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?ou are a school superlnLendenL ln a medlum slzed school dlsLrlcL ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes. ?our SLaLe
ueparLmenL of LducaLlon ls plloLlng a new onllne program LhaL wlll easlly allow Leachers ln schools k-12
Lo collecL and locally sLore sLudenL daLa. 1he sysLem also auLomaLlcally reporLs Lhe daLa Lo Lhe sLaLe. 1he
sLudenL daLa LhaL ls Lo be collecLed ranges from conLacL lnformaLlon Lo sLandardlzed LesL scores Lo
soclal-emoLlonal developmenL Lo ºaL-rlsk" lndlcaLors (llke absences and suspenslons). As Lhe
superlnLendenL, you see Lhe Lremendous value ln opLlng-ln Lo Lhe program. lL allows your schools and
Leachers Lo easlly Lrack sLudenLs' progress ln school and ldenLlfy sLudenLs who are aL-rlsk for falllng
behlnd or dropplng ouL. Lven beLLer, Lhe sLaLe wlll lnsLall and malnLaln Lhe sysLem for you, aL no cosL Lo
Lhe school. 8uL recenLly, you have been conLacLed by numerous parenLs ln Lhe communlLy. 1hey are
ouLraged LhaL Lhe sLaLe ls collecLlng #*$ sLorlng #*$ analyzlng lnformaLlon abouL Lhelr chlldren. 1hey are
exLremely concerned abouL Lhe poLenLlal for daLa breaches and don'L wanL Lhelr chlldren's lnformaLlon
belng used for #*8 purpose. 1hey don'L wanL Lhelr chlldren ºplgeonholed", ºlabeled" or ºLracked for llfe
by 8lg 8roLher". 1hese parenLs are aware LhaL Lhe sLaLe ls federally requlred Lo collecL some baslc
lnformaLlon on Lhelr chlldren buL are vehemenLly opposed Lo any addlLlonal daLa collecLlon, no maLLer
Lhe purpose. ln conLrasL, your school dlsLrlcL's aLLorney lnforms you LhaL Lhe sysLem ls lamlly
LducaLlonal 8lghLs and Þrlvacy AcL (lL8ÞA) compllanL and doesn'L vlolaLe oLher prlvacy laws. 1eachers,
prlnclpals and sLaLe offlclals are overall supporLlve of Lhe sysLem because Lhey see Lremendous beneflL
ln havlng access Lo Lons of sLudenL daLa LhaL can be used Lo lmprove schools, Leachlng, eLc.
As superlnLendenL, lL ls aL your dlscreLlon wheLher or noL Lo opL-ln Lo Lhe new sLaLe-wlde sysLem. ?ou
reallze Lhls declslon ralses eLhlcal quesLlons. uo you prlorlLlze Lhe collecLlve beneflLs Lo Lhe schools over
Lhe concerns of some lndlvldual parenLs.Cr do you prlorlLlze Lhe rlghLs of lndlvldual parenLs over Lhe
preferences of Lhe sLaLe?
?4&).-$# 5*4 !*+&$@&=
ºWlLhered ln8loom", .0' C/3*3:7+&F Aprll 30
, 2014.
SLephanle Slmon, º8lg 8roLher: MeeL Lhe ÞarenLs", 6347&7/3, !une 3
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!"#$ 6&'(8= 6$--)+< !-)$+& ,"&"
?ou are Lhe dlrecLor of a nonproflL healLh cenLer locaLed ln uC. ?our healLh cenLer serves a varleLy of
paLlenLs wlLh varylng needs, yeL one of Lhe largesL servlces offered ls subsLance abuse LreaLmenL. ?our
cllnlc offers paLlenLs a wlde varleLy of servlces Lo deal wlLh subsLance abuse, and your cllnlc ls known for
hlgh-quallLy servlces LhaL are offered ln a way LhaL ls noL [udgmenLal of cllenL behavlor. Many of your
cllenLs are low-lncome and could noL afford Lo recelve servlces elsewhere.
1o beLLer supporL your cllenLs, Lhe caseworkers aL your cllnlc collecL a large amounL of daLa on cllenL
behavlor-from frequency of vlslLs Lo demographlc lnformaLlon Lo number of relapses. All cllenLs slgn a
dlsclosure glvlng permlsslon for Lhls daLa Lo be collecLed and shared lnLernally and exLernally ln an
anonymlzed form. A pharmaceuLlcal company conLacLs you Lo see lf you'd be lnLeresLed ln a parLnershlp
where Lhe company obLalns access Lo your cllenL daLa Lo beLLer develop and markeL Lhelr medlcaLlon
deslgned Lo decrease addlcLlon among subsLance abusers. 1he company only needs anonymlzed daLa,
so no ldenLlfylng cllenL daLa wlll be passed on Lo Lhe company. 1hls parLnershlp wlll noL force your
docLors lnLo any sorL of agreemenL Lo purchase or prescrlbe cerLaln producLs-Lhey are free Lo make
declslons based on Lhelr professlonal [udgmenL.
ln exchange for a daLa parLnershlp, Lhe company would be wllllng Lo compensaLe Lhe organlzaLlon for lLs
Llme and resources expended. ?our cllnlc ls exLremely underfunded, and Lhe compensaLlon Lhe
company ls offerlng would help sLablllze your budgeL.
uo you accepL Lhe company's offer Lo sell your cllenLs' daLa?
Would your answer be dlfferenL lf you were Lhe head of a plasLlc surgery cllnlc ln a uC suburb LhaL
mosLly served wealLhy cllenLs, and Lhe company produced medlcaLlon used wlLhln plasLlc surgery

?4&).-$# 5*4 !*+&$@&=
Lucy 8ernholz, ºLLhlcs and Lhe Age of ulglLal AssumpLlon", 6074#*&0"3=8 IJKLF AugusL 4Lh, 2014.
Andrew k. Woods, ºuo Clvll SocleLy's uaLa ÞracLlces Call for new LLhlcal Culdellnes?" )&#*53"$
M*7<'"+7&8, 2014. hLLp://pacscenLer.sLanford.edu/slLes/all/flles/Woods.ÞrovocaLlon.llnal_.pdf

!"#$ 6&'(8= 6'4A$)--"+.$B 6$.'4)&8 "+( 04)A".8
A young nSA conLracLor, leL's call hlm 1eddy S., sLumbles upon documenLs LhaL ouLllne a vasL
survelllance program whlch collecLs large amounLs of personal communlcaLlons daLa on Amerlcan
clLlzens and oLher lndlvlduals around Lhe world. 1he program was orlglnally deslgned Lo monlLor
LerrorlsL groups, as well as prevenL aLLacks on Amerlca and lLs allles, buL slnce has grown ln slze and
scope. 1eddy S. felL LhaL Lhe program was Loo lnvaslve and lL was hls moral duLy Lo expose lL Lo Lhe
Amerlcan publlc. Pe sends Lhe documenLs Lo a reporLer, and prompLly moves Lo an lsland naLlon where
he ls safe from arresL.
AfLer Lhe survelllance program ls made publlc, Lhe nSA ls forced Lo ellmlnaLe lLs Lracklng programs and
devlse new ways Lo monlLor LerrorlsL acLlvlLy. Whlle deslgnlng new Lracklng meLhods, a LerrorlsL aLLack
occurs on an Amerlcan embassy LhaL Lhe nSA had no lncllnaLlon would happen. 1wo Amerlcans dle.
Whlle Lhls fallure by Lhe nSA cannoL be dlrecLly llnked Lo Lhe re-Loollng of Lhe survelllance program,
crlLlcs of 1eddy's acLlons blame hlm, aL leasL by exLenslon, for Lhe deaLhs.
ls 1eddy responslble for Lhe deaLhs of Lhese people? Cr ls he a naLlonal hero flghLlng agalnsL
governmenL overslghL?
?4&).-$# 5*4 !*+&$@&=
!effrey 1oobln, ºLdward Snowden ls no Pero", .0' N'; O3"P'"F !une 10
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!ohn Cassldy, ºWhy Ldward Snowden ls a Pero", .0' N'; O3"P'"F !une 10
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uavld ueCosse, ºLdward Snowden and Lhe Moral WorLh of Clvll ulsobedlence", G'47273* #*$ C&07/+
N';+;''P48F Þ8S.org, lebruary 19
, 2014.

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