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Glenn Reed, Principal

Page Buckner, Assistant Principal
Janice Parker, Receptionist
Cynthia Shepard, Secretary/Treasurer
Nora Sanders, Data Manager
130 Betty Dixon Road
Holly Ridge, NC 28445
Phone: 910-327-2104
Fax: 910-327-3336

Principal’s Message

The faculty and staff of Dixon Elementary
School welcome you to the best school in
Onslow County! We look forward to a fun-
filled year of learning as we begin the 2014-15
school year. This year Dixon Elementary will
host a new guest teacher from China. Her name
is Cong Wu, and she is eager to begin
introducing the Chinese language and culture to
our students. The 2014-15 school year will
mark the fourth year of our charter as a member
of the National Elementary Honor Society.
Dixon Elementary’s Odyssey of the Mind Team
won both the regional and state competitions
last year, and placed fourth in the World
Competition! Dixon Elementary is an
environmentally-conscious school, and we are
proud of our students’ recycling efforts. Dixon
students also support Relay for Life, St. Jude’s
Children’s Hospital, Christmas Cheer, and other
service learning projects. At Dixon Elementary,
we are proud of our Cultural Arts Program, the
Academic Derby Team, Battle of the Books,
Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind Team,
Chess Team, Math Counts Team, Scrabble
Club, Girls on the Run, STRIDE, the Robotics
Club, and Recycling Team.

Dixon Elementary offers a rigorous curriculum
based on the North Carolina Standard Course of
Study. You may view the North Carolina
Standard Course of Study at Our
instructors continue to implement innovative
strategies to meet the needs of all students in
achieving the high standards set by Onslow
County Schools, the state of North Carolina, and
the No Child Left Behind Act. Each classroom
at Dixon Elementary is equipped with 21

century technology tools to enhance instruction
and learning.

It is important that students, parents and school
staff understand and support procedures to meet
these high expectations. Please read and discuss
the information in this section with your child
and talk to your child’s teacher or the
administration if you have any questions or
concerns. You and your child will also receive
the Onslow County Schools’ Board Policies and
Procedures Manual which outlines the Onslow
County Board of Education’s policies regarding
student behavior and school bus safety. In the
fall of 2009, Onslow County Schools adopted
policy 1710/4021/7230: PROHIBITION
AND HARASSMENT. The board believes
that all students should be free of unlawful
discrimination, bullying, and harassment, as a
part of a safe, orderly and inviting working and
learning environment. The board commits itself
to nondiscrimination in all its educational
activities. The Board expressly prohibits
unlawful discrimination, bullying, or
harassment, including on the basis of race,
color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, religion,
age or disability. The board also prohibits
retaliation against a student who has exercised
any rights made available through state or
federal law. Any violation of this policy is
considered a serious violation and appropriate
action will be taken in response to a violation.
Please review this policy in its entirety in the
Onslow County Schools’ Board Policies and
Procedures Manual.

Parents, you are encouraged to visit the school
often; volunteer and learn how to support your
child in their academic success. Once again, we
look forward to another exciting year, working
with you and your child to continue Dixon
Elementary School’s tradition of being a great
place to learn and grow!


Glenn Reed

Onslow County Schools’ website is and
Dixon Elementary’s website is

Dixon Elementary School Goals

1. Dixon Elementary School students will
be globally competitive through the
mastery of a rigorous and relevant
2. Dixon Elementary School students will
be led by creative, passionate and
technologically skilled professionals.
3. Dixon Elementary School students will
learn in a safe environment to be civil,
healthy and productive citizens.
4. Dixon Elementary School will continue
to foster relationships through the
cooperation of families and community
5. Dixon Elementary School will be
supported by effective and efficient

General School Information

Telephone Directory

Office: 327-2104
Cafeteria: 327-2426
Dixon Area Bus Coordinator (Lisa Padgett):
Onslow County Board of Education: 455-2211
Onslow County Schools’ Information Line:

School Hours

The school day begins at 8:45 a.m. and ends at
3:25 p.m. The building will be opened to
students at 8:25 a.m. Students may not be
dropped off prior to 8:25. This is part of our
safe schools plan. There is no adult supervision
of students until 8:25. Children are not to exit
vehicles in the drop-off lane until Dixon
Elementary staff members are stationed out
front. Staff members are on duty to assist with
car movement through this lane. Students
arriving at 8:25 report to the cafeteria if they
would like to eat breakfast, or they are to go
directly to their classrooms. There is no parking
permitted in the drop-off lane. Parents who
wish to walk their child into the building must
park in the front parking lot. Students may not
be dropped off in the parking lot. Students
arriving at school later than 8:45 a.m. must be
brought to the office and signed in by their
parent/guardian. The tardy bell rings at 8:45
a.m. Car riders are dismissed at 3:35 and bus
riders are dismissed at 3:45 p.m.


Students must be present no less than one half
of the school day to be considered present that
day. Students who are checked out of school
before 12:00 will be reported as absent that day.
When your child must miss school, a written
note of explanation for the absence, signed by
the parent or guardian must be presented to
the teacher on the day the student returns
after an absence. The following are considered
lawful absences:

 Personal illness or injury which makes
the student physically unable to attend
 Extended illnesses generally require a
statement from a physician.
 Isolation ordered by the State Board of
 Death in the immediate family
 Medical or dental appointment
 Participation under subpoena as a
witness in a court or administrative
 Observance of an event required or
suggested by the religion of the student
or the student’s parent with prior
approval of the principal
 Participation in a valid educational
opportunity such as travel to a foreign
 When a student’s parent or legal
guardian is an active duty member of the
uniformed services and has been called
to duty or is on leave from, or has
immediately returned from deployment
to a combat zone or combat support
posting, a student will be granted
additional absences at the discretion of
the superintendent to visit with his or her

In the case of lawful absences and out-of-school
suspensions, students will be permitted to make
up missed work. Work will not be assigned in
advance to students taking a planned absence
(trip, etc.) or while they are ill and at home.
A student’s absence from school for any reason
other than those listed above will be considered

Students with more than 20 absences in a school
year shall not be promoted to the next grade
except by determination of the principal upon
careful review of the student’s records.
Excessive tardies and early checkouts will be
referred to the appropriate authorities and may
also be reviewed by the principal when
considering promotion.

Checking In/Checking Out

All students arriving after 8:45 a.m. or leaving
before 3:25 p.m. must be checked in/checked
out in the office by a parent or legal guardian.
No student will be released from school without
proper identification of the adult checking out
the child. Changes in afternoon
transportation plans must be communicated
to your child’s teacher in writing. Changes
in a child’s afternoon transportation will not
be accepted over the telephone.

Bus Safety Regulations

Riding the school bus is a privilege for students;
it is not a right. Parents and students will
receive the Onslow County Schools’ Board
Policies and Procedures Manual which outlines
the Board of Education’s policies on student
behavior and school bus safety. If your child
rides an Onslow County School bus to or from
school, please stress to him the importance of
following all school bus safety regulations.
Failure to follow the rules on the bus will result
in loss of school bus privileges.

 Be at the bus stop on time. The bus
driver has a schedule to keep and
students need to be standing at the bus
stop prior to the school bus arriving.
 Remain seated when riding the bus to
and from school.
 Keep all your belongings in your book
bag (including food) while on the bus.
 Keep your head, arms, legs and all other
objects inside the bus windows.
 Use your ‘inside voice’ when talking on
the bus.
 Keep your hands and feet to yourself
 Follow your bus driver’s directions at all
** A complete list of rules can be found
in the OCS Student Code of Conduct.


Parents are encouraged to visit the school
regularly and meet with their children’s
teachers. Conferences may be scheduled by
contacting the school office or directly
contacting your children’s teachers (teachers are
easily reached using their school email address
as well as by phone). Conferences will be
scheduled before school, after school, or during
the teacher’s planning period.


Dixon Elementary School follows the North
Carolina Standard Course of Study. This
curriculum includes reading, writing, math,
science, social studies, physical education,
music, art, computer literacy and media skills.
A variety of instructional tools, including
technology are used to teach grade level
curriculum. In May, North Carolina End-of-
Grade tests are administered to third, fourth and
fifth graders in the areas of reading and math.
In addition to reading and math, fourth graders
are assessed four times per year in writing. In
mid May, fifth graders are also administered a
North Carolina End-of-Grade test in science.
Kindergarten, first and second graders are
assessed throughout the year using the Onslow
County Schools K-2 Literacy and Math
Assessments. In addition to these formal
assessments, informal assessments are
conducted by teachers throughout the year.
These assessments are used to determine student
growth and readiness for the next grade level.


At Dixon Elementary, we teach our students
how to “Catch the WAVE.” Our school-wide
behavior expectations are outlined in the WAVE
Behavior Matrix. Teachers will also provide
students and parents with bus and classroom
policies and procedures at the beginning of the
school year. Students are expected to follow
school rules while on any part of the campus or
on the school bus. As a school staff we are
proud of the positive atmosphere of
communication and cooperation among
students, teachers and parents. When a student
breaks a rule, consequences are most often
delivered by the teacher. However, sometimes
significant disruptions or rule violations occur
that require the attention of the administration.
Whether the rule violation is handled by the
teacher or the administration, every effort will
be made to notify the parent/guardian of
disciplinary action taken. It is important that
parents keep phone numbers and emergency
contact numbers up to date. You may do this by
notifying the teacher in writing, through email,
or letting Mrs. Parker, our school receptionist,
know of any phone number changes. Rule
violations on the school bus will be reported to
the administration by the bus driver. The
administration will determine all bus
disciplinary action.

Dress Code

Students will be participating in a variety of
activities at school. Students are to wear shoes
appropriate for daily recess and physical
education activities. It is especially important
for students to wear sneakers on the day they
have P.E. class. Flip-flops and other shoes
without heel straps are unsafe, and students
are not allowed to wear these to school. Shoes
or sandals must be securely fastened to feet,
any shoes with a heel greater than 1” is not
permitted. (OSHA safety guidelines)
Students may not wear clothing with
inappropriate language or pictures on it. Tank
tops, halter tops and clothing that are strapless
or have ‘spaghetti’ straps are not permitted.
Shirts that expose the stomach are not permitted.
Shorts and skirts must be a reasonable length
(near end of finger tips). Shorts and pants are to
fit properly to avoid sagging and/or the display
of a student’s underwear. Extremely tight
clothing is not permitted. Hats and headwear
are not to be worn inside the school building,
including sweatshirt hoods. Any other clothing
deemed to be distracting to the teaching and
learning process is also prohibited.

Emergency Information

The office staff must have on file a least two
telephone numbers to reach a parent/guardian in
the case of student illness, injury or rule
violation. Notify the office immediately if your
number is disconnected or you have acquired a
new telephone number. In the event that the
office staff is unable to reach a student’s parent
or guardian, persons you have indicated as
‘emergency contacts’ will be notified to assist
us with your child. Please notify the school
office if there are changes in child custody
status, and provide court documentation signed
by a judge.

General School Policies

The following are general policies for Dixon
Elementary School students. Students should
review these policies with their parents.

 Students are expected to practice the
character traits of honesty, respect,
cooperation, integrity, self-discipline,
responsibility, trustworthiness and caring
 Students may not use profanity or any
type of offensive language on the bus or
on campus
 Toys, trading cards, radios, water pistols
(or any other facsimile of a gun), CD
players, iPods, video games, cigarettes
(or any other form of tobacco),
firecrackers, matches, lighters, sharp or
pointed devices (fingernail clippers,
knives) or any other dangerous objects
are not allowed on school grounds.
 Selling or trading items is not allowed at
 Mean statements about another person’s
race, gender, religion, nationality or
disability are not allowed.
 Glass bottles and canned drinks are not
allowed at school
 Onslow County Board of Education
Policy bands the use of any and all
tobacco products on school grounds
before, during and after school hours.
This includes the parking lot and
evening events. Parents need to
extinguish cigarettes in their cars (not in
the school parking lot) before you enter
the campus of Dixon Elementary.
Smoking in vehicles while waiting to
pick up your child is a violation of
School Board Policy.
 Students’ birthdays are special
occasions. Parents may bring in a
prepackaged snack on their child’s
birthday for him/her to share with the
class. If a birthday party is planned,
invitations may be distributed only if
every student in the class is invited. If
you are not planning to invite every
child, please mail invitations.


Breakfast: $1.25 (includes milk)
Lunch: $2.00 (includes milk)
Reduced Price Breakfast: $0.00 (includes milk)
Reduced Price Lunch: $0.40 (includes milk)
Milk (by the carton): $0.50

Onslow County Schools provides nutritious
breakfast and lunch meals designed around
USDA Dietary Guidelines and the EAT
SMART NC Nutrition Standards. Guidelines
restrict the amount of fat, sodium and sugar in
our meal selections and encourage increased
consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole
grain products, and calcium rich foods. Well-
balanced breakfasts and lunches are one of the
cornerstones to success in the classroom and
improving student’s academic performance.
Menus are posted on the Onslow County
Schools website at and
in the local media.
Children from families whose income falls
within USDA income-eligibility guidelines may
be eligible for either free or reduced price
meals. Applications for meal benefits are
available at the school office, school cafeteria
and the Child Nutrition Central Office.
Supplemental items selected from a variety of
healthy snacks and additional menu items may
be purchased. Parent/Guardians may request
that a message be placed on the child’s account
to limit the types and amounts of items the
student is permitted to purchase. If a student in
grades K-8 has no money for meals, that student
will be fed and the student’s cafeteria account
will be charged for that meal. Families are
responsible for all meal costs for food eaten
by the student until the new application has
been approved. There will be no charging of
individual food items at any time. Students who
bring meals from home may purchase milk at
the a la carte price of .50, even if the child is
qualifies for free meals. Milk is included as a
meal component for all pay statuses. A copy of
the meal charge collection program is available
at the school office, school cafeteria and for
viewing on line at A
parent/guardian may request a printout of their
student’s cafeteria account. Contact the
cafeteria manager for any account information
or with questions/concerns.

Field Trips

Students will have opportunities to participate in
field trips throughout the year. These outings
are designed to enhance instruction. Permission
slips must be signed by the parent/guardian and
expenses for the trip must be paid prior to
departure. On all field trips, students must
follow all school rules and conduct themselves
in a manner that reflects well on our school.
Students must ride to and from the field trip on
an Onslow County Schools bus with their class.

Health Issues

 If a student contracts a communicable
disease such as chicken pox, measles,
flu, etc. the student should remain at
home until the contagious period of the
disease is over. If you are in doubt about
when a child can safely return to school,
please consult the health department or
our school nurse.
 Students will be checked periodically for
head lice. Students sent home with lice
should return to school only after they
are nit-free. Students must be brought to
school by their parent and be cleared by
the school nurse before they may begin
riding the bus again or return to class.
 A student with a fever of 100 degrees or
more must stay home from school until
fever-free (without fever-reducing
medication) for 24 hours.
 If a student’s parents would like to have
prescription medication administered at
school. The parent must provide the
medication in a prescription container
with the label that includes the child’s
name, the name of the medication, the
unit dosage to be given, the number of
dosage unites, the time the medication is
to be given and how it is to be
administered. An OCS medical
information form must be completed and
signed by the parent/guardian and a
physician, then given to school
personnel or school nurse. Students
may not transfer medication to and from
 If a student becomes ill or injured at
school, parents or guardians will be
notified by phone. If a reasonable
attempt to reach a parent or guardian is
not successful, and the illness or injury is
critical 911 will be called. The parents
will assume the responsibility for the
cost of the transport and medical

Honoring Student Achievement

Students in grades 3-5 will be recognized each
nine weeks for Honor Roll status (identifies
students who earn A’s and B’s in all academic
areas) and Principal’s List status (recognizes
those students who earn A’s in all academic
areas). Look for this recognition each nine
weeks in the Jacksonville Daily News.
Dixon Elementary is now a member of the
National Elementary Honor Society. Dixon
Elementary inducted fourteen students into this
prestigious society during the 2010-11 school
year. The induction ceremony is held in the
spring of each year. Parents will be contacted if
their child is eligible for induction. Award
ceremonies are held at the end of each semester
(end of January and beginning of June) to honor
students in grades K-5 who have achieved in
academics, cultural arts and citizenship. Each
month, a student from each class is selected as
Student of the Month for their outstanding
demonstration of the character trait of the
month. Students receive certificates, a medal,
and lunch with the principal!


North Carolina law requires every child
attending public school to have the following

 DTP: 5 doses with the last dose
administered on or after the fourth
birthday, 4 doses if 4
dose is on or after
 Polio: 4 doses (if 3
dose is after 4

birthday, 4
dose is not required)
 MMR: 2 doses with the last dose
administered at least 30 days after 1

 Hepatitis B: 3 doses (3rd dose must be
after 24 weeks of age).
 Varicella for students born after 4-1-
 Tdap for all students entering 6
who have not had a tetanus shot in the
last 5 years

Inclement Weather

In the event of extreme weather conditions such
as snow, ice, hurricanes, fires, etc., the
superintendent of schools will make the decision
to close or delay the opening of schools. This
information will be announced on local radio
and television stations by 6:30 a.m. The
Onslow County Schools Administrative Offices
will also deploy an emergency message using
the School Messenger Phone System to every
Onslow County student’s home phone number.
Should extreme weather develop during school
hours, schools may close early. Please have a
plan in place with your child so that they know
where to go if no one is at home. Early
dismissals will be announced by local radio and
television stations.
Onslow County Schools Information Line:


A School Newsletter will be sent home with
students at the beginning of each month along
with lunch menus and other pertinent flyers.
Grade levels also send home newsletters to keep
you informed of happenings in their particular
grade. You may also check Dixon Elementary
School’s website for the monthly newsletters
and other highlights and happenings! Dixon
Elementary’s website address is

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking spaces are available in front of
the school. An emergency fire lane has been
designated in the front circle drive. No vehicles
are to be parked and/or abandoned in this lane.
This lane will be used for morning and
afternoon commuter traffic. The parking lot
behind the gym is for loading and unloading of
buses and staff parking only. Visitors may use
this lot for parking during evening events only.

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Dixon Elementary School PTO has been a
tremendous support to the educational success
of our school. The special relationship this
organization has developed throughout the years
benefits the education of our children through
volunteer work and fundraising efforts. PTO
meetings are held regularly here on campus.
Your input and participation are requested and
valued! Our PTO president is Linda Martin.
Mrs. Martin can be reached at

Report Cards and Interim Reports

All students in grades K-5 will receive a report
card each nine weeks. Interim reports will be
sent home with students in grades K-5 halfway
through each grading period. Parents who have
questions or would like to schedule a conference
with a teacher may call the school to schedule
an appointment. If your child is struggling with
grade level curriculum, you will receive a letter
in the report card noting the administration’s
concern that your child is not meeting grade
level standards and that retention is being
considered. This letter requires that you sign
indicating your received it. Some parents may
receive this letter as early as the first report card.
This correspondence is part of our effort to keep
you informed of Onslow County Schools’
policies on promotion and retention, and so that
there are no ‘surprises’ at the end of the year.

Student Records
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy
Act require schools to keep all student records
confidential. Parents of students who are under
18 years of age have the right to inspect these
records. These records include grades,
attendance, health and testing data. In order to
conduct a review of your child’s records, please
schedule a conference with the guidance office
by calling 327-2104.
School Fees
Instructional Supplies: $5.00
Art: $1.00

Insurance is optional and is available for
purchase. Information will be given to parents
at the beginning of the school year regarding
school insurance.

Student Progression and Placement

PLACEMENT Policy Code: 3420

The board recognizes the importance of setting
requirements in order to help ensure that all
students will graduate from a rigorous, relevant
academic program that equips them with the
knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to
succeed in both post-secondary education and
21st century careers - and to be participating,
engaged citizens. Academic rigor and relevance
are based on established expectations that
ensure that all students develop the capacity to
master content that is complex and challenging.

K-2 Promotion Requirements
By the end of kindergarten and first grade,
progress on the Onslow County School System
K-2 Literacy and Math Assessment shall be
considered for promotion to the next grade.
By the end of second grade, students will have
acquired on-grade level proficiency as
determined by the Onslow County School
System K-2 Literacy and Math Assessments to
be promoted to the next grade level.
It is recognized that the final authority to grade
and place students is the responsibility of the
principal, in accordance with G.S. 115C-288(a).
The principal shall consider the pupil’s
classroom work and grades and the best
educational interests of the student.

3-8 Promotion Requirements
In order to be considered for promotion,
students in grades 3 through 8 shall perform at
least at grade level as identified by the state end-
of-grade tests, observations, grades, teacher-
generated, locally-generated, and state-
generated assessments; work samples, portfolios
and/or other factors in all areas of the
curriculum. It is recognized that the final
authority to grade and place students is the
responsibility of the principal, in accordance
with G.S. 115C-288(a). The principal shall
consider the pupil’s classroom work and grades,
the student’s scores on standardized tests, and
the best educational interests of the student.

The final authority to grade and place
students is the responsibility of the principal
in accordance with General Statute 115C-288

Title IX
Onslow County Schools does not discriminate
on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex,
or disability in its programs or activities. The
Title IX Coordinator for Onslow County
Schools can be reached at 455-2211.

Visitors on Campus
In order to maintain a safe campus, and protect
our children and the members of our staff it is
essential that ALL visitors report to the office
upon arriving on campus and obtain a visitor’s
sticker. This sticker must be worn at all times
while a visitor is on campus. Visitor must also
sign in on the visitors’ log located at the front
desk in the main office, and sign out upon
leaving campus.

Parents, guardians or community members
wishing to volunteer at an Onslow County
School must complete an appropriate
application with Onslow County Schools and be
fingerprinted by the Onslow County Schools
Board of Education. Please contact the school
office for more information about volunteering.
Thank you for your support of
Dixon Elementary School,
home of the Dolphins!