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This entry form has 4 parts: 1. Your details 2. Your proposal 3. Images 4. CV Deadline: Applications must be received by 5pm, Friday 28th March 2008, we welcome early entries. Email: Please complete each part, and then email it, along with any jpeg images as per section 3, to Guidelines: Please refer to the guidelines and T&C in full at Questions: Please refer to the guidelines and T&C in full at If you have any further questions contact us by email or +44 207 812 0660.


Artist’s name Address

Luke Holmes 54b Cricklewood Broadway London NW2 3ET 0791 630 4985 10/09/85 Octasphere

Phone number Date of birth Email address Title of proposed



The ideas behind the visual arts proposal and what you are trying to communicate to the audience. Please also mention whether there is an audience participation element to the piece. We would prefer site specific works produced for this event but will accept past works that are shown in a new way in this setting. We will not accept artworks that have been previously shown or you are planning to show this year at a UK music festival. [max 400 words]

Since studying surround sound at university, I have always wanted to do an art installation with multiple speakers. I have seen a couple at the Tate modern. One made use of directional sounds, having people walking past speakers and experiencing it only momentarily. Another had a sculpture as a centre piece and speakers dotted around a large room. Sound wise they were very atmospheric and gave you the odd surprise here and there with an oddly placed sound. This lead me to an interest in surround sound for music, and so my final major project on my course was to create a film sound track in 5.1 surround sound. Being a composer this seemed like a natural progression and a good starting point. After a lot of research I found that apart from cinema there is no real place to listen to surround music as an art form. Although surround sound is starting to kick off in the home, there are not a lot of musicians taking advantage of the encapsulating soundscapes that can be created to immerse the audience into a composition, place or time.

And so, my idea…
As the arena is a festival, I would like to keep this fun, exciting and pretty fool proof. I have been to numerous festivals myself and know that 3 days of drinking cider is enough to make men do crazy things, so I’m making this party proof! The proposition… • • • I would like to set up an 8 speaker setup in a octagon formation. They would be playing music and atmospheric soundscapes composed by myself. In between every other pair of speakers will be different shaped sheets of white material with projections of imagery that can be done by VJ’s pre recorded (Four in total).

Tate installation with multiple speakers

Physical Description
Please describe the physical manifestation of the work including media (video/ sculpture/ lights/ painting etc) dimensions, materials, sound component (if any), and any power or other requirements. The Big Chill will provide power for your project, please provide either power requirements or a list of the equipment needing power. The Big Chill will provide floating stewards but if your piece will need constant supervision you may have to provide a crew to invigilate. [max 400 words]

I think the ideal setting would be somewhere with woodland. This is so it would fully immerse the audience into the sound and so to hold the speaker up high in the trees where possible to stop them from being walked/partied into. If this is not possible it’s not too much of a problem but I think it would heighten the experience.

If this is going to be up for 4 days, I would make somewhere around 2+ hours of music, I have several hours of music but would like to create new music inspired by the venue and mix previous works into surround sound if they are not already. I have played my music live and had great responses and would love to take it to the next level and give people a full surround experience! The music would be electronic based with some ambience in between. I would love to really tease the listener with everyday sounds, making them think these things were actually going on behind them e.g. people talking, animal SFX, city noises things that you really wouldn’t expect in the country that would definitely turn your head all mixed with great tunes and beautiful visuals. I have a link in the past work/images section.

I would like to keep these as colourful as possible; I used to have a wax projector that would keep me entertained in my youth, so psychedelic but in this case, also in time where

possible. The visuals will be projected onto a series of thin white linen shapes from behind so not to get in the way of the audience. There will be four stations placed in between every other set of speakers, so every corner. Imagery will consist of landscapes, shapes, colours, digital distortion all animated and very active through out the music. This will last for the full length of the music. The visuals will be a mixture of animation and photography. I have two very talented friends in these fields. Along side me they will create the visuals for the instalment. I have written about there previous works in more detail in the people section and have linked their work in the image sections. This will all be looped and played for as long as necessary.

Health and safety
Please state if any special considerations need to be taken into account. The festival works within the festival code and licensing requirements set by the Council. All structures require a structural engineer’s authorisation. Fuel has to be kept under certain regulations on site. If your artwork utilizes open fire such as candles, torches, fire barrels, or raised containers, please describe in detail. Include a detailed drawing showing how the art will be situated. [max 400 words]

The Speakers will be placed above head height, This will need to be secured and make sure they don’t fall down. There will be electrical cables from the generator to laptop workstations and projectors. These will need to be placed in a cable tidy and kept out the way of the audience. In case of rain, the speakers, laptops and other items will need to have transparent plastic covering that will cover all electronics and some cabling.

Please list briefly all expenses for material costs including transportation of materials and people (address is Eastnor Castle, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1RL) Research your costs carefully and be specific. You can include an artist’s fee; please state whether it includes VAT. Please total your costs. [max 400 words]

For the installation I will need a rough budget of £4000 ideally. Al costing includes VAT. This breaks down into the following approximate values:

8 Speakers 4 stereo power amps 3 projectors 1 bought Projector Materials Cables Generator Transport Time off work Other artist fees

£600 hire for 7days £400 hire for 7 days £400 for 4 days £400 £100 £100 £400 for 7 days £100 £1000 for 4 weeks (£250 pw) £500

This is the highest possible amount it would be, I start work for the audio company Bose on the 31st of March, I may be able to get discount on speaker hire but this will have to be discussed if you wish to pursue my installation. I would like to buy a projector out right to sync visual from home, as there will only be a need for multiple projectors at the performance. Also, as previously mentioned it will be necessary for me to take time out of work. This would be unpaid leave so depending on how long I take off; my artist fee will be £300 a week. I would estimate I would need between 4 & 6 weeks including the festival. Local hire of speakers, sound equipment and projectors will reduce transport costs. We all live in London apart from one member who is in Cornwall, so transport will be petrol money. I have not discussed costing with the other artists but free entry to the festival will make all the crew happy, and I would imagine between £100 - £250 each for artists. If this is way over budget then I would consider only having two projectors and have them left and right centre of the octagon. This would save Roughly £300 including projector rental and materials. Also it could be possible to get lower quality speakers to take a furthur £200 off.

Please describe your support team as it relates to the creation of the art, during the festival and dismantling/cleanup. Describe the roles and skills needed even if you do not know who will assist you at this time. Please state number of artists, number of crew (if required) and roles. [max 400 words]

Myself :: Head Sound Engineer :: Artist Stewart Webb :: Assistant Sound Engineer :: Crew Scott Coello :: Visual Engineer :: Artist Kate Smith :: Photographer :: Artist Simon Piper :: Handy man :: Crew Unnamed :: Driver :: Crew • • • • Stewart and I will look after all sound elements with the project i.e. Speaker placement, cabling, setting up sound playing equipment and electronics. Scott will look after the visual elements i.e. projectors and screens. Simon & Our driver will help with speaker setup, gaffa taping, carrying equipment. We will all take it in shifts to constantly man the piece through out the festival.

A close friend of mine [Scott Coello] is studying animation at Bath University. He is a very talented animator and has had recognition at ‘1 Minute Film Festival’ for a short he made. He would provide animation and VJ at the event. I have linked his website in the previous work section. Another close friend of mine is a photographer based in Cornwall and has had work showcased at the Tate gallery in London. She would help me with imagery with both work new and old. Her collection of imagery is very vast as both she and her father between them have been photographers for more than fifty years. This is from countryside footage, to cityscapes. (I have put links to for both Scott and Kate in the previous work section.) All will be responsible for online promotion on website such as facebook, myspace, youtube. It would be great to get a video blog going online to show progress and give something for people to watch and hype about.

This should run from April-August 2008. Include a pre-event construction timetable, which reflects your budget (e.g. when materials will be purchased, when you will arrive on site when stages of construction will be completed, etc). Access to the site is available from 25th July and artwork must be ready by Wednesday 30th July for health and safety check. All artwork must be taken down and leave no trace on Monday 4th August. [max 400 words]

Composition of music and animation can run till 25th of July. This can be constantly made from now till the performance. But trial runs will be hosted for both prior to the event in rehearsal rooms across London. The setup time for my piece will probably be a day’s work. This will be from start to finish. Pack down will be the same and there will be no change to the scenery after it has been dismantled. (table below might take a brief moment to load)


Have a meeting with all involved and organise dealines for everyone to adere to.


Cost £


Get started with Music and animation.

Meet to discuss what everyone has created so far.


Meet with scott &Kate to work visuals and music together for a test half hour production mid month Start some promotion on myspace, facebook and youtube. Take 2 weeks off to work on music solidly. Meet with Scott and work on animation

Projector, Artist fees



last quarter hire a rehearsal room to test everything and run a full production. List problems and find solutions for festival.

Rehearsal Space, travel, time off


Heavy Promotion on web. Finalise everything, 2 weeks off.


25th :: Hire all equipment, Transport equipment to festival. Asemble, and test.

Speakers, Power amps, Projectors, Cables. Transport costs. Time off.



After finnish, pack down equipment, return all hired equipment.



3. IMAGES … or in this case, SOUNDS, VISUALS & IMAGES

Images You may include up to 3 images of past work and 5 images of your proposal. We will accept scanned detailed drawings, sketches, and plans, hand-drawn or computer generated. You may also send photographs of models or maquettes with your proposal. Please write title of work and details e.g. still from video

Past works images

1. LukuS Music :: A selection of my written work

Show reel -

Artist site - 2. Scott Coello :: Animation Short 3. Kate Smith – Photograper, Tate image shtm

Proposed artwork images

1. Concept art :: This is what I expect the piece to look

like, (this can be made bigger)

2. Dimensions

3. Music :: The Style of music I would like to use for the sound track.

4. Projection :: From behind material in between every

other speaker pair.

CV - Employment Details
Mar 07 - Pres

Citibell Cummunications

B2B Tele Marketing, Booking appointments for collegues to see directors of companies to showcase our products and services Customer Services, Dealing with customer queries and chasing products in warehouse and on database. Customer Services, Dealing with minor tax queries, taking payments and Issuing forms.

Oct 06 - Feb 07

Angel Fulfillment Services: Call Centre

June 04 - Nov 06

HMRC Contact Centre

Musical & Personal Achievements
• • • • • Written Music for a Playwright Sally Griffin for her Secondary school drama projects. Written Music to a Film New Flame by Amateur Film maker Sean Robson. Score was written and mixed in surround sound by myself. Worked in S11 Studios Cornwall for 4 years with owner Steve Forrest coengineering local unsigned Bands & my own band. Created Website for band Confuse. Session Guitar and Bass playing for various acts across the country.

Educational Achievements
September 04 – 06 HND Sound Engineering & Multimedia Plymouth University/Truro College September 02 – 04 BTEC Music Practice: Distinction – Distinction – Merit Truro College 1997-2002 Penrice Community College – 11 GCSE’s including: English Maths Science Music BB B BB A* Music Examinations Grade 8 Guitar, Grade 4 Piano

I have surround sound mixes of my music tracks, please email me at if you would like me to send them to you.

In brief, I feel this is a great opportunity to do something a little different from the normal art installation and keep it musical at one of the biggest musical events of the year. This will not only turn heads but open peoples eyes and ears to a world not explored by many, that has to be heard to be experienced. Look forward to hearing from you

0791 630 4985

Please make sure you have completed all 4 sections of this entry form. Then please email your proposal, with any jpeg images attached, to Arts Hub at The subject line should be the name of your project, in CAPS.