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Supplier FAQs for the iSupplier Portal

Q. Am I required to have any specific hardware or software to access the iSupplier Portal?
A. You will need to use Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher. Lower Internet Explorer versions might
prevent windows to load properly.
Q. When I try to access the iSupplier Portal homepae! I am told my password has e"pired. Is there
a pro#lem?
A. No, all supplier logons are created with a generic password. Upon initial access to the page, suppliers
are prompted to change their password or security purposes.
Q. I have chaned my password to loon the iSupplier Portal! #ut I do not remem#er it. What
should I do?
A. !ontact the Agilent "elpdes#, and they will reset your password.
Q. I have not used iSupplier Portal for over $ months% will my oriinal loon still wor&?
A. No, i i$upplier %ortal has not &een accessed within ' months, then the logon will &e de(activated.
You will need to contact your Agilent !ontact, to re)uest a new i$upplier %ortal Logon.
Q. Why does the system lo me out after only ' or () minutes of inactivity?
A. *or security purposes and not to use additional memory, you will &e logged out ater a period o
Q. What is the difference #etween a loon at *+endor level and *Site level?
A. I you wor# or several Agilent $ites +e.g. Agilent ,alaysia and Agilent $onoma U$A- you would &e
a&le to see data or &oth sites only i you have a logon at vendor level. I you choose to have a access at
site level you could only use your logon to view data o one o the sites.
Q. I am a supplier and a customer of Ailent. Is the iSupplier Portal tied toether with customer
A. No, the i$upplier %ortal only contains Agilent procurement inormation. here the data is related to your
entity as a supplier to Agilent. Your entity as customer is retained in a separate /racle /rder ,anagement
Q. What information is stored in the other ta#s li&e *,rders! *Shipments! *Plannin etc.?
A. Inormation in the other ta&s relate to orders and production planning inormation or 0irect ,aterial.
%lease don1t use these ta&s as transactions might accidentally &e triggered impacting your and Agilents
production planning +e.g. shipment conirmation-.
Q. Will we have to use the iSupplier Portal to invoice Ailent?
A. No, you should continue to use your current method o sending invoices to Agilent, unless you have
&een as#ed &y Agilent to participate in a supplier program such as Evaluated 2eceipt $ettlement +E2$-.
Q. I run a query on my invoice num#er #ut do not et any result?
A. 3here might &e dierent reasons why you don1t o&tain any results
4. 0ue to some character restrictions in Agilent1s Accounting system, invoice num&ers might &e
slightly modiied when processed5 sym&ols +.,6- and spaces are suppressed +e.g.7758(9:5a ;<
77589:5A-. Also, only capital letters are used.
You can use the wildcard unction &y entering part o the invoice num&er i you1re unsure +e.g.
7758- and you will get all invoices that contain this se)uence.
9. Agilent hasn1t received the invoice yet.