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Editor: Dekanat der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Fakultt

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September 2010
Dear Prospective Student
Thank you for your interest in the Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics
and Social Sciences. If you are a highly motivated student with an excellent academic
record, we encourage you to apply for CGS, the integrated PhD program of the Faculty
of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne (WiSo).
We offer you a unique approach to combine methods and research strategies from
the elds of Economics, Finance, Management, Sociology, Psychology, Political Sciences,
Econometrics/Statistics, Energy Economics/Policy and related elds.
The Cologne Graduate School has a strong focus on interdisciplinary methods and
empirical research. The program includes a rst-year-study program of ve mandatory
courses and an intensive training in all relevant research methods, followed by two
years of concentration on writing your academic papers and nishing your dissertation.
In addition, you have the opportunity to register for a variety of Academic Skill Courses
such as Academic Writing in English, Rhetoric, Grant Writing Proposal, etc. The strong
international exchange program of the University of Cologne with its many partner
universities throughout the world further enhances your experience.
Fellows receive a monthly grant to cover living expenses, adequate funds to conduct
their research, ample ofce space and other amenities. Cologne, centrally located in
Europe with easy access to other major cities, offers you a vibrant and diverse cultural
scene as well as some prestigious economic institutions.
With our large and respected Faculty, our outstanding reputation for research relevant
to decision makers in politics, companies and non-prot organizations, as well as our
cooperation with national organizations and research institutes, we offer you an out-
standing environment conducive to your studies.
We welcome you to our university and will do our very best to provide you with an
outstanding academic experience.
Prof. Dr. Frank Schulz-Nieswandt Prof. Dr. Dirk Sliwka
Dean, Faculty of Management, Academic Director, Cologne Graduate
Economics and Social Sciences School in Management, Economics
and Social Sciences
University of Cologne | Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences | Graduate School
The Cologne WiSo-Faculty is a member of:
The CGS provides a multidisciplinary platform for my study and research and offers me the
opportunity to join the dynamic intellectual environment of a highly ranked university. Team
working in a stimulating atmosphere, together with a highly personalized academic experience,
is perfectly designed to meet individual needs. Marta Quintussi, Italy
Cologne Graduate School enables me on the one hand to focus intensively on my research
projects, while on the other hand being able to benet from a broad variety of excellent
methodological courses. The diversity of disciplines at the University of Cologne along with
the interdisciplinary approach at CGS create a very fruitful environment which enforces the
exchange of ideas and can ultimately enrich the own work. Pascal Bruno, Germany
Type of Program Structured doctoral program in Economics, Management, Social Sciences
Taught predominantly in English
Degree awarded: Dr. rer. pol.
Duration Three years (full time)
Requirements Open to excellent students holding a M.A., MSc, or Diploma
Application For the program starting the following October, the application deadline is April 30
Tuition No tuition for PhD students
Grants Fellows are awarded a monthly stipend of EUR 1,200 for the duration of three years
The School
Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences
Richard-Strauss-Str. 2 | D-50931 Kln
phone: +49(0)221-470 6070 | fax: +49(0)221-470 1229 | e-mail:
The Directors
Academic Director: Prof. Dr. Dirk Sliwka
Phone: +49 (0)221-470-5887 | Fax: +49 (0)221-470 5078 |
Managing Director: Dr. Dagmar Weiler
Phone: +49 (0)221-470 6070 | Fax: +49 (0)221-470 1229 |
Visit CGS at
Focus of Research
CGS focuses on the following key research areas:
1) Markets and Institutions
In this eld at the boundary between Management Research and Economics, we explore the design of markets and
institutions. Management researchers, Economists, and Social Scientists of the WiSo-Faculty study the appropriate
design of institutions that govern social and economic transactions. Topics are for instance the design of electronic
markets, of incentive schemes in organizations, supply chains or marketing strategies. Using scientic tools and
methods like game theory, contract theory, econometrics, survey research, and experiments, a key aim of research
in this eld is to develop insights that help real world decision makers.
2) Social and Economic Behavior
Understanding the fundamentals of social and economic behavior is of key interest to all researchers involved in
CGS. To achieve this, scientists have turned to experimental methods, a relatively recent subeld of Economics. The
Cologne Laboratory of Economic Research provides a unique infrastructure to advance research in this eld as it is
among the most modern and largest laboratories of its kind. Research topics include the study of social preferences
and the emergence of social norms and trust among economic agents and psychological underpinnings of social
and economic behavior. Among others, two Leibniz Awardees, Axel Ockenfels and Thomas Mussweiler, jointly work
in this area as principal investigators of the Graduate School.
3) Internationally Comparative Social Research
With the advent of harmonized micro data collected simultaneously in different countries, internationally com-
parative social research has become a major cross-discipline eld in our Faculty. Comparative social research
within CGS combines the use of micro data and aggregate data within a unied theoretical and methodological
framework that distinguishes the social order at the macro level and life opportunities at the micro level.
Each year, CGS awards 10 to 12 scholarships to excellent students (among the top 10 % of their year). Applicants
must have a documented record of academic excellence and hold a M.A., MSc, or a Diploma in a discipline relevant
to the Schools research area. Students from outside Germany are particularly welcome. The ability to do academic
work in English is a prerequisite for admission.
Students will be evaluated at the end of each year. Admission to each successive phase of the program depends
on a positive evaluation. Students may submit their dissertation in English or German. The preferred form of the
dissertation is a cumulative dissertation consisting of at least three papers. All dissertations are to be submitted
to the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences. The degree awarded will be Dr. rer. pol.
Applications must be submitted from the end of February to April 30 of each year. Shortlisted applicants will
be invited for an interview in May of each given year. The program begins in October. For further details see
Financial and Organizational Support
Students admitted to the program will receive a monthly fellowship of EUR 1,200. Continuation of the payment
is dependent of a successful evaluation at the end of each year. No tuition is charged; students only have to pay
the semester fee. Students will have fully equipped ofce space, full access to libraries and all associated research
institutions as well as administrative support regarding visas, international travel, etc.
PhD Program
The three-year program employs interdisciplinary methods and courses with special emphasis on quantitative
and empirical research. During the rst year, students participate in doctoral core-courses including three courses
on multidisciplinary methods and theories. During the second and third year students implement their empirical
research and start to work on their dissertation.
CGS offers
A research oriented curriculum for exceptionally qualied students
An excellent research environment
Close collaboration with supervisors
English as a working language
A network of associated research institutions, business organizations and NGOs
An international learning experience in a major city in the heart of Western Europe
Core courses, for instance, include
Applied Econometrics
Advanced Econometrics
Advanced Macroeconomics
Advanced Microeconomics
The Psychology of Strategic Interactions, Negotiations, and Selling
Methodologies of Case Studies
Research Seminars
Academic Skill Courses
Academic Writing in English
Presentation in English
Grant Writing Proposal
Thesis Phase
Research Seminars
Thesis Work
Research Paper
Presentation at Inter-
national Conferences
Research Stay Abroad
Academic Skill Courses
Research Seminars
Thesis Work
Preparatory Phase
Doctoral Core Courses
Research Seminars
Professorial Supervisor
Academic Skill Courses
year 2
year 3
Mentor- and 3600-Feedback System, Annual Agreements on Objectives S
f D
Studying at CGS certainly broadened my interdisciplinary horizon. Without the program,
I would have looked less often at current developments in other elds. But exactly this is
important for aiming at the top journals and conferences. Dominik Becker, Germany
I study at the Cologne Graduate School because its interdisciplinary orientation allows me
to work with different people in different areas and conduct modern empirical research that
combines related disciplines. Felix Klle, Germany
The Faculty is made
up of professors of
the Faculty of
Economics and
Social Sciences at the
of Cologne. Faculty
include amongst
Andre, Hans-Jrgen
Badunenko, Oleg
Barbie, Martin
Beckert, Jens
Bettzge, Marc Oliver
Ebers, Mark
Fetchenhauer, Detlef
Funk, Peter
Grtler, Oliver
Herzig, Norbert
Hess, Dieter
Homburg, Carsten
Irlenbusch, Bernd
Jaeger, David
Kaiser, Andr
Kempf, Alexander
Kuntz, Ludwig
Ludwig, Alexander
Mosler, Karl
Mussweiler, Thomas
Ockenfels, Axel
Reinartz, Werner
Rohlng, Ingo
Schmitz, Patrick
Schoder, Detlef
Sliwka, Dirk
Thonemann, Ulrich
Vlckner, Franziska
Wagner, Michael
Wambach, Achim
Wessels, Wolfgang