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Framework for Agile Business Solutions

The Issue: Mismatching Customer’s Expectations
How many Times you faced a client telling you “this is not
what we have agreed on and this doesn’t match my
This situation takes place a lot right after the delivery of a
software system or its updates.
Customer gives you a new requirements list revoking a lot
of the original list, most of them are related to Graphical
User Interface.
Did you face a last-minute change returning the project to
square zero; your client believes he is different than others
and insists on changes inherently in the Graphical User
Did you ever define developing standards and your
developers didn’t follow it, or your expert developer leaves
you without transferring his code know-how to others, or
thought about open source but retreated due to lack of
In United OFOQ we face all of the above every day and
we believe many of the development environments are
facing the same which, drives us to find a solution that
eliminates all of the above problems and at the same time
increases the productivity of our resources

The Solution: United OFOQ FABS

It is a Framework that is:
Used To Create and customize end-to-end agile business
software (easy and fast time-to-market)
Used By Business Analyst, Application’s implementers, and
end-users with minimal/none programming work required
Based On Open Source for Java (J2EE), Portal User
Interface, SOA, and BPM-BPEL

is the solution,
where most updates
need neither to rebuild
nor to redeploy

White Paper
Copyright © 2011 United OFOQ. All rights reserved. 2011
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Build an application in
one tenth of classical
development time

No coding skills
required to build 90%
of your application

Portal allows the
gathering of FABS

applications in the user
home page
Complete Application Builder
allows you to flexibly build complete applications in
tenth of the time needed to build them using traditional
At the same time, FABS
maintains the same flexibility
during applications update, unlike CASE tools where
maintenance is a great time waste to the extent it ruins all
the time saved during first build.
The concept behind the FABS
is to build your applications
in multiple components that are loosely coupled then, let
the user customize his own preferences.

Meet Business Needs
Applications are built to satisfy certain business needs
however, they normally need intermediates to
understands their needs and transfer them into a technical
Unfortunately, a huge gap always comes out between the
actual business needs and the generated application,
and usually it takes a long time before the two sides
understand each other but, this understanding doesn’t
come at no cost rather a huge cost and time loss.
By Using FABS
, business owners are the ones who create
more than 90% of their own application and eliminating
the needed intermediates for it.

Portal Based
uses Portal as its standard application user interface.
Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a
consistent look and feel with access control and
procedures for multiple applications and databases.
Portal provides user with tools to personalize his desktop in
a way to facilitate his daily work and maintain valuable
information near to his fingertip.
In addition to FABS
components, user can include
addition other applications like Facebook, Twitter, GMail,
Yahoo, RSS, News, etc… in his home page.

White Paper
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makes building
standard BPM
application as easy as
drawing it

Business Process Management
For an application to be used efficiently, It becomes a
necessity to reflect the business processes in the
is designed to integrate smoothly with any BPEL-
Standard based process engine without any changes in
the application, i.e. the same application can be used in
the process driven mode or on the menu driven mode.
The Business processes are separated from the framework
code, which allows process change without the need to
change the framework.


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multiple technologies
into a single

’s Portal Based
user interface allows
for great user

Today application do not live alone, they have to
communicate with the surrounding world smoothly and
easily thus, an external WebServices can be defined and
called from within FABS
provides different means for interoperability,
including Menu Direct Functions Calls and Business Object
Also, selected FABS
functionalities are exposed as
WebService enabling other systems to call them.
Modules can be built on an existing customer
database structure, wrapping every table in a FABS

Entity, availing the full FABS
functionalities for this table
and handling it through a Business Object.
Portal provides Inter-Portlet Communication which enables
the portlets, opened in the same page, to communicate
together, pass data between them and hence to be
updated (refreshed) based on this new data passed.
Screens are portlet-based which enables
bidirectional communication with other systems portlets.

White Paper
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By SaaS, we host the
application and your
user only needs web
browser to access it

Using platform based
on Free Open Source
Software (FOSS)
upturn your solution

allows your
customer to personalize
his application by

SaaS ready
As cloud computing and SaaS (Software As A Service) is
getting every day ground on the IT industry, it is very
important to have your application ready to work as SaaS
in a cloud environment.
makes your generated application ready for SaaS
and multi-tenancy from day one; moreover, without any
development efforts required.

Minimum TCO and low investment
is built using Open source technology with the
ability to deploy using the community edition which
provides effective total cost of the ownership solution; yet,
can work on most of the commercial technology
provided they are Java compliant.

Variant User Interface Utilities
provides multiple User Interface Utilities that meets
most of the client requirements, including:
 Tabular Screen
 Form Screen
 Tree Screen
 Screens Wizard
 Screens Page
 Multiple Selection Screen

Application Builders
As user experience with a system constitutes a major role
in the success of such application and user acceptance,
provides multiple tools (builders) in order to
achieves the ultimate user experience
 Entity, Entity Actions, and Validations Builder
 Screen builder
 Page builder
 Report builder
 Wizard builder
 Menu builder
White Paper
Copyright © 2011 United OFOQ. All rights reserved. 2011
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business components
are provided by

Built applications
within FABS
support multi-
language user interface

Components Setup
provides multiple tools for System Setup allows a
great flexibility for both application business and user
interface, including:
 Alert
 Data Dictionary
 User Defined Codes
 Global System Setup
 Filters
 Server Job

Application Builders Features
 No source-code needed nor generated by the
builders, accordingly, no need to stop the application
or to redeploy it.
 User Personalization of system themes and layout
 Natively supported mode for self-service when user
needs to maintain his personal data or transactions
 Multilingual support