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Dear prayer supporters


Hope you are all doing great! Thanks so much for those who are praying for the Mengen church and individual
believers. Many of you know pray personally for some of our friends, and maybe you would like to do the
same? Here are a few links to our blog, which introduces you to a few of our believers, what about praying for
them today?

Check it out:

Brus and Apite
Kamalus and Sepin
Sande and Tokare
Balsen and Seselia

Also check out our blog at Lourens and Marie Laureti for more general news, photos, clips and a history of our

My co worker, Dave Wright shared some news from Lele, and I
am glad I can now also share it with you guys!

pictured here, has had to step out of an active role on the Mengen
team to go home to care for her ailing parents. She has
sacrificially given 13 years to the Mengen people; loving on them,
translating scripture, discipling, and supporting the work in every
conceivable way. She will be greatly missed, but we support her
as she steps into this new role. Please pray for grace for those of
us that remain as we pick up the pieces to carry the work on to its
finish with a mature Mengen church and a completed New

BLESSED BY MECHANICS… Charles & Robin Wadsworth
along with Shane Edmond were a real blessing in the
previous week as they systematically went through all of our
electrical and mechanical equipment to bring them back up to
snuff and making repairs as they needed to. I was reminded
that while the Apostle Paul had Dr. Luke as his constant
companion in the ministry; we’ve had our own personal
‘physicians’ all along the way as they’ve looked after us
physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. And truly
these are the unsung heroes of the Mengen work –the ones
who work tirelessly in the background to make all the victories
possible. Please know that this work is all about a team of
folks that extends all the way down to each of you -each of
you are as valuable as this ‘mouth’ in the

GOD IS AT WORK… I am amazed day after day at the God-stories that are shared with me as I sit with our
guys or a believer comes our way. It’s amazing to see the strides that our Bible teacher trainees are making
each and every week as they teach in dependency on God to enable and bless His word. And now God is
adding female Mengen Bible teachers for the ladies discipleship class –and they too are doing an amazing job,
but feel so weak! But each of these trainees need to be trained and discipled specifically in order to see them
fully trained and ready to be sent out to for the numerous requests that we’re getting for teaching.
Hamlet of Alangili is neighboring to our north coast church plant and are right now building
themselves a classroom for our north coast church planters to bicycle over to them on a weekly basis to teach
them. Our guys have been amazed at their hunger for truth as they’ve simply challenged them with the
inconsistences in their understanding and that God cannot, and will not accept us based on anything that we
do in our own strength to approach him. These few are already throwing away much of what they rested on by
way of good works and clamouring to be taught. Please pray for grace for our north coast church planters to be
able to undertake both of these works.
Oil palm block in Tsoi, two hours’ drive to the west from our north coast church plant, has just sent
word that we are requested (not asked –but requested) to come to a meeting there the second week of
September to begin teaching as they should have their teaching house ready by then. This is all the result of
guys exuberant sharing amongst their family in this location for what they are hearing for the first time at our
north coast church plant. This block is a melting pot of displaced languages from across PNG as they’ve come
to work. But we have no one to send so we’re going to ask a neigbouring language group to send some of their
teachers to undertake this church plant.
There are many stories of God wonderfully glorifying Himself in our midst as our believers
challenge their unsaved family and friends –often visiting right through the night. And so much has been the
challenge, that one believer surmises that it won’t be long until our entire village is under the sound of the
gospel –please keep praying to that end. In all of it, one of the teachers said that they are not even surprised
as God miraculously works on their behalf as to have been surprised is to not have believed him in the first
place –wow, what a challenge to our little faith!

one of our strong opponents in our village came down deathly
sick and needed to be medivacked out to a larger coastal
hospital. One of the believers pitched in the flight costs for him
and a believing family member in order to show him the love of
Christ, and our mission has provided accommodations, food
and transport back and forth to the hospital. Well there, God
has graciously opened the door for Kemotu to be challenged
very pointedly in regards to Christ and his lost state –all
without the distractions of very strong family members who
dissuaded him in the past. Please pray that these seeds would
bear fruit as he’s seen the love of Christ through us and
returns home this week.

Right now, there is a measles epidemic in our area –but the only village that has been fatally effected
is right within the compound of the one shaman that we’ve been asking you to pray for. Believe it or not, they
have had 15 deaths in a very short order –all from newborns through to 25 year olds (which has to make these
animistic peoples really begin to fear). Our believers have nicknamed this shaman, “Pharaoh” and they are
wondering how may ‘plagues’ will God need to send to him before he too is
humbled. Our believers here at home have been using this in their witness, asking
why their unbelieving family are still believing in this shaman as he can’t protect his
own or raise them back to life as he’s promised. Should God demonstrate His power
in humbling this man, it would go a long ways for the advance of the gospel. Please

NEEDED TOOLS… God has provided our team with a few solar powered MP3
players which can only be loaded by ourselves with a special cable –which we’ve
pre-loaded with recorded evangelistic lessons and some of their Christian music.
The few players that we had have all been given out and are bearing fruit as folks
that have been opposed to the gospel are listening in the quiet of their homes or
gardens and are slowly being drawn to the gospel. Others with unsaved family
members are playing their players at every chance they get to first review what they
are hearing and secondly to plant seeds within their families. There is a need for
additional players so this would be a very practical way for you to support the advance of the gospel.

NEEDING GRACE… Please pray for us as we are teaching here in South Africa. Pray that we will NEVER
take our eyes of our Father and Provider. Pray that God would provide partners that he has chosen to join our
team in seeing the Mengen Work brought to completion.

Lots of Love

Lourens for the Mengen church.