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Executive Summary

Pilipinas Kao, Inc. is a subsidiary of Kao Corporation, one of Japans best

managed firms. It is a provider of high purity oleochemicals, high quality, and
biodegradable chemical products from coconut oil. It is a major exporter to the various
KAO affiliates worldwide. Pilipinas Kao has continued to deliver the kind of quality that
has made it a formidable force in the world of oleochemicals through its mission, vision
and corporate philosophy or the KAO Way. Pilipinas KAO offers OJT training in mid-
April to various schools and universities with academic fields including but not limited to
fields in engineering, science and technology. Pilipinas KAO conducts various and
multiple orientations providing emphasis on confidentiality in their organizational
structure, as well as the hierarchy in their industry. The company emphasizes productivity
and efficiency in its every operation.
Within the company is the Quality Assurance, responsible for tha majority of the
chemical analyses performed in the industry. Analyses present in the laboratory include
but are not limited to analysis of silica, phosphorus, UV, membrane filtration, carbonyl
value, sulfuric acid color, sulfate, phosphate, nitrate, ammonium, APHA color, pH,
conductivity, percent water, saponification value, acid value, hydroxyl value, mixed
liquor suspended solids, mixed liquor volatile suspended solids, suspended solids, percent
glycerin, particle size distribution, melting point determination, gas chromatography, oil
analysis, complete water analysis, copper, chromium, BOD and COD.
Pilipinas KAO Inc provides a training ground in the industry especially for a on
the job training. It promotes self-learning in the laboratory, giving experience that result
to an increased self-confidence and assurance in known knowledge and acquired skills,
providing the venue to evaluate every set of skill and knowledge in every analysis. The
on-the job training in Pilipinas KAO allows students to immerse themselves in the
practice of their occupation in the industry. The training in Pilipinas KAO is an
opportunity to test students and ready themselves for the near future of employment as
well as to gain experience first-hand in the chosen industry.


The OJT trainee would like to extend overwhelming gratitude to the one who
gives days to breathe, to exist and to live, the Almighty Father.
The trainee would also like to profess her boundless gratitude to my mother for
giving generous amounts of time to make her wallet and stomach full, but the heart fuller.
The trainee is especially grateful to her father, who never runs out of patient day to day
guidance that helps her get through every difficulty. A special thanks to the parents of the
trainee for the enthusiastic encouragement and unwavering support in the trainees every
endeavor. The trainee would also extend great gratitude to her siblings for providing
comical relief and equally humorous anecdotes that never fails to alleviate of any stress
and pressure.
The trainee wish to acknowledge the Ka-KAO Girls, namely Ma. Jedil Esteba,
Hannah Joyce Papelleras, Nouvelle Tachado, and Jerlyn Rose Yasay, for their generosity
of their time, companionship and presence in every experience throughout the happenings
within the numbered hours in Pilipinas Kao. The trainee would like to express gratitude
believing that the right company makes everything better.
To those in Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan and Pilipinas KAO, the trainee
is thankful for the given opportunities and privileges to expand the trainees knowledge
and skills in the chosen field of interest. The trainee is grateful of the experiences in both
institutions, for extending their facilities and resources that allows the trainee to explore
her potential.
The trainee would express much appreciation to Dave Franco, simply for giving
the term happy a better definition.
And to those have been failed to mention but have contributed greatly to the
trainees every success both present and future, the trainee extends her gratitude. Words
within this margined page are not enough.


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1.1.2 The KAO Way ...

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1.2 Organizational Structure .


1.3 Training Program


1.3.1 Methods, Operations and Activities ...


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Analysis and Reflection


Conclusion .



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Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan

An On the Job Training Report
Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement to the Course Requirements in
Practicum and Internship in Industries and Community

Submitted to
Gerry G. Vallente

Submitted by
Frances Pauline U. Onting

August 2014