Solon wants broadcast media to provide adequate public service time

A lawmaker wants to require broadcast media to provide adequate public service time to enable
the government reach the population and educate the people on important public issues.
Rep. Evelina Escudero (1
District, Sorsogon raised the proposal through !ouse "ill #$#1,
noting that the capabilit% o& broadcast media in disseminating in&ormation through live and recorded
coverage cannot be overstated.
'"roadcast media is the best tool to rela% in&ormation and motivate people to participate in nation
building. (t is the most e&&ective vehicle to carr% out the government)s ultimate goal to promote the
ob*ectives o& sound government,+ Escudero said.
Escudero noted that its in&luence in shaping public perceptions and behavior, changing social
attitudes and bringing about social integration is highl% recogni,ed.
Escudero said her proposal also adheres to Section -#, Article (( o& the .onstitution, which
provides that '/he State recogni,es the vital role o& communication and in&ormation in nation0building.+
/he lad% lawmaker stressed that health, road and tra&&ic discipline, good values, public sa&et%,
wel&are rights and bene&its and disaster preparedness are matters o& public interest and concern because o&
their signi&icant e&&ects on sa&et% and on the social, economic and moral well0being o& the people.
Escudero said that plans and programs o& the government on these matters must involve the active
participation and cooperation o& the people &or their e&&ective implementation.
'/hus, the government should rela% and communicate the public polic% on these matters through
the use o& the most e&&ective and accessible means, the broadcast media,+ Escudero said.
/he measure also seeks to guarantee and con&irm the social responsibilit% o& broadcast media in
serving the interest and wel&are o& the people.
1nder the measure, all broadcast media are required to provide public service time o& at least two
minutes per hour to enable the government promote the e&&icienc% o& public service and the principles o&
good governance.
"roadcast media shall elect the sub*ect matter to be &eatured in a given time.
As described in this proposal, broadcast media re&er to radio or television stations engaged in the
business o& distributing audio and video content to a dispersed audience via an% audio or mass
communication media.
/he bill mandates the 2hilippine (n&ormation Agenc% (2(A to cause the production o& the public
service commercials designed to promote and in&orm the public on the latest issues, announcements,
warnings, plans and programs o& the government to be aired b% the broadcast media.
3ailure o& an% broadcast media to provide the required public service time as stipulated in this
proposal shall be a ground &or suspension, revocation or non0renewal o& license to operate radio or
television station. (45 lvc
NR # 3564B
AUG 20, 2014

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