21st & 23rd March 2008

CROSSOVER GOOD FRIDAY OFFERING Your partnership in 2008 will enable us to support churches and pastors in many practical ways, including  Providing free copies of PRAC to all Baptist Pastors and Church leaders:  Providing subsidised high-quality, low-cost evangelistic resources to church (more than one million pieces of evangelistic literature is distributed each year);  Funding State Union evangelism task-forces and local church evangelism projects;  Providing training events and facilitating key fissional forums;  Supporting the development of mission in remote Australia.

David Chatelier “He is risen”

6:30pm SERVICE
Pete Horbury This service will be in the church hall


Wed Sun 26th 30th Mar 6:30am 10.00 am Mar 10.00am 6:30pm Prayer in Prayer room Pastoral Team Meeting Yvonne Lindner Julia Beaumont

Belgrave Heights Convention 21-24th Mar From 10:30am @Convention Centre, Belgrave Heights “Songs & Sufferings of the Saints” Further information: www.bhc.org.au or brochure in church foyer
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!! That means ANYONE who has some free time on that day. We need you to help out on Fri 4th April at the Pirate Mania day for kids. There are many tasks to be involved in so why not join the team to make this a great day when children are touched for Jesus.

Tracee needs cardboard inserts from paper towel rolls for an activity on that day so make sure you bring them to church by Sun 30th Mar

YOUR INPUT NEEDED! Church Council is seeking to develop a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre and would appreciate any suggestions you may have for inclusion in such a Memorandum. Please pass your comments or thoughts in writing to our Treasurer: Russell Stebbins (email: rjstebbins@bigpond.com.au). 23rd March
AM Leader Duty Stewards Sound Media Crèche Carers Hedley Sutton Bus M/T & washing up Offering Count
Richard Coombs W. Vinaev, N Vinaev, L.Doy A.Cooke N /A H.Dalton H.Brown, J.Geddes,J.Spicer L.Zenner, K.Kendall

30th March
E.Papajcsik W. Vinaev, N Vinaev, L.Doy D.Dyer M.Cudlipp N/A J.Spicer L.Doy, P.Martin, K.Kendall D.Yelland, M.Milic

We warmly welcome you as you celebrate Jesus with us today, especially those who are visiting. We invite you to fill in the yellow card, found in the back of the seats, and place it in the offering bowl.

 Dulcie Black (97) passed away during the week. Pray for her family and friends as they grieve for her. The funeral will be held at CBC Tues 25th Mar, 10.30am.  Donna Andrews’ mother, Shirley Eades, passed away during the week. Praise God that Donna was able to be with her mother over the past few days.  Stephen, Kathy and family would value your prayers for them as they prepare to move house on 28th Mar.  Please continue to pray for our older folk who are unable to get to Church on a Sunday – Dulcie Black, Florence Evans, Mae Falla, Alma Hutchinson, Nellie Johnson, Gwen Shepherd, Edna Smith.  Praise God for the great time a small group of folk had during their get-away trip to Ballarat last week. Thanks to Alan Kendall who conducted the tour.  Pray for those who have taken some time during the Easter school holiday break to have a holiday. Pray for safety, rest and refreshment.  Pray for Carolyn Yelland as she prepares for surgery next week. Pray also for others who are recovering from recent illness including Ellma Angus, Lyn Davidson, Lyn Doy, Tom Barton, Rowan Forster & Lorna Richardson.

 Sarah Holleman and Heidi Staudacher both have mums who are unwell and who live some distance away. Pray for them as they visit and care for their mothers.  Pray for Tracee Veenstra and team as they prepare for the Pirate Mania children’s day (4th April) during the school holidays. Pray that many volunteers will be able to help on the day.  Pray for David, Von and Keith during the next few weeks as they prepare for Term 2 and beyond.  Pray for Rev Peter Gador-Whyte of Highfield Rd Uniting.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pray for these people on their birthday. 23rd March Jim Walker Lynette Williams 24th March Gary Fietz 26th March Nathan Chatelier th March 29 Genevieve Hughes, Dirk Quartel
ANYONE FOR TENNIS? Competition tennis is between seasons at present. There will be social tennis every Saturday until 14th April starting at 2.30 with a break for a cuppa at 3.30. For further information call Helen Brown

MINISTERS: All the People SENIOR PASTOR: David Chatelier PASTOR: (Young Adults & Youth) Yvonne Lindner PASTOR: (Pastoral Care & Small Groups) Keith Chessell PASTORAL & OFFICE SUPPORT: Cathy Cudlipp ADMINISTRATOR: Ian Warner TREASURER: Russell Stebbins FLAME Kid’s Club Facilitators Tim & Tracee Veenstra PLANET TRANSFORMERS: Jayne Geddes

CHURCH OFFICE 9.30am – 12 noon Cathy Cudlipp: Monday, Wednesday, Friday NET GIVING DETAILS: Cant Baptist Church: BSB: 704922 Account #: 100009980 COUNCIL MEMBERS: Don Barton, Cathy Cudlipp, Beck Hodge, Toli Papageorgiou, Prof John Spicer, Wally Vinaev, Glenn Ward. WORSHIP COORDINATOR AM: Endre Papajcsik WORSHIP COORDINATOR PM: Anthea Holder DICIPLESHIP & OUTREACH TEAM COORDINATOR: Glenn Ward FELLOWSHIP TEAM COORDINATOR: Dirk Quartel

Canterbury Baptist Church is a Christian Community empowered by Jesus Christ through faith, worship and prayer, to serve our neighbours and the world so that others can know Christ for themselves.


Connecting Jesus and Community