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Ahmed Andrew S.

Al-Mozaini RELED21 M2B
At first, when I heard that we were going to watch a film related to our future community
immersion, I was expecting to see a documentary or and indie film perhaps. But as the movie
starts rolling, I was surprised that it wasn’t, the first part of the film captured my attention
because of ―weirdness‖ that it portrays since I still have no idea about what is it about. As I grasp
the content and plot of the movie, I felt moved because of various reasons that I can’t even
describe in words. That’s why I needed time to process what I have in mind and express it in this
reflection paper.
In my own opinion, ―Instinct‖ contains violent scenes, but is much less offensive than
today’s ―norm‖. The plot is somewhat heavy, dealing with murder and its ramifications. Yet, the
theme is worthwhile and uplifting in my view. Without being overly wishy washy spiritually,
―Instinct‖ makes a strong point for the care and value of God’s creation.
The discussion about human behavior and idea of freedom is beautifully enshrined,
within the film, in the form of the guerilla together with human spirit of Dr. Ethan Powell, an
anthropologist who wants to free his spirit like the guerillas, who inhabit their native lands by
living amongst them as a one of them. The clash between law and justice, ideals of family bonds,
individual freedom and human friendship are highlighted in the relationship between Dr. Theo
Caulder and Dr. Ethan Powell.
This is a film about (1) why man should learn to live in harmony with nature; (2) why
prison reform is necessary; (3) how fathers can learn to love their children; (4) why it is wrong to
imprison animals in zoos.
This film preaches that man in his primitive tribal existence, when he was evidently
closest to his ape-like ancestors, was freer to enjoy nature, cared more deeply for his family, and
was more at peace with his self. However, as a Catholic, I found myself saddened with the
realization that the main character, Dr. Ethan Powell, could have learned inner peace by learning
the basic principles of living as recorded in the Old and New Testaments, and by asking the
Prince of Peace into his life. But then, I suppose, the aged doctor wouldn’t have received the
enormous gorilla-like strength that he mysteriously acquired and exhibited throughout the film.
Far more than being simply another ecosystems sensitivity film, ―Instinct‖ tries to provide a
politically correct answer to man’s stress and alienation dilemmas and comes up way short.
I can apply my learnings from the movie in real life through different aspects.
―Sensitivity‖ is the foremost thing that I should consider to apply as I immerse within the
different environments of life. First, as a member of our family, I must develop sensitivity even
though I know that they are my family, I still need to show them proper respect and
thoughtfulness. Second, as part of a class, I should try to understand that we all have different
personalities and characteristics that are needed to be valued and considered once I step into the
classroom and started socializing with them. Third, as part of the school community, each of us
has different courses, different views and opinions regarding various matters in life; therefore, I
need to open my mind to the things that other people say because this is also another source of
knowledge. Lastly, as a member of the society, we all have different careers and roles to attend
to making us too busy to enjoy what God has given us, I think my role here is to remind them of
the beauty of God’s creation and the freedom that He has given to us under the guidance of the
Holy Spirit.
We can realize the Kingdom of God here on earth through respecting and being one with
His creations. But before being united with His creations, we must find the Kingdom of God
within ourselves through opening ourselves with the different emotions such as love, pleasure,
pain, etc just like what an innocent child possesses. We must realize within ourselves that we are
one with the world- one with His Kingdom.
The kingdom of God is here, said Jesus in the Bible. His audience did not need to wait for
a conquering Messiah—God is already ruling, and we should be sharing in the divine life right
now, living in his domain, in which his will is done. We don’t yet possess a territory, but we do
come under the reign of God. The kingdom does not force itself upon us – we have to voluntarily
come under its influence.
Understanding that the kingdom already exists can help us give greater attention to the
way the world is right now. We do not forget that the completion of the kingdom is still future. If
our only hope is in this age, we don’t have much hope (1 Corinthians 15:19). We do not harbor
illusions about bringing the kingdom with human efforts. Nevertheless, even though we cannot
transform this earth into a heavenly paradise, doing good is still good. We can still try to make
the world a better place for at least a few people. This is part of what it means for God’s will to
be done on earth as it is in heaven.