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Nastran FX

Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design

The worlds leading engineering solutions and services provider setting the platform
in engineering advancement and development through MIDAS technology
MIDAS IT is taking flight with endless passion and devotion to provide technological solutions worldwide
We Analyze and Design the Future 01
MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd. develops and supplies mechanical/civil/structural engineering software and
provides professional engineering consulting and e-Biz total solutions. The company was officially incorporated in year
2000, and currently employs 260 global developers and engineers with extensive experience. MIDAS IT also has corporate
offices in US, China, Japan, and India. There are also global network partners in over 40 countries supplying our engineer-
ing technology. MIDAS IT has grown into a world class company.
MIDAS IT is dedicated in becoming the worlds best engineering solutions and services provider on grounds based on vision,
trust, and respect between our employees and our clients. We believe that true happiness can be achieved between our
employees and our clients through our world-class solutions, and we will put our endless efforts to make this into reality.
MIDAS IT is taking flight with endless passion and devotion to provide the technological solutions worldwide for the purpose
of bringing true happiness all over the world.
History of MIDAS IT
POSCO group established MIDAS IT
Incorporated MIDAS IT (newly established by POSCO Group) (September 1, 2000)
Entered into strategic alliance and distribution agreement with KKE, Japan
Founded MIDAS China in Beijing
Founded MIDASoft in Seattle, USA
Strategic alliance and distribution Agreements (JCRC-Japan, USA, Canada, UAE, Iran, Bolivia & Thailand)
Founded MIDAS China in Shanghai
Strategic alliance with TNO DIANA, Netherland, and entered into distribution agreement for USA/Europe
Strategic alliance with NEi Software, USA
Founded MIDAS India (Mumbai, MIDAS R&D Centre India Pvt., Ltd.)
Founded MIDAS Japan, Tokyo
Strategic cooperation agreement with KKE, Japan in the mechanical engineering field
We are competing in the world market with
our self-developed technology 02
MIDAS IT China / Beijing
Rm.1307, 13th Floor, Fangyuan 56(Yi),
Zhongguancun Nan da Jie Haidian
District, Beijing, China
Tel. +86 010 51658210
MIDAS IT India / Mumbai
804 & 805, 8th Floor, Maithili's Signet,
Plot No. 39/4, Sector 30A Vashi,
Navi Mumbai 400705
Tel. +91 22 6721 1001~3
MIDAS IT Japan / Tokyo
Akiba-mitakikan 8th fl., 4-5-5
Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
101-0021, Japan
Tel. +81 3 5207 6388
MIDASoft USA / New York
5 Penn Plaza, Suite 2324
New York, NY 10001, USA
Tel. +1 212 835 1666
We Analyze and Design the Future 03
Branch Offices Headquarters Sales Office
Puerto Rico
(New York)
MIDAS IT is growing globally with
corporate offices and network
channels in over 40 countries
worldwide. MIDAS IT focuses on
technological expertise with a
global workforce.
Global Network
Center of technological expertise with global professionals,
MIDAS IT has over 40 network channels worldwide
Czech Republic
Introduction to MIDAS Family Programs
Nastran FX
Total Solution for
True Analysis-Driven Design
midas FX
General Pre & Post Processor
for Finite Element Analysis
midas Civil
Integrated Solution System for
Bridge and Civil Structures
midas Pier
Pier Automatic Design System
midas Deck
Pier Automatic Design System
midas FEA
Advanced Nonlinear and
Detail Analysis System
midas Abutment
Abutment Automatic
Design System
midas Gen
Integrated Design System for
Building and General Structures
midas ADS
Shear wall type Building
Design System
midas Set
Structural engineers tools
midas Building
A revolutionary building specific
design system with auto-drafting
midas SDS
Slab & basemat Design
midas GTS
Geotechnical and
Tunnel analysis System
(CTC in Japan)
midas GeoX
Temporary shoring & Settlement
analysis System for Excavation 04
Mechanical Bridge
Building Geotechnical
Height: 800 m, 160 floors
s tallest building to date
Total span: 8,206 m
s longest cable stayed bridge to date
Burj Dubai Tower (UAE)
Area: 78,000 sq. m.
Allowed Capacity: 91,000 people
Beijing Olympic Stadium (CHINA)
Sutong Bridge (CHINA)
MIDAS Program Applications
All MIDAS IT programs are being used
by engineers worldwide in the related
fields of mechanical/building/civil/
geotechnical engineering.
In the near future, to further grow as a
leading global engineering solutions
developer and provider, MIDAS IT
plans to expand its CAE software
solutions and technology to other
engineering and business fields such
as ship building, aerospace, electron-
ics, environment, and medical industry.
MIDAS Family Programs are advanced CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)
solutions that were developed using the latest technology
Nastran FX provides more than 28 solutions for practical and accurate simulation.
NASTAN is a registered trademark of NASA.
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design 05
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Introduction to Nastran FX (NFX)
NFX has been proven in practice for
decades. It provides advanced analysis
solutions, such as contact analysis,
nonlinear analysis, and fatigue analysis
which are mounted on the base of
superior structural analysis features.
NFX with its renowned Nastran title,
provides highly reliable results for
complex analysis and design.
Normal Modes
Heat Transfer
Thermal Stress
Total Structural Analysis Solution
Linear Static
(Linear Contact)
Nonlinear Static
32, 64-bit
Parallel Solver
Drop Simulation
Parametric Study
Random Vibration)
Fatigue Analysis
Composite Materials
Total Structural Analysis Solution
The Latest Nastran-Based Structural Analysis Solution
Integrated for the most convenient work environment
NFX provides a convenient working
environment where the pre/post-
processor and solver are seamlessly
integrated, and the windows
environment is based on the latest
graphics technology.
Unlimited Undo/Redo
Works Tree
Provides model data in
a tree structure and
useful functions for
data management
Context Menu
Provides frequently
used menus depending
on selected entities
Properties Window
Provides various
information and an
editing function
Message Window
Provides various information and operation results in modeling
Tabbed Toolbar
Provides categorized
toolbar icons
Table Window
Provides input data
and result values in
Excel-like tables
Unit Manager
Provides real time unit
Task Pane
Provides guides to
standard procedures
and offers quick access
to corresponding
Work Window
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Element Library
rod, bar
cable, tube
shell, bending only,
membrane, plane strain
composite plate
solid, composites
mass, spring, damper, bush, gap,
weld, rigid, interpolation
Stress, displacement, factor of safety
Mesh density convergence error
Thermal stress and deformation due to
temperature difference
Cyclic symmetry
Linear surface contact
Subcase and subcase combination
Result coordinate transformation
CASI PCGLSS parallel solver
Millions of degrees of freedom
analysis possible
Independent execution/analysis of solver
Natural frequency, mode shape results
Frequency range of interest
Modal participation factors,
effective mass
Lumped mass, coupled mass
Block Lanczos solver
Subspace method
Various mode combination
methods (CQC, ABS, SRSS, DDAM)
Modal database (transient
response, frequency response)
Modal correlation (MAC, MXO)
01. Linear Static Analysis 02. Modal/Buckling Analysis 03.
Heat Transfer Analysis
Steady-state, transient heat transfer
Linear, nonlinear heat transfer
Temperature dependent materials
Heat transfer conditions
conduction, convection, radiation,
heat generation, heat flux,
initial temperature, prescribed temperature
Temperature/time dependent
Thermal contact (heat conduction)
Automatic time stepping
Thermal stress analysis automatic
Automatic temperature transfer
for thermal stress analysis
Failure theories
Hill, Hoffman, Tsai-Wu
maximum stress, maximum strain
Supported in all solution types
3D composite solid
Automatic definition of sandwich
Stability index results
Individual ply and laminate minimum/
maximum results
Various material orientation
(Angle, coordinate system, vector, etc)
Property matrix (A, B, D) calculation
Transient response, frequency
response, random vibration
Spectrum response, complex eigenvalue
Enforced motion
Direct method, modal method
Linear, nonlinear dynamic analysis
Automatic time stepping
Modal database
Various damping types
(Modal, structure, materials, Rayleigh)
DMIG (Direct Matrix Import & Export)
Reduction (Guyan, Craig-Bampton)
04. Dynamic Analysis 05. Composite 06.
True Nastran Technology
A highly reliable solution,
developed with the renowned NASAs Nastran technology
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Initial mesh Convergence error Auto updated mesh Thermal deformation/stress analysis using temperature result of CFD analysis
Contact Analysis 07. Nonlinear Analysis 08. Fatigue Analysis 09.
Drop Test 10. Adaptive Analysis 11. CAE Gateway 12.
Total Solution for Structural Analysis
The latest total structural analysis solution,
mounted with practical advanced analysis functions
Contact Types
Surface to surface, surface to edge contact
General, welded, rough, and bi-directional
sliding contact
Friction coefficient, stiffness scaling, offset
Various contact defining functions
Element based automatic surface contact
generation, geometric model, element group
unit defining, definition of element surface with
Linear contact (linear static, modal)
Welded, offset welded contact
Thermal contact
Contact force and stress result
Easy data input for specific functions
Initial velocity/acceleration of drop, drop direction, distance
Total time and time steps are automatically calculated based
on natural frequency
Contact surface, automatically
defining initial condition
Nonlinear dynamic analysis
execution (Consider contact
and geometric nonlinear)
Automatic time/load stepping
Convert CFD and other CAE product results to the load
Interpolate data for dissimilar mesh in-between,
convert force, displacement, temperature, pressure, etc.
MoldFlow injection molding model/result interface
Initial condition application of residual stress result, solid, shell (composite), etc.
ABAQUS and other CAE software interface
General-purpose interface using standard Nastran format
Calculate convergence error from mesh density
Re-meshing based on density and mesh convergence errors
Automatic re-meshing and iterative analysis by analysis wizard
Geometry nonlinear
Large displacement, large rotation
follower force
Material nonlinear
Elasto-plastic, nonlinear elastic, thermo-elastic, hyperelastic, creep
Von Mises, Tresca, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager
Hardening behavior (isotropic, kinematic, combined)
Nonlinear contact
Nonlinear dynamic analysis
Nonlinear buckling analysis
Automatic load stepping
Various iteration scheme and
convergence criteria
Convergence status and intermediate results
Time domain fatigue analysis
Time dependent load/stress history
Maximum/minimum/average stress
Target(boundary nodes, whole nodes,
selected nodes)
Rainflow counting
Mean stress correction
(Goodman, Gerber)
damage, fatigue life cycle
Frequency domain fatigue analysis
(vibration fatigue)
Random stress/strain history
Von Mises RMS stress
Damage, fatigue life cycle, bi-axiality ratio
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Select analysis type
Import CAD data
Set boundary conditions
Assembly model import
set boundary condition on fixed part
Define load Auto mesh & Auto-contact between parts Result evaluation
Set loads
Assign analysis case and execute analysis
(mesh density, contact, iterative analysis, etc.)
Main results verification
(displacement, stress, factor of safety, etc.)
Define and assign materials
Analysis Types
4 5 6 7
Analysis Wizard
Linear static, modal, buckling,
heat transfer, and drop analyses.
Analysis wizards help produce results in a short
period of time for designers and beginners
NFX provides the analysis wizard so
that designers and beginners may
quickly and conveniently execute
the five primary practical analyses.
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Initial CAD model Analysis execution of initial model
Dimension parameter changes
VBA Script window Shell model created using VBA script
Changes in stiffener number, position, and
shell thickness as a result of script modification
Analysis execution and
result examination, comparison Re-meshed model and re-analyzed result
with modified dimensions
CAD Interface and Parametric Study
Parasolid, STEP, IGES
CATIA V5, UG, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor
Customizing the program for designers and novices
Parametric study
Automation of routine task
Co-work with other programs like MS-Excel
Parametric study and application for
the most ideal design, and automation of VBA API
NFX provides the parameter control function of CAD model that uses mainly CAD API which allows the
CAD models dimensions to be easily modified and makes the parametric analysis possible. Using the
parameter tree, property window, and parametric analysis table, the analysis models auto re-meshing
due to dimension changes and the most suitable dimensions for the design targeted values can be found
NFX provides the API in the VBA programming language that anyone can easily learn, and customization
of the product is possible for purpose-based and automation of repetitive work process.
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
- Box, cylinder, sphere, torus, cone
Extrude, revolve, sweep, loft
Fillet, chamfer, offset
Trim by surface/curve, fuse, sew
Boolean operations
- unite, intersect, subtract
Imprint of point and curve on surface
Various non-manifold modeling functions Create profile
Various shapes and hole sizes by trim and surface split by line Trim 2 surfaces based-on intersection line Connection of stiffners using sew and
fuse functions of surface
(Non-manifold surface creation)
Extrude solid Copy solid Boolean operation Create profile
Create holes
(Defined depth)
Draw profile
Create holes
Solid Modeling Example
Geometry Modeling
Provides mid-range level of
CAD modeling functions for various geometry
NFX provides mid-range CAD level
modeling functions for various and
practical surfaces and solids.
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Split solid by surface
Merging of silver surface or short edges
Removal of holes (Entire, select, diameter, perimeter, area, etc.) Various cleanups (Integrity, complexity, continuity,
topology check and modify)
Solid face extraction base on corner angle
(Extract inner/outer faces)
Shell Mesh generation
Geometry Modeling
Topology examination, modification
Find/delete small surface, line
Surface continuity check, modify
NURBS surface simplification
Tolerance optimization
Elimination of interior points and holes
Measure: Area, length, distance, angle
Using the various geometry operations/
manipulation and cleanup functions will
be more convenient with NFX in creating
the final geometric model for the actual
analysis from the CAD data.
Provides the cleanup functions for the CAD geometric model Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Mesh Generation
Solid Mesh generation with
Shell Mesh generation with
Mesh(hexa, penta) generation
with Map-Meshing
Symmetrically generated mesh Combined mesh of solid, shell, frame elements
(Frame section displayed)
transition of
element size
Pattern Application
Surface Auto-Mesher
- Loop, Grid, Delaunay
Solid Auto-Mesher
- Delaunay
- Transfinite interpolation
- Sweeping
Manual mesh extraction
- Extrude, revolve, sweep, project, offset, fill
Element based re-meshing
Interior point, line considered mesh generation
Capable of assigning inner mesh density
Offset element generation near inner/outer
Geometry shape considered adaptive seed
Provides various mesh generation methods to
easily create the most suitable mesh
NFX provides various mesh generation
methods for experts and novices to
easily create the optimal mesh for
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Mesh group management and manipulation
(Color: group identification, Check box: display/non-display,
explorer method of management)
2D/3D mesh generation using protrusion
(Extrude, revolve, offset, project, fill, sweep, etc.)
Normal direction check and alignment
(element normal, element coordinate system, etc.)
Complex model
(NURBS geometry)
Analysis model
Graphic-based mesh quality check
Parametric Meshing
Non-parametric Meshing
(Element based remeshing)
Mesh Generation
Auto mesh generation by assembly parts
- Group management in a similar environment
like windows explorer
Mesh check
- Free Edge, Free Face, Non-manifold edge
Mesh quality examination
- Aspect ratio, skew angle, taper, warpage,
twist, collapse, Jacobian ratio
Element coordinate system check and
Division of element pattern
Node/element renumbering
Providing practical functions and various management and
verification functions to create high quality meshes
NFX provide mesh improvement and
manipulation functions to create high
quality meshes, and various
management and check functions to
easily manage complex models.
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Various graphic visualization
Iso-surface and iso-surface based decomposition display
Slice display of any surface Contour with vector display by clipping
Evaluation of assembly models results by virtual transformation of parts
Providing a variety of post-processing result display functions
applied with the latest graphics technology
NFX provides various post-processing
result display functions applied with
the latest graphics technology to
accurately verify the results of even
complex models.
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Result figures table (data compatible with MS-Excel)
and 24 kinds of result graphs
Node/element result probe and tag display
Analysis report generation function
(Various options provided)
Automatically generated analysis report
(MS-Word format)
Result distribution/change graph at any line
(Copy & Paste)
Result graph
Providing result organization function and
graph for the purpose of practical result evaluation
Using the NFX post-processing will
allow efficient execution of the next
work process such as the analysis
report after the analysis.
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Analysis Case to execute, compare/review results for
various analyses in single projects (Tree structured Drag&Drop
method of intuitive user interface)
Numerical results table and graph of Modal Analysis
Assemblys modal analysis using
sliding contact
Subcase definition and various combination
Drag & Drop
Fast and accurate linear analysis and various design-purpose
results using the superior Nastran elements and high-performance solver
Linear Static Analysis
Linear stress, displacement and factor of safety calculation
Linear surface contact support: automatic/manual definition, welded, sliding, offset, etc.
Prestress, cyclic symmetry condition
Various loads, boundary conditions
- Load: Self-weight, centrifugal, nodal force, moment, temperature, pressure, beam load, remote load, bolt preload
- Boundary condition: constraints, symmetry condition, MPC condition, pin/bolt connection
GUI Method of subcase definition/combination and result operation/result coordinate transformation
Outstanding analysis speed: CASI PCGLSS Solver, NASA VSS, PSS solver, singular execution of solver support
Practical analysis result (convergence error by mesh density and relative displacement, etc.)
Natural Frequency, Mode shape, modal participation factors, effective mass (ratio) result and calculation error
Eigenvalue range calculation and normalization method assignment (modal mass, maximum displacement)
Linear contact support: automatic/manual, welded, sliding, offset, etc.
Linear/nonlinear prestress, cyclic symmetry condition
Lumped mass, coupled mass
Various modal summations: CQC, ABS, SRSS, DDAM, etc.
Modal Correlation (MAC, MXO)
Modal database (modal transient response, modal frequency response, analysis time reduction)
Automatic creation of subcases (static analysis + eigenvalue analysis) for buckling analysis
Modal/Buckling Analysis
Large complex models can be rapidly and accurately analyzed using the high performance parallel
processing solver (CASI PCGLSS) and the auto-contact functions.
A fast Eigenvalue analysis is possible for a large-scale model using the parallel Block Lanczos solver,
and a database to input/output modal analysis results for effective dynamic analysis execution is
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
0 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 1
1200 12 1200 1200 1200 200 1200 1200 200 200 200 00 00 00 00 00 000 00 000 20 00 00 00 00 1200 120 1200 0 11200 120 200 200 1200 000 0 1200 120000 12 0 2 00 1200
100 100 100 10000 000 00 00 000 000 00 000 000 000 00 00 00 00 000000 00 000 0 00 000 000000 000 00000000 000 0000 00000000 00000
1800 000000000000000
140 14 14 14 140 400 140 140 1440 1440 440 4440 14 14 140 44 114440 140 14 1440 40 1444444444 144440 000 140 1 00 1444400
Stacking sequence definition dialogue
(MS-Excel compatible)
Analysis of composite slide
Structural analysis of composite blade for wind turbine
Linear static analysis
(Maximum failure index of composite)
nonlinear analysis
Nonlinear analysis of composite beam
(Progressive ply failure)
Ply maximum/minimum results (Contour, Iso-line)
Ply result graph
by element
Preview of
Composite Materials Analysis
Failure theory: Hill, Hoffman, Tsai-Wu,
maximum stress, maximum strain, NASA
LaRC02, Puck PCP
Auto-definition of sandwich laminated
composite materials
Stability Index results for Wrinkling,
Dimpling, and Crimping
Various material orientation
(angle, coordinate system, vector,
geometry shape coordinate system, etc.)
Property matrix (A, B, D) calculation/provided
Practical composite material results
Nonlinear composite material analysis
(progressive ply failure analysis) support
Modeling and analysis of composite materials
using intuitive GUI and specialized functions
NFX supports intuitive composite
materials defining GUI and 3D
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Compression beading
of aluminum tube
Nonlinear analysis of a weatherstrip
(Hyperelastic material model)
Nonlinear analysis of rubber membrane
(Hyperelastic material model)
Post-buckling analysis of a tube
Press forming simulation
ROPS analysis of a car body frame
Geometry Nonlinear
- Consideration for large displacement, large
rotation, differential stiffness using the
updated Lagrangian
- Follower force: pressure, force, moment, etc.
Material nonlinear
- Material model: elasto-plastic, plastic,
nonlinear elastic, thermo-elastic,
hyperelastic, creep, etc.
- Yield criterion: Von Mises, Tresca, Mohr-
Coulomb, Drucker-Prager
- Hyperelastic material model:
Mooney-Rivlin, Neo-Hookean, Ogden
- Hardening behavior: isotropic, kinematic,
Contact Nonlinear
- Complete 3D surface to surface, surface to
edge contact
- Contact behavior: general, welded, sliding,
rough contact, friction/offset
Restart using nonlinear database
Automatic load stepping
Various iteration scheme, stiffness update
method and convergence criteria
Continuous application of load condition changes
using subcase (behavior/result accumulation)
Convergence status and intermediate results
during analysis
Nonlinear Analyses of advanced materials, geometry, and contact,
providing superior convergence and practicality
NFX provides nonlinear analysis for
material, geometry, and contact with
outstanding convergence.
Nonlinear Analysis
The NFX nonlinear analysis function does not introduce 3
party solvers to the Module.
Nonlinear solver is developed based on the original Nastran code.
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Spinal implants
nonlinear contact analysis
Linear contact (welded behavior) Nonlinear rough contact (separation)
Medical stent
Contact analysis of contact sensor
Auto-connection of free edge
using edge to surface auto contact
Twisted Cable
<Auto contact function applications> <Explicit module application>
CV Joint boot seals
contact analysis
Complex assembly model analysis using auto-contact by solver
Linear, nonlinear contact analysis
suitable for complex assembly models and nonlinear contact
Contact Analysis
3D surface to surface, surface to edge contact
Contact definition method
- Auto-search by solver (search distance
assignment), contact wizard, manual, etc.
Contact behavior
- General, welded, rough, bi-directional sliding
- Friction coefficient, stiffness scaling, offset,
maximum penetration
Simultaneous behavior for translation and
Contact force and stress results
Thermal contact (conduction between
discontinuous parts )
NFX provides the latest contact
analysis function suitable for complex
assembly models and nonlinear
contact behavior analysis.
For all analyses, using the contact
surface auto search function by solver
will easily assign the contact
conditions for even complex assembly
models just by placing a check in
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Heat transfer analysis of BLU chip (Thermal contact application
on hexahedron/tetrahedron mixed mesh)
Temperature change due to Line heating
(Heat flux definition due to time function)
CFD analysis
(Temperature calculation)
Blast furnace refractory
wall analysis model
(Gap consideration: contact
condition application)
calculation by
heat transfer analysis
Discontinuous stress
Thermal expansion
analysis by structural analysis
(Discontinuous deformation
by Gap)
Thermal deformation and thermal stress calculation by static analysis of NFX
analysis model
Heat Transfer/Thermal Stress Analysis
Steady-state, transient heat transfer analysis
Linear, nonlinear (temperature dependent
material model and conditions)
Heat generation, conduction, convection,
radiation, heat flux, initial temperature,
fixed temperature condition
- Time/temperature dependent definition
- Thermal contact (conduction between
discontinuous parts)
Automatic time stepping support for
transient heat transfer analysis
Supports thermal stress analysis for
temperature analysis results from other
CFD program
- Auto interpolation, conversion of
temperature results between
dissimilar mesh
Convenient completion of heat transfer and thermal stress analysis
with just one simple analysis execution
NFX provides practical steady-state/
transient heat transfer analysis and
thermal stress analysis functions. The
thermal stress analysis is provided as
an independent analysis case, so with
one analysis execution, the temperature
results due to heat transfer and thermal
stress may all be obtainable.
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Dynamic behavior analysis of transport equipment for base excitation
(Frame model, transient response analysis)
RMS result by random vibration analysis of PCB
(Complete behavior processing of discontinuous hexahedron mesh
with auto contact condition applied)
Dynamic analysis of earphone vibrating plate
(Modal analysis, frequency response analysis)
Frequency response analysis of DVD-ROM actuator for magnetism
(Applying connection to hexahedron/tetrahedron combined mesh contact condition)
Dynamic Analysis
Linear/nonlinear dynamic analysis by
direct method and modal method
- Transient response analysis
- Frequency response analysis
- Random vibration analysis
- Spectrum response analysis
- Complex eigenvalue analysis
- Enforced motion
Various damping: modal, structural,
material, viscosity, Rayleigh, frequency
dependent, etc.
All static loads can be applied dynamically
Automatic time stepping
Analysis time reduction using modal database
- Dynamic analysis using result DB of
modal analysis
DMIG (Direct Matrix import and Export)
Nastrans outstanding and highly trusted dynamic analysis
for practical purposes
NFX provides the high performance and
highly trusted Nastrans dynamic
analysis functions upgraded for
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Static analysis using auto contact function and fatigue life evaluation of medical stent Integrated analysis performance and result evaluation Various results graphical display
Bellows fatigue life evaluation for compression and tension cyclic behavior
Supports manual editing batch analysis execution and results graphs
Fatigue Analysis Nastran Editor
Convenient fatigue/durability evaluation with
minimal required data input
Fatigue analysis of time domain
- Fatigue analysis due to time dependent load/stress history
- Assigning analysis entity (entire nodes, surface nodes, selection, etc.)
- Rainflow Counting, Mean Stress Correction
- Damage, fatigue life cycle
Vibration Fatigue Analysis
- Statistical fatigue analysis for random stress/strain history
- Life, damage, bi-axiality ratio output
NFX provides fatigue/durability review function independently in the post-processing.
The fatigue analysis can be easily executed with the minimal required data input, and the structural
analysis that used to end with the strength review has expanded to review the durability as well.
NFX provides an editor that easily and conveniently creates and modifies the solver input files.
Using the Nastran input file, the analysis can be executed in the editor. Therefore, it can be used conve-
niently and effectively for analysis using the original Nastran input file, repetitive analysis for simple
data changes, and batch analysis for several models.
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Solid element
6,858,000 degrees of freedom
Analysis time: 2.76 hours
Intel Xeon, 2.4 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM
32bit solver
Linear static analysis of an crank shaft
Solid element
10,963,000 degrees of freedom
Analysis time: 3.58 hours
Intel Itanium 2, 1.0GHz CPU, 6GB RAM
64bit solver
Linear static analysis of a cargo ship
Solid element
1,000,000 degrees of freedom
Analysis time: 10.1 hours
Dual Intel Xeon, 3.0GHz CPU, 16GB RAM
64bit solver
Nonlinear contact analysis of a twisted cable
Solid element
2,600,000 degrees of freedom, 75 modes
Analysis time: 5.8 hours
Dual Intel Xeon, 3.0GHz CPU, 16GB RAM
64bit solver
Normal modes analysis of a piston assembly
Shell element
1,230,000 degrees of freedom, 100 modes
Analysis time: 1.11 hours
Dual Intel Xeon, 3.2GHz CPU, 3GB RAM
32bit solver
Modal analysis of SUV
Shell element
3,163,596 degrees of freedom, 75 modes used
Analysis time: 5.7 hours
Dual Intel Xeon, 2.66GHz, 3GB RAM
32bit solver
Modal transient response analysis
of automotive frame
Shell element
3,163,596 degrees of freedom, 75 modes used
Analysis time: 3.2 hours
Dual Intel Xeon, 2.66 GHz, 3GB RAM
32bit solver
Modal frequency response analysis
of automotive frame
Shell/frame element
358,000 degrees of freedom, 100 Frequency
Analysis time: 2.1 hours
Dual Intel Xeon, 3.0 GHz, 16GB RAM
64bit solver
Frequency response analysis of a satellite
(direct method)
High performing state-of-the-art parallel solver even for
large-scale models
NFX mounts the world-class CASI
PCGLSS on the Equation Solver which
is the core of the solver performance.
(both 32bit and 64bit supported)
The CASI PCGLSS solver of NFX
provides superior analysis perfor-
mance for large-scaled solid models,
and parallel processing is possible in
the multi-core system.
For direct solver, the 32bit VSS solver
and the 64bit PSS solver are provided
which are based on the Vector Sparse
Solver technology of NASA.
High Performance Parallel Solver
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Prompt product upgrade tailored at the clients request
Free training system (on/offline, customized training)
Technical support for initial practical application
- Customized tutorials and training support for
practical models
Web-based remote technical support system
Various manuals, technical documents and practical
case tutorials
Practical CAE training for beginners
(Educational and Professional)
Free technical courses in the topics of interest
Various training/research support system for
academia and educational institutes
Online training Practical Case Tutorials Regular technical seminars and
technical course materials
We build and operate a systematic technical support
system to correspond promptly and accurately
Technical Support System for Customer Satisfaction End-User Training
MIDAS IT builds and operates a systematic technical support system to accurately and promptly
correspond to our customers inquiries or technical support requests.
Various online/offline training and technical support services are available, along with the NFX program,
to provide a total solution system for our center of customer-values.
The NFX Q&A service provides prompt reply within 24 hours of a customers inquiry related to the
technical matters from the programs use. Also, for the security of a customers project, personalization
service is provided.
Q&A Service
The NFX remote technical support service actively responds to the customers inquiry by sharing
a customers PC screen in real-time with the technical support representative to resolve the inquired problems.
It is MIDAS ITs differentiated technical support service.
Remote Technical Support Service
Total Mechanical CAE Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
Nastran FX
Easy, Accurate and Practical Solution for True Analysis-Driven Design
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