Date: August 21, 2014

The following is based on findings in declassified official MACV Monthly Summaries. Blue Water Navy
veterans are not entitled to presumptive exposure to Agent Orange without meeting specific criteria as
established by Congress. If you need more information, feel free to email
1. DaNang is classified Blue Water Navy (BWN) Port.
2. First cargo ship arrived in DaNang in 1967 after they dredged the harbor. USNS Geiger T-AP-197 –
with 1,700 ROK troops aboard ran hard aground in 13 feet of water in Da Nang Harbor on 4 October
3. Marble Mountain had an open water reservoir that MCB-133 worked the dam and installed an 8 inch
water pipe that ran to the water treatment plant across the river in Camp Tien Sha, collocated with NSA
4. Port Services used large Water Camels, manufactured in Subic Bay, tainted with Agent Orange to
transport water to ships at 46 anchorage locations throughout the harbor. Millions of gallons of drinking
water (potable) per month provided to visiting ships, the majority of which are not on the VA ships list
due to BWN status.
5. Oilers and Supply Ships filled up water (potable) tanks shipboard for further distribution at sea.
6. Fresh produce was flown in daily from Taiwan to Naval Support Activity DaNang for further support of
the war effort. (Offloaded onto Tarmac, transported to refrigeration units, then disseminated using tow
motors, flat bed trucks, possibly helo'd to supply ships or worked by hand at the piers. Unreps and
Vetreps would have been used at sea (BWN) with tainted fresh produce contaminated in DaNang due to
mist produced by Ranch Hand Operations.
7. The Kicker – USAID is in Vietnam today performing remediation efforts to cleanse the soil and water
around DaNang airport and other old military installations in Vietnam due to a Hatfield Group report
that identified samples that exceeded 365 times the global safe level standards for
8. VACO Deputy Director advises they are aware, but "off the record" "it's all about the money."
9. I've disseminated my findings to local and national news media, Senate and the House Armed Forces
Committees, Tom Murphy, all major National Service Organizations, and throughout our state
association. To my knowledge only one minor NSO has replied in appreciation. Too many veterans and
their surviving family members have suffered a wrong done by this nation. It's time we make it right!!!

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