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Travel Budget

Total Budget
$2,750.00 Transportation 42% 1,068
Total Expenses
Lodging 24% 600
$2,552.70 Food 21% 525
Difference Entertainment 4% 110
$197.30 Other 10% 250
What are my expenses?
category quantity unit cost amount
Flights Transportation 2 400.00 800.00
Taxi & Bus Transportation 5 30.00 150.00
Driving (miles, cost/mile) Transportation 50 0.56 28.00
Parking (days, cost/day) Transportation 6 14.95 89.70
Hotel (nights, cost/night) Lodging 5 120.00 600.00
Breakfast & Lunch Food 5 45.00 225.00
Dinners Food 5 50.00 250.00
Snacks and Drinks Food 5 10.00 50.00
Museum Tickets Entertainment 2 20.00 40.00
Live Show Tickets Entertainment 2 35.00 70.00
Maps and Guidebooks Other 50.00 50.00
Souvenirs and Gifts Other 200.00 200.00
Total Expenses 2,552.70 $
My Budget & Expenses Where are my total expenses going? 2014 Vertex42 LLC
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Getting Started
Enter the total budget for your trip in cell C4.
Enter all of your trip expenses in the section titled "What are my expenses?" Make sure to
enter the expense category as one of the following: Transportation, Lodging, Food,
Entertainment, or Other.
The "Where are my expenses going?" section is populated automatically based on the total
budget and expenses you enter.
You can change a category label in cells F4:F7. For example, you could change the label
"Entertainment" in cell C7 to "Activities."
The "Other" category will include everything that is not one of the other four categories. Do
not change the name of the "Other" category.
Cell C8 shows the difference between the Total Budget and the Total Expenses, so you can
easily see if you are over or under budget.
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Travel Budget Template
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