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Alternative Schools Contract

I understand that:
1. I am expected to arrive on time and be in regular attendance. I am also expected to complete all class
work and projects as assigned. If I am absent, a note from my parent is required the following day. All
absences will be reported to the parents. (Three unexcused absences will result in a parent conference)
2. I am required to follow the Dress code (see attached)
3. I am subject to daily search and seizure of any item that is illegal or a violation of school rules.
4. I will refrain from profanity, abusive or demeaning language at all times
5. I will in no way provoke, insight, or instigate a fight/riot at any time.
6. I will not bring weapons or drugs to school.
7. I will refrain from use of gang paraphernalia, signs, drawings, or colors at all times. I will not wear clothing
or hair designs indicating any gang or club affiliation.
8. I will not smoke cigarettes, drugs or use smoking paraphernalia on school property.
9. I will refrain from sexual harassment of any student.
10. I will respect myself, administrators, staff, and students at all times.
11. I am required to participate in individual and/or group counseling and other behavior modification
activities. This will include drug/gang awareness education if I have been expelled for this behavior.
12. I will refrain from loitering at the corner store on Mendenhall and Summer or anywhere near the school.
13. When cell phones are confiscated they will be distributed on Wednesdays 3:00-3:30 to the parent only.
14. No one will be released for check-out after 2:40.
15. Suspensions will be cleared daily from 8:30-9:30 and 2:30-3:30 with the parent and student.
I agree to do my best everyday while enrolled at Northeast Success Academy. I will conduct myself in a
respectable manner in accordance with the rules and regulations as well as Shelby County School Board
Policies. In order to receive the full academic benefits of attending Northeast Success Academy, I agree to
remain in the program until the end of the nine weeks grading period. I fully understand that my expulsion
time may also be extended due to 1) parent request, 2) Alternative Schools recommendation, and/or 3) failure
to satisfactorily meet all Alternative Schools requirements for home school reentry.
I have received a copy of the Alternative Schools Contract. I understand that if I choose not to follow these
rules, it may result in termination from Alternative Schools for the remainder of my assigned expulsion
Student Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________ Date: ____________________
School Staff Signature: __________________________ Date: ____________________

Dress Code

1. We require all students to wear uniforms. The uniform consist of:
Solid white shirt with a collar or blouse (any T-shirts worn under the collar shirt
must also be solid white)
Black, Navy Blue, or Khaki pants, shorts/skirts (knee length or longer)
(If pants or shorts have belt loops, then a belt must be worn)
Proper fitting blouses, shorts/skirts, pants are required
**Site Administrator reserves the right to modify above dress code
2. No jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings, removable dental grills or any other visible body
jewelry is to be warn except as indicated:

Males Watches only Females Watches and one pair of small earrings only
3. Shorts and skirts must be knee length
4. Midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, low cut blouses and tights are not permitted.
5. Pants must be waist size appropriate a worn at waist level with a belt at all times. All
shirts must be tucked inside pants at all times. Oversize or tight clothing is not permitted.
6. Hats, scarves, hoods, and sunglasses cannot be worn inside the building.
7. Coats and jackets must be kept in lockers or designated areas upon arrival each school day
8. Backpacks, oversize and large purses are not allowed.
9. Proper personal hygiene is expected daily.

Parents will be called to bring the student a change of clothes if these rules are violated.
Repeated noncompliance of dress code rules will follow progressive discipline measures
which can result to suspensions.