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Karomama (God's Wife)

Karomama Meryetmut
prenomen: Sitamen Mutemhat
Titles: Gods Wife of Amun, Lady of the Two Lands, Adoratrice of Amenemope (an ityphallic form of Amun
associated with Luxor). he styled herself as !au"hter of #e and $istress of !iadems. The latter two are
female %ersions of the pharaonic titles on of #e and Lord of !iadems. (Ayad)
&aromama ser%ed as Gods Wife of Amun under 'sor(on )) and his successors. *!odson+,ilton p" -./,
-.0+-12 The approximate dates for her tenure as God3s Wife are ca 4/1 + 451 6.7. &aromama was possi8ly a
dau"hter of 'sor(on )). )t is also possi8le she is the dau"hter of ,arsiese. (&itchen)
Bronze statue of Karomama now in the Louvre (N500)
The statue depicts &aromama with a short 9u8ian style wi". A uraeus must ha%e decorated the front of the
wi", 8ut was 8ro(en off. ,er hands are held out in front of her and it loo(s as thou"h they would ha%e
"rasped somethin". he wears an ela8orate dress which is made to resem8le win"s encirclin" her 8ody. This
statue was dedicated 8y her treasurer Ahentefna(ht. *!odson+,ilton, p" --12
The God's Wife Karomama (Jon Bodsworth)
Luxor Statue - usurped from the 18th dnast!
Line drawing from Dodson and Hilton. Egytian !"se"m Berlin ##$%
&ee Lesi"s' Den'mahler( Band )))( *age #+,
The statue depicts a (now headless) priest holdin" a 9aos. The statue was disco%ered 8y :etrie and ;ui8ell
durin" exca%ations of the #amesseum. (Griffith )nstitute)
This statue was usurped 8y a --nd dynasty priest and the scene was chan"ed to depict &aromama
$eryetmut. &aromama sha(es two sistra 8efore a seated statue of Amen+#e who is depicted with a #ams
head and two dou8le plumes. &aromama wears a lon" pleated dress. he wears a short 9u8ian style wi"
with a uraeus on her 8row. ,er modius is 8y a fairly lar"e %ulture whose outstretched win"s seem to protect
a crowned co8ra. *!odson+,ilton, p" -.02 The inscription mentions that &aromama is the dau"hter of a
&in"3s Wife. ,er mother is named as 9e8ettawy ,enuttawy. )t is not clear if this is <ust "i%in" the mother3s
titles + Lady of the Two Lands and $istress of the Two Lands + or if this could 8e her name. )f the latetr is
true, her mother would 8e a Lady of the Two lands named ,enuttawy.
" #reen #$azed sha%ti is in the collection of the 6ritish $useum (=A/5>-5) The inscription reads
The -siris( di.ine .otaress of /m"n( Karomama( !eryt!"t.
$ariam Ayad, God3s Wife, God3s er%ant: The God3s Wife of Amun (ca./51?@-@ 67), #outled"e,
Aun -, -110
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J"ne $( #89:)
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&"lement) Aris B :hillips. .04C )69 0/4+14@CC4-044
Karomama (God's Wife)