?';];~~1.~
In case of alleged firearms deaths, the -dead bodY':shodTd:;'t)e
'subjected to radiological examination (X~r~ys/ OTS.-can) ~f'?:f:,~o
autopsy. .. ~<- ~~5.,~f
~:;::if4 Hf:!;~
-..-. ~:''::.; ; t(,:,'.::~~
~~; ..... ~
.:.- "J .'-