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Bob Krause, President

PO Box 12007
Des Moines, Iowa 50312
Press Release Monda', (u)ust 11, 201*
For particulars, contact Bob Krause at 515-657-0069
Embargoed until 10:30 !
Proposal for Medical Miracle Announced Today in Hot Springs
An Iowa charity involved with veterans issues today released its proposal to
enhance the threatened VA Hospital in Hot Springs, South Dakota and save it from
closure. he proposal was released !y "o! #rause, president of the Veterans
$ational %ecovery &enter 'V$%&(, and Dr. Don Swift of )ankton. Swift is one of the
founders of *ewis and &lark Specialty Hospital. He also owns a clinic and is a
South Dakota pioneer in the use of regenerative medicine in +oint healing. #rause
is a longtime veteran activist.
According to #rause, the proposal, called the ,-edical -iracle,. creates a support
platform to sustain the Hot Springs VA in order to/
Improve recruitment of medical professionals,
Improve the training and 0uality of VA medical professionals nationally,
Devise a strategy to make the Hot Springs VA Hospital a national
specialty center,
"ring new medical therapies into the national VA healthcare system,
1rovide for funding and overhead to support the Hot Springs VA Hospital,
Strengthen the ties of the rural area to the Hot Springs VA Hospital in
order to !ene2t !oth the hospital and the rural economy and
34er the VA an opportunity for a long term lease for a portion of the Hot
Springs VA campus.
o do this, the V$%& proposes to create three elements, a college of osteopathic
medicine, a research Institute and an operating regenerative medicine clinic
within the VA hospital. he three operating elements would all !e private non5
Bob Krause, President
PO Box 12007
Des Moines, Iowa 50312
pro2t concerns. After initial funding from the pu!lic sector and from charita!le
contri!utions, the operating elements will !e self5funding through tuition, research
grants and contracts, and an endowed foundation. he endowed foundation a
private sector startup 2rm that deals in regenerative medicine.
#rause said that ,he -edical -iracle plan is the !est and most via!le alternative
proposal to !e considered in the 6S Department of Veterans A4airs 7nvironmental Impact
Statement '7IS( process. It closely meshes with the needs and desires of the VA while
enhancing veterans services in an e8citing new medical 2eld and while reducing long5
term costs to the ta8payer..
Swift talked a!out the need for a college of osteopathic medicine in South Dakota.
&urrently there is none, and the closest colleges are in Denver and Des -oines. Swift
indicated that as well as !eing on the cutting edge of various types of regenerative
medicine, that the new college will help 2ll a need for rural doctors, and will !e a!le to
create a relatively large num!er of doctors for the investment.
he new college is tentatively called "attle -ountain &ollege of 3steopathic and
%egenerative -edicine, or ,"attle -ountain &ollege.. "esides +oints, skin regenerative
medicine will !e an initial focus. During the 9:: wars, a!out ; percent of war
wounded received e8tensive !urn in+uries. It is a niche that has received
relatively little attention in recent years. A Swiss 2rm founded !y Brookings
native Professor Lee Ann Laurent-Applegate has ownership of technologies in this
2eld, and clinical studies will !e conducted to esta!lish Hot Springs as a center for
regenerative skin surgeries. he technology re0uires e8tensive hydrotherapy for
a period of si8 months after the surgeries, and Hot Springs mineral water will !e
used for that.