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Belmonte , Arvin E.

Assignment in SOL3- Leadership

Based on the book, there is a recent psychological study that tells many people
in this world are in the state of desperation. Even the most successful person in the
world could also feel extreme anxiety and the worse: there is a possibility that they
would end their lives through suicide. Therefore, achievement of man is not an
assurance that they would end up successful throughout their life, for what is the
significance of winning the battle if you lose the war. The character of men dictates what
will happen to him in the end. That character is not achieved through self alone but by
divine intervention- a life filled with God and fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Character could make or break a ministry. That is why character is important that
it should be based on God. We can learn in the book that it is God who molds our
character. It is a developmental process that starts from spiritual adolescence (by being
conscious in our identity as a leader) succeed by ministerial training (training under
harsh environments in order to learn) and ended by ministerial maturity (significant
change for the better but keeping humility in our hearts). Our disposition could be better
if we work it with other people. Involving others with our training just not sharpen our
own character but also theirs. As a leader, we should develop the character of our
members making them a leader also. It could take some time because of their personal
hardships but as years passed by, we could see the fruit and be satisfied. One of the
fruit of the spirit is self-control on which our character is dependent to. One who cannot
direct himself into the correct track has no right for being a leader. Our character also
affects the way we are making our decisions, because it came from the principles we
have attained from studying the words of God.
Our character is very important in our ministry especially in our open cell. A cell
leader who does not have a solid character whose foundation is God, will find difficulties
molding their members the way our Lord wanted it to be. A cell leader like us should
have self control in order to have our way on the right track and make right decisions.
Forming a solid character could take a lot of time like what happened to Moses, but we
should persevere and keep on praying that one day this character we are longing for will
be given away by God.