Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information Name: Jan Romppanen Addres Sturenkatu 31 C 27 s: 00550 Helsinki, Finland Linkedl n: atech Professional Experience
01/2011 – present 1 year 8 months APM Delivery Consultant, Compuware Finland Oy, Finland • Being responsible on delivering Compuware APM solutions to Nordic Compuware customers, including customers in Telecommunication, Insurance, Gaming and Governmental sectors. • Mentored and trained customers and other members of the delivery team on Gomez™ APM product-line (AMP on-Premises and dynaTrace) and best practices • Responsible on high-value ITSM services that help customers troubleshoot, profile, and predict application performance across their distributed IT environments • Assist sales team in identifying new opportunities for product and services revenue at customer sites. Pre-sales activities are required also in some cases • Created own documentation tools to help documenting application configurations more easily and shared those with the other consultants Operation Manager, Tieto Finland Oy, Finland • Being responsible of dedicated public sector customers ICT solution implementations, managing maintenance, management and continuity services • Being responsible for successful implementations and change management related to the ICT solutions using the ITIL good practices • Participating in the public industry-specific service products and offering development • Being responsible for the architecture and technical documentation of the ICT solutions • Participating in the Customer-specific leadership team work concerning the planning of the development and continuity projects of the ICT solutions and reporting of availability, performance and operation of the ICT solutions Solution Architect, Efecte Corp., Finland • Developing a new cloud based software application to Amazon’s Web Service platform, as a Java developer and UI designer. • Evaluating cloud platforms and software technologies that can be used in cloud environment including integration, monitoring and deployment tools. • Working closely with product management and development. Part of products Scrum team and providing developers more refined requirements, feedback and test results. • Responsible of the new solution delivery process and license model for Efecte Corporate offering and created the solution sales demos. • Responsible of the technical configurations, process workflows and documentations for Change Management and Agreement solutions. Senior Consultant, Efecte Corp., Finland • Efecte system configuration, training, customer support and software integrations. • Responsible consultant in 30+ projects implemented in Finland, Germany, Italy and Estonia with proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrations and pre-sales in Finland. • ITIL process V2 and V3 consulting in projects including Service Delivery and CMDB. • Responsible in integration projects in testing and defining of

E-mail: Telephone: Birthday: Personality: +358 40 722 8286 August 10th 1978 INTJ

08/2010 – 01/2011 4 months

01/2009 – 08/2010 1 year 8 months

09/2006 – 01/2009 2 years 5 months

06/2003 – 01/2008 4 years 8 months 08/2003 – 03/2005 1 year 8 months 06/2003 – 08/2003 3 months

specifications. IT Administrator, Adina gynecology center Ltd., Finland (part-time work) • Setting up the office network and offering support to company staff. CAT and Localization Support, Noodi Ltd., Finland • Technical analyst for localization of documents and software for Finnish companies and EU. Over 35 different languages were used in the translated material. End Quality Testing Audi A4 Avant, Audi Ltd. Ingolstadt, Germany • Test Driving the A4 Avant in SAP controlled test bench, ESP and Electronic Safety System. Computer Science, BSc, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland High School Graduate, Töölö High School, Helsinki, Finland European Youth Parliament team Milano, Helsinki and Munich between 1995-1996 Finnish (native), English (fluent), German (conversational), Swedish (basic) Compuware dynaTrace 4.1 advanced training course Compuware dynaTrace 4.1 core training course Compuware Vantage Foundations course Compuware Vantage Business Service Management course ITIL-Foundation V3 course and ITIL-foundations certificate 2780 - Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database ITIL framework V2: IT Service Support Processes, ITIL-foundations certificate ITIL-Foundations V2 course Good understanding of Amazon Web Services offering (S3, RDS, EC2, Elastic IP & SQS), tools for creating AMI’s and managing Amazon Web Service accounts, Gomez SAAS Web performance monitoring Efecte Products (version 3.2 -> 5.1), Hudson, Atlassian tools, Joomla CMS, MediaWiki and Selenium IDE Scrum, ITIL (V2 & V3), Agile software development, Lean IT, Complexity theory, CobiT basics, SOX IT audit experience and UI/UX design Caucho Resin, Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, JBOSS 5.1 & 6 and Apache, IIS Java, JPA, SEAM, Hibernate, JSF 1.2&2.0, Maven 2, Ant, IntelliJ IDEA 7-9, JavaScript, Perl, Python, PHP, CSS, SQL queries, XML, SOAP, OpenSSL, XSLT 1.0&2.0 and SSL key stores Microsoft OS from MS-DOS 1985 to 2008, 2008 R2 and Windows 7, also Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu & RHEL5/6), Apple OS X, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Amazon RDS Compuware Vantage 11.1-11.7 Business Service Management, End User Experience Monitoring, Java and .NET Monitoring, Network Monitoring and Server Monitoring applications, dynaTrace APM Java/.NET monitoring tool 4.1 Gigamon Switch configurations, Cavium Nitrox SSL cards, Network spanning defining, firewall rule definitions and analyzing application network usage profiles and traffic

2001 – present 1997

Languages Certifications
23.-27.4.2012 3.-7.4.2012 17.1.-20.1.2011 21.3.-25.3.2011 10.-12.12.2008 9.-11.1.2007 12.10.2006 2.- 4.10.2006

Technical Experience and Skills
Cloud software and services Web applications Development and IT methodologies and frameworks Application servers Coding and coding tools Operating systems and databases Compuware applications

Networking and Application Monitoring