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Table 13-10 (Continued)

Runway light (high 10 ft outside run- 200-Watt, 6.6-am- White on full Mounted on 200 ft
way edge paral- pere, PS-30bulb, length of ground or on a
Used on all in- lel to the run- mogul prefocus runway ex- low base with
strument runways way, opposite base; 250-watt, cept one- breakable joint
to indicate limits each other and 20-ampere, T-10 half white which will give
of area available so circuited that bulb, medium and one-half way if light is
for landing and a single runway prefocus base; yellow struck accident-
take-off. may be delin- or500-watt, 115- within 1,500 ally by an air-
eated as a unit volt, T-20 bulb, ft of each plane. Maxi-
medium prefo- end of run- mum extension
cus base way 30 in. above sur-
Threshold light (high Across each end of 200-Watt, 6.6-am- Green Mounted on (See lo-
intensity) runway along pere PS-30 bulb, ground or on a cation)
Used in conjunc- line perpendicu- mogul prefocus low base with a
tion with and in lar to runway base; 250-watt, breakable joint
same circuit as center fine, sym- 20-ampere, T-10 which will give
high-intensity metrically bulb, medium way if light is
runway light to spaced in two prefocus base; accidentally
indicate usable groups, one or500-watt, 115- struck by an air-
limits of runway group on each volt, T-20 bulb, plane. Maxi-
side of runway, medium prefo- mum extension
leaving an 80-ft cus base 30 in. above sur-
clearance gap at face
runway center
Runway light (low Along both edges 40- Watt, 115-volt, White on full Mounted semi- 200 ft
intensity). of runway pav- A-21 bulb, me- length of flush with pave-
Used on runways ing, opposite dium prefocus runway ex- ment, heavy
to indicate area each other and base; or 325-lu- cept one-half prismatic glass
available for land- so circuited that men, 6.6-ampere, white and and steel cover.
ing and take-off. a single runway A-21 bulb, me- one-half yel- Maximum ex-
may be deline- dium prefocus low within tension 4 in.
ated as a unit base. 1,500 ft of
each end of
above surface
Threshold light (low Across each end of 100- Watt, 115-volt, Green Mounted semi- (See lo-
intensity) runway along a A-21 bulb, me- flush with pave- cation)
Used in conjunc- line perpendicu- dium prefocus ment, heavy
tion with and in lar to runway base; or 1,020- prismatic glass
same circuit as center line and lumen, 6.6-am- and steel cover.
low-intensity run- at uniformly pere, A-21 bulb, Maximum exten-
way light to indi- spaced intervals mediumprefocus sion 4 in. above
cate usable limits of 50 ft. On base surface
of runway runways less
than 150 ft wide
spacing should
be decreased to
allow a total of
four to be used
Around boundary 40-Watt, 115-volt, White Normally on 300 ft
Boundary light of landing area A-21 bulb, me- boundary cones
Used to outline and so circuited dium prefocus
limits of landing that entire land- base; or 325-lu-
area ing area is de-
lineated as a unit
men, 6.6-ampere,
A-21 bulb, me-
dium prefocus
Across each end of 100-Watt, 115-volt, Green Normally on
Range light preferred land- A-21 bulb, me- cones. Landing 50 ft
Used on an all- ing path in dium prefocus paths are coded Apart
way field to indi- boundary light base; or 1,020- by using two,
cate a preferred circuits lumen, 6.6-am- three, or more
landing path pere, A-21 bulb,
medium prefo-
cus base
lights across each
end of same pre-
ferred landing