Sociology 2nd 9-Weeks

Name: _______________________ Period: ____________

Pick up your folder and books as you enter the classroom. Begin to work immediately to ensure you have enough time to complete all of the assignments. Put finished work in teacher’s basket on desk. Make sure your writing is readable or it is going to be marked wrong, type or print answers. When responding to writing assignments, be sure to follow the rules for standard English grammar with a focus on spelling and punctuation. Be aware that plagiarism will not be tolerated. All work will have the following heading on everything that is turned in for a grade. In the top left corner, I want the following: Name Period, Subject Page # If your grade does not reach the minimum 80% requirement, you may be offered the chance to receive a “redo” in order to improve your score. . To encourage a first time 80%, 5 points will be added to all scores not requiring a “redo.”

You will be required to cover the following chapters within the 9-week period:

Chapters 7, 8, 9,10,13,15, 16, and 17
Keep in mind that you should complete about one assignment each day. Absences and suspensions may hinder your ability to earn a passing grade, so plan your time wisely.

**Computer Usage: Any student caught using a computer for anything other than approved school work will receive an office referral. This is your warning. If typing assignments, proofread carefully. Each grammar/spelling error counts as 2-points. TEKS: C1, 1AB, 2AB, 3AB, 4AB, 6AB, 7AB, 8ABC Theme: Culture and Social Structure ** Due to the nature of our disciplinary facility, there will be little oral

discussion of topics or issues. Take advantage of writing your thoughts on paper and turning them into your teacher for response. Think About: 1. What is culture? 2. What elements of culture are specific to your specific culture? 3. Why do you believe that socialization is important? 4. What processes and agents contribute to socializations? How do these groups affect the society in which they are a part? 5. How do groups interact and develop within society? How do these groups affect the society in which they are a part? 6. What would our culture be like without the industrialization of society? 7. Do we see in society that some groups of people have more access to technology than other groups? 8. How does the government effect social change and socialization? Think of your own experiences with government agencies. What were their purposes in the overall societal scheme of things? Page #
Ch. 7 HO HO TB Wiki HO

TB: Textbook Wiki: Computer, bookmark HO: Handout Read the Chapter Vocab. Activity: 89/90 Murder…Cheyenne p. 233: Reviewing Vocab. (# & letters only) Prison Town USA: Exam Grade Ch. 7 Exam



Read the Chapter Social Stratification Vocab. P. 269 1-16 Capital Punishment Homeless Women Ch. 8 Exam p. 271 #4: Create a montage on social stratification. Exam

Ch. 9 TB TB HO HO HO HO Ch. 10 HO TB HO HO TB Project HO Ch. 13 HO HO HO TB TB/Wiki HO Ch. 15 HO HO TB HO Ch. 16 HO HO HO TB Wiki HO

Read the Chapter Vocab. p. 302 1-18 p. 303 Reviewing the Facts (# & answers only) Inequalities of Race/Ethnicity Skin Color Tax Hitler Youth Ch. 9 Exam Read the Chapter Vocabulary Activity p. 51/52 Vocab. p. 339 (# & Letters only) Define male/female Inequalities of Gender/Age p. 341: Sociology Projects: #4: Create a diary following one week of your life as the opposite sex. Include home, school, job, shopping, personal hygiene (be appropriate), dating, and sports. Exam Grade Ch. 10 Exam Read the Chapter The Stolen Ones Models of Political Power Generation Gap p. 457: Vocab. Review (Numbers & Letters only) p. 459: #5: Research the Political Parties. Ch. 13 Exam Read the Chapter Guided Reading p. 107/8 Sports Subcultures Vocab. p. 520 (# & Letters only) Ch. 15 Exam Read the Chapter Vocab. Activity p. 7 Population & Urbanization Schooled in Failure p. 561 Vocab. Review (# & Letters only) Fred Cuny: The Lost American Ch. 16 Exam


Read the Chapter Coming to Our Own Rescue Graphic Organizer p. 31 Rumors, Legends, Fads & Fashions Vocab. p.597 ( # & Letters only) p. 599 Technology Activity #1a,b, & c Ch. 17 Exam

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