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Client: Leading global beverage

Region: Middle East,
Asia pacifc
Industry: Consumer Goods and
Languages: English, Arabic,
Thai, Hindi, Mandarin,
Cantonese, Filipino
Business Impact:
Campaign designs
Consumer insights
Leveraging unstructured data to mine insights to
understand and predict trends in alcohol and non-alcohol
Business Challenge
A leading global beverage company wanted to improve their understanding of
alcohol and non-alcohol market by leveraging insights and cues from customers
conversatons on social channels.
The client wanted Blueocean Market Intelligence to gather insights from Saudi
Arabia, Egypt, Thailand, India, China, Philippines and Australia and provide
informaton on the following key dimensions:
Evolving trends and future predictons of category and impact on non-
alcoholic ready to drink consumpton
Broad consumer sentments towards the category
Usage scenarios and key decision points
Insights of consumer segments driving the upward alcohol consumpton
Blueocean Market Intelligence used its proprietary data mining and analytcs
engine to generate, understand and categorize the buzz. The insights process
consisted of 3 critcal stages
Listen and Gather
Key themes defniton
Channels shortlistng
Related and unrelated key words maps
Predict and Prepare
Translaton and contextual analysis
NLP techniques
Text analytcs
Actonable Insights
Final reports were delivered on a detailed
Working Professionals start talking about alcoholic drinks to counter
stress in the evenings while the actual consumpton starts in the
evening with colleagues/friends
People prefer to start their day with Cofee/Tea stressing on strong
taste while talks in the mornings for on alcohol are related to the afer
party conversatons/hangovers
Mornings Afernoons Evenings Night
Availability of
the drink
Taste Health Pricing
Availability of the drink was a major
point for the consumpton of alcohol
% Taste of red wine was loved
among women and smoothness of
whisky were liked by men
Tea / Cofee
Place of
Sof drinks
Fruit Juice
% like the biter and sweet taste of cofee and
tea in the morning
% prefer having cofee at a cofee shop with
% like the refreshing smell of cofee
% prefer having cofee and tea while meetng
old friends
% prefer sof drinks like Pepsi and Coke while
watching movie, sports and having dishes like
pav bhaji
% like the fruit juice for its natural contents
% had cofee and tea in occasions like Holi,
Diwali and birthdays as it is the traditonal
beverage for bonding with others
% had non alcoholic beverages for relaxaton
% people used cofee to overcome stress
because of its cafeine content
Beer Wine Vodka Scotch
% believe that moderate
consumpton of alcohol provides
health benefts
Chilled beer is loved by young men
and red wine is preferred by women
(%); vodka, rum and whisky are
being consumed by both genders
Happy Occasion Stress
People generally drank when they
were happy and at joyous occasions
like festvals, birthday celebratons;
Men & women drank when they
were stressed at work
Course through the Day
About Blueocean Market Intelligence
Blueocean Market Intelligence is a global analytcs
and insights provider that helps corporatons realize
a 360-degree view of their customers through data
integraton and a mult-disciplinary approach that
enables sound, data-driven business decisions.
Since we live in a highly dynamic and mult-
dimensional world, we believe the most efectve
business decisions come from a synthesis of data
streams and not from one-dimensional sources.
Using our 360 Discovery approach, we ensure the
comprehensive use of all available structured and
unstructured data sources, enabling us to bring
the best to bear against each engagement. Strong
decision support is enabled through a combinaton
of analytcs, domain expertse, engineering and
visualizaton skills brought together in harmony.
Leading companies have benefted from our
partnership with fnancial growth, 360 views of their
markets and competton, and improved customer
acquisiton, satsfacton and retenton.
For more informaton or to request a consultaton,
please email or visit us
online at
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Consumers Choices
Blueocean Market Intelligence team was able to provide
insights to critcal dimensions which client was looking
How the alcohol and non-alcohol drinks were
being consumed
What infuenced the buying and consumpton