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Guided Practicum in the Administration of Human Services

Critical Analysis Report

Little Sisters of the Poor

Jaquaya Thomas
July 24, 2014

Critical Analysis Report for Little Sisters of the Poor

Invited by Bishop Thomas Becker to serve the elderly of low income in Delaware, the
Little Sisters of the Poor opened their first home in Wilmington on May 18, 1903 (2014). It was
quickly filled and was soon replaced by St. Josephs Home on the corner of 4th Street and
Bancroft Parkway. For the next 75 years, thousands of elderly poor were welcomed into the
family of Jeanne Jugan and were surrounded by love, dignity, and respect. In 1976, when long-
term care regulations and health-care building codes mandated massive renovations, the Little
Sisters broke ground for a new home to be located on Salem Church Road in Newark. The
Jeanne Jugan Residence was dedicated on April 23, 1976 (2014). Today, enabled by the
generosity of those who contribute time, talent and treasure to work with the Jeanne Jugan
Residence, the Little Sisters of the Poor, assisted by full and part-time employees and many
volunteers offer quality care in a home-like setting to 80 Residents. Because this care is reserved
for those in need, the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor has always been supported mainly by
donations The Jeanne Jugan Residence consists of two buildings, connected by the Mall where
activities are held. The three-storied building contains the residential living areas, activities
room, Chapel, beauty parlour, arts and crafts room, Admissions, nursing station, business offices
and Rehabilitation Center. The one floor building houses the kitchen, laundry, maintenance and
Human Resources (2014).
They have a proven track record for placing Resident care as their number one priority as
noted in being awarded a perfect 5-star rating over the past four years (2014). In addition, they
were a recipient of the 2012 Excellence Awards in Hospice & Palliative Care from the Delaware
End of Life Coalition. This recognition could not have been earned without the hard work of
every single member of their staff. The remarkable care and dedication shown on a daily basis
not only reflects their quality, but also the very mission of the Little Sisters of the Poor. By
providing a safe, loving atmosphere and welcoming each individual into their family with open
arms, their tireless devotion makes the facility stand out among 15,000 others in all 50 states
Mother Joseph manages the Little Sisters of the Poor Jeanne Jugan Residence. She
insures the right people are hired for the supervisor positions to run the daily operations of the
agency. The supervisors report to Mother Joseph any concerns they have and anything they need
for the operation of their area. Mother insures the staff are following the policies and procedures
through meetings and trainings. The agency has an annual in-service trainings for supervisors to
follow up with any changes being made with the agency and to keep them up to date on all
operations of the program. Mother Joseph leaves the responsibility of managing the employees
on the supervisors. She does not micromanage but gives her Administrators the tools they need
to be successful as supervisors and lead their staff. Mother is the governing body of the agency
that ultimately makes the final decisions about what goes on with the agency. Little Sisters of
the Poor does not have an official board. The agency has an Advisory Board that is made up of
the sisters with Mother Joseph being the President of that Board.
If I were the Director of Little Sisters of the Poor, I would manage the program similar to
how it is currently being ran but I would enlist an official board composed of different
community members that could help the agency thrive more. The agency has made a name in
the community and thrives but going that extra step could help them with more funding that
could be steady. The board would consist of different people who would bring different aspects
of the program to the table. For instance, I would enlist someone from the banking industry who
was well connected in the community as a way of being connected to possible donors with
fundraising. I would also secure a consistent funding source instead of relying on donations.
The agency has been very fortunate to stay afloat with no problems considering their means of
funding solely relies on donations and fundraising. They apply for grants also but this is not a
reliable source since they are competing with many different agencies for the same money.
If I were the Director of Little Sisters of the Poor, I would keep the program running how
Mother Joseph has it set up. As a supervisor, I would give my staff the opportunity to work in
their positions without me constantly tracking their every move. I do not like it when
supervisors micromanage and I would not do that to my staff. The agency runs very smooth
how it is set up. There are supervisors put in place to oversee the workers and this system allows
the director the freedom checking in with them to insure everything is going as planned.
To get continued and new funding for the program, I would enlist the help of some of the
board members from our newly established board of directors. This board would consist of
members from the banking field, marketing field, medical field, legal field, and education field.
All the members would work together to secure funding by having annual fundraising events and
reach out to prominent people in the community they work, for donations. In order to maintain
consistent donations, the agency will offer some incentives for the companies and or people who
donate. We would apply for long term grants and see if we would be able to qualify for state
funding, since we are providing a service to seniors who are of low income.
If I were the Director, some of the qualities that I would look for in employees and
interns would vary. I want people who are dependable, team players, eager to learn, organized,
able to communicate, reliable, hard workers, self-motivators, punctual, and willing to go the
extra step to help the clients we service. I want to know that I can count on the people who work
for me to do the best possible job they can each day, to make our clients feel like they are
The Little Sisters of the Poor strives for excellence service daily and it shines through the
care of their residents. The agency is set up like a family and on any day you can see everyone
helping each other out.


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